Different Drummer Gets Audiobus, On Sale for $50!

The once ludicrously expensive $300 drum app, Different Drummer, is a mere $50 and now supports Audiobus!

This app is truly unique in its approach to formulating drum rhythm patterns, but the prohibitive price has always kept it far beyond any serious consideration.

For the first time this app is looking like it may be worth the asking price!

What's new in Different Drummer v1.5:

  • Audiobus support for audio out (as input source)
  • Ability to run in background allows you to play on top of Different Drummer in other apps as well as control external recording
  • Improved timing and performance, stays rock solid even when adjusting waves or playing in background
  • Better Tempo setting control
  • Reset Audio button in case sample cuts out
  • Rename recording and Dropbox files
  • Export MIDI files to Dropbox
  • 15 new sounds
  • Ability to Lock Tracks so when randomizing they don't change
  • Measure numbers in scrolling display
  • Supports upside down rotation
  • Few bug fixes

Buy Different Drummer on iTunes: $49.99 (On Sale, from $149.99)

I haven't had a chance to play with it yet, but the concept here is intriguing. I tried to explain it on the spot in the latest episode of the Touch Music podcast, as a sort of Additive Synthesis for drum patterns. In hindsight that probably just confuses things even more, since so few people understand Additive Synthesis. Instead of me trying to explain it anymore here is a demo from Apps4iDevices!

NightRadio - Follow the Sun (SunVox for iPad)

There are surprisingly few developers who release music with the apps they make. Of the few, Glitch Breaks developer Alex "distraub" Matheu is the most prodigious, with a SoundCloud page full of exceptional Glitchy Breaks. SunVox developer Alexander Zolotov is a close second to the other Alex though, with many examples of SunVox in use on his Night Radio YouTube channel.

If you've ever felt the dense interface of Sunvox was daunting, it may be helpful to watch his latest video which shows the whole track as it progresses through the app. You'll see that in the thick of module-madness there is still a linear progression.

Buy SunVox on iTunes: $5.99

Audanika Harmony Theory: Lesson 7 Intervals in SoundPrism

For the first time on the Audanika Harmony Theory Blog, Audanika uses their own SoundPrism app for this week's lesson.

This lesson looks at how SoundPrism can reveal the tonal character of the intervals discussed in the last 3 lessons.

Opposite to the piano or the animoog keyboard SoundPrism arranges tones such, that interval relationships become clear. Every interval has a specific pattern that can be easily remembered and applied:

  • The tones of the consonant octave are in horizontal neighborhood. The tones of the third and sixth are in vertical neighborhood. These intervals are the foundation of chords.
  • Fourth and fifth are outlined by the design of the rows: Neighbored dark or neighbored bright rows in SoundPrism contain the tones of fourth and fifth.
  • The dissonance and tension of the second is outlined by the great vertical distance of the interval tones. The melodic importance of the second is emphasized by assigning the tones of the second in neighbored columns.
  • The affinity of complementary intervals is outlined by assigning the same playing pattern to these intervals: To play a fourth or a fifth for example you can use the same gesture.

Read the whole article on Audanika's Harmony Theory Blog: Intervals in SoundPrism.

Changeling Sequencer Updated with User Chords

Changeling Sequencer, a chord sequencer for iPad, has been updated with new fixes and features; including user-editable chords.

What's new in Changeling Sequencer v1.4:

New Features:

  • Dyads
  • User chords (editable during playback)


  • Tempo input via keyboard
  • Minor cosmetic changes


  • fixed midi in problems with older hardware
  • fixed transition feedback in GUI
  • fixed tempo slider bug

Buy Changeling Sequencer on iTunes: $4.99

Nakano Syun gives an interesting demo in this video of Mozart's Jupiter Symphony, remixed with Changeling Sequencer.

Audiobus Updates!

Beat Twirl, a beat slicer with algorithms that help you pick out the rhythm in your samples, and Electrify now support Audiobus.

Electrify was supposed to have Audiobus a couple of weeks ago, but there was a problem with the implementation. A new version has been issued today, and it should now work correctly!

Buy Electrify on iTunes: $14.99

Beat Twirl can be used as both an input and an output in Audiobus, making it easy to get new samples in for slicing, and then exporting them back out of the app!

What's new in Beat Twirl 3.0:

  • New slice envelope view.
  • New slice effects - reverse, pan, amplify.
  • Audiobus input and output support
  • Many fixes.

Buy Beat Twirl on iTunes: $9.99

Apps4iDevices did a tutorial for Beat Twirl, which gives you both an idea of what the app can do and how to use it.

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