Nord Beat is free and out now!

Clavia, makers of the beautiful Nord synthesizers, have released Nord Beat for the iPad. This 4-track CoreMIDI step-sequencer is free! It was programmed for Clavia by Jonatan Liljedahl, the guy behind BitWiz and Audio Share.


  • 8 Patterns
  • 3 Velocity levels
  • Velocity faders
  • Adjustable pattern length (1-16)
  • Copy/Paste patterns
  • Flexible cueing system
  • Shuffle
  • Mute button for each track
  • Tap Tempo
  • Pad mode with velocity zones
  • Load/Save song
  • MIDI Setup (Channel/Note number)

Buy Nord Beat on iTunes: Free

It is worth pointing out that although you can sequence 4-tracks, you can only sequence 1 note on any given track. This limits the usefulness of the app to just drums. I'm sure Clavia would like those drums to be in the form a new Nord Drum. Still it is cool and free, and nice of Clavia to make it open to any MIDI destination; rather than tied to just the Nord Drum.

GlitchBreaks gets a big update!

GlitchBreaks development continues to keep a rapid pace, with yet another solid update.

What's new:

  • Added Preset Load and Save functions
  • Added Background Audio Tracks
  • Added Snap to Index function
  • Added option to turn Dynamic Glitch on/off
  • Added Scale Time Factor option
  • 10 new sounds from Sunsine Audio
  • 10 new sounds from Alex Matheu

Buy GlitchBreaks on iTunes: $4.99

Alex, the developer, is quite active on Twitter. While he's been waiting for Apple to approve this 1.04 update, he's already been baking 1.05. Originally he intended on adding MIDI next, for his own live performances, but one day on his lunch break he started programming in effects! Soon, in addition to glitches, you'll have more traditional effects to play with.

Here is a recent Glitchy Break by Alex "Distraub" Matheu, using Alchemy and Meteor along with his creation.

Sonic Touch #13: Auria, Tachyon & SpaceWiz

What a great day for videos! Sonic Touch #13 just got posted, with Nick and Gaz exploring Auria and Wizdom Music's latest apps.

Buy Tachyon on iTunes: $1.99

Buy SpaceWiz on iTunes: $9.99

Buy Auria on iTunes: $49.99

Auria Tutorial: Importing Magellan

Wavemachine Labs posted a tutorial on their blog, for importing a synth part from Magellan into Auria. Here's the video:

Buy Auria on iTunes: $49.99

Buy Magellan on iTunes: $4.99 (On Sale)

Sweet Water - iOS Update Vol. 9

This week Mitch is playing with Loopy HD and controlling it with the excellent SoftStep MIDI foot controller.

Buy Loopy HD on iTunes: $7.99

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