Final Countdown in NanoStudio 2

YouTuber Argie Georgie recreated the classic track Final Countdown in NanoStudio 2!

Video Description:

Nanostudio was made for making electronic music, but it can do epic rock (pop)?
All sounds are synthesized in Obsidian except the drums. Which suck but I couldn't bother to get them right. :D

LayR-Multi Timbral Synthesizer Update

LayR-Multi Timbral Synthesizer, from Living Memory Software, got a big update full of features and fixes! They've added a new Hold mode on the arp, while retaining the old method as a latch. You can now edit parameters from handy "Dial Strips" for each layer in LayR.

Contest: I have two copies of LayR up for grabs! Register and comment on this post for a chance to win. Codes will go out early Saturday to give the winners a chance to play with it over the weekend!

Contest closed! Congratulations to burnalot, and Osidenick!

What's new in LayR-Multi Timbral Synthesizer v1.3.1:

- A new "Hold" mode for the Arpeggiator, the old hold mode is now called "Latch".
As long as at least one note is held down on the keyboard or via MIDI any other notes played will be added to the held chord.
When all notes are released the chord continues to play until another chord or note is played.
This makes it possible to play a chord on the keyboard and then change the key or sequence by playing another chord.
All existing presets will load and play as before in Latch mode.

- Added a new parameter editing panel in the editor: The "Dial Strip", see Link & Assign section in manual.
Dial Strip pops up a line of dials, one for the same parameter in every layer.
Use the strip to edit parameters in other layers and set links between parameters.

- Added view insets for devices without home buttons.

- Added an “Invert” button for Unipolar FM in the oscillator. This inverts the polarity of unipolar modulation.

- Added a button to the Editor menu bar to choose between Link Assign/Dial Strip or none.

- Fixed audio unit crash when host requests large buffer sizes.
- Fixed: Fixed character filtering that replaces some unusable characters from preset names before saving.
- Fixed: Voices with long attacks and long releases are no longer (incorrectly) restarted from the wrong level.
- Settings View: Performance MIDI channel selector is now greyed out if option is disabled.
- Some minor DSP engine optimisations.
- Updated Manual with new features in v1.3.1

4 For Fake - Broken Lullaby

YouTuber 4 For Fake set up a couple of Game Boys running LSDj for this fun agro Chiptune track.

Video Description:

demo video for the track broken lullaby


- LSDJ4x2 on a CGB and DMG
- Recorded with an iPad using mDAW
- Instruments later recorded separately for album version

Controlling Hardware & Software Synths with Korg Gadget 2

Rezzonator did a detailed tutorial on controlling other apps and gear with the Taipei gadget in Gadget 2!

Video Description:

In this video I look at how to control ios synth apps and also external hardware synths using the Korg Gadget Version 2 App

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014london70 - Deep Session 21

YouTuber 014london70 started my morning with some Deep House head-bobbing.

Video Description:

Something new!

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