iOS meets Eurorack (KB-1 + VOLT)

Developer Kai Aras uses his new KB-1 app as the main control surface to his Eurorack modular in this jam!

Video Description:

Little session mixing iOS and Eurorack with KB-1 acting as a main control surface. Chords are coming from VOLT which is running in the background, the bassline is coming from mostly MakeNoise Modules (STO, MMG, MATHS, ECHOPHON)

apeFilter Update

apeFilter, from apeSoft, was updated with AUv3 fixes and features! Among these is support for sample rate changes based on changes in the AUv3 host. This one struck me when I read it.

Throughout the history of iOS music apps there have been a lot of problems with varying sample rates. Sometimes the hardware has only allowed a limited range of sample rates. Or doing something as simple as plugging in headphones would cause iOS itself to change the sample rate of the device. This would inevitably lead to some app panicking. Perhaps AUv3 will help us keep everything at the same rate, if everyone is just tracking the AUv3 host. Then only the host has to worry about the weirdness.

What's new in apeFilter v2.6.2:

+ AUv3: LFO Memory Leak, fixed
+ AUv3: Host will Display Logarithmic values properly
+ AUv3: Sampling Rate change according to the host
+ AUv3: Save knob/slider steepness in presets
+ Presets Manager show Factory/Library/User icons
+ Control Manager Search show correctly names
+ Added IAA music effect

Alexander Zolotov - Sines of Night

Developer Alexander Zolotov created this track using just the built-in synths and effects of SunVox!

Video Description:

Made in SunVox modular synth:
No samples used. Built-in synths and effects only.
by NightRadio 2019

Using Enso to Freeze Tracks

YouTuber Mike Ware found a very original use for the new Audio Damage Enso looper. Here he documents how he uses it as a DAWless way to "Freeze" tracks and save precious CPU usage!

Video Description:

One way to reduce iOS CPU %

Final Countdown in NanoStudio 2

YouTuber Argie Georgie recreated the classic track Final Countdown in NanoStudio 2!

Video Description:

Nanostudio was made for making electronic music, but it can do epic rock (pop)?
All sounds are synthesized in Obsidian except the drums. Which suck but I couldn't bother to get them right. :D

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