Thesys Update

Thesys, from Sugar Bytes GmbH, was updated with AUv3 support! You can now use this elaborate step sequencer within the AUv3 universe! There are special notes in the update for people who use the app with Audiobus, because native Audiobus support has been removed.

What's new in Thesys v1.3.0:

••• Audio Unit v3 and iCloud Drive support •••

!!! Attention: Please be aware that existing IAA and Audiobus sessions won't work anymore !!!

When using your existing Audiobus 3 session that uses Thesys IAA, you need to save within Thesys the corresponding presets you’ve made BEFORE you start the update to version 1.3.0!
Likewise, when loading an existing Audiobus 3 session that uses Thesys IAA, you just need to make sure you recall the corresponding preset manually via the internal preset browser of Thesys when using the AUv3 version. For more information visit:

YouTuber Found Sound test out the update and works his way through the presets.

elshuffles - sketch #19

YouTuber elshuffles gets some great sounds out of his modest gear collection, with the help of SpaceCraft.

Dj OFFsyde - 96 Angels

YouTuber DJ Offsyde iOS started off my morning right, with some uplifting grooves in Gadget.

Video Description:

Hi guys! This is another track I made my tracks on the KORG Gadget 2 DAW.

This DAW by KORG It’s really authentic and you need to unique,
KORG have done a brilliant job adapting to the times, They were already pioneers of digital audio workstation’s since the 90s.

As a music producer I definitely rate this app for cooking beats, phrases and sketches, That’s as far as I’ll go but it definitely is lacking is the inter-app AUFX Capabilities for complex mixdowns.
Track : 96 Angels
Artist : Dj OFFsyde
Please visit my cloud profile for a mesmerizing dance stream!!
Rights reserved 2019 OFFsyde music

Esoteric Synth by Anthony Di Furia

Anthony Di Furia, developer of MonoGranular, released Esoteric Synth! This is a unique synth that combines Amplitude Modulation (AM) and Frequency Modulation (FM) synthesis across 5 oscillators. The app arrives with AUv3, Audiobus 3, and modest $5 price tag. Unfortunately it does not yet have a demo video.

Esoteric Synth iTunes Description:

Esoteric Synth is a unusual generator of synthetic sound events.
The synthesis is based on 5 oscillators which are intersected through an multiple amplitude modulation and multiple frequency modulation making an high sound variability
The sound events can be controlled in two ways:
EventMode (High Duration and Low Density)
GrainMode (Low Duration and High Density)
This App is suitable to generate complex sound textures, glitches,noises, sound clouds, sound drones, point sounds and more.

- AUv3 Audio Units Generator
- Audiobus 3 Generator
- Inter-App Audio Generator
- 5 oscillators
- Multiple Amplitude Modulation
- Multiple Frequency Modulation
- Amplitude Modulation Inverse
- Frequency Modulation Inverse
- Duration and Density control
- Amplitude and Frequency General Control
- Frequency Rescaling
- Geometric and Harmonic Control
- Geometric and Harmonic Control in Frequency Modulation
- Randomic control on Amplitude and Frequency

Les Productions Zvon: Smallest Keyboard Obsidian Patch

Sound Designer Les Productions Zvon has released a free Obsidian patch based on samples from a tiny toy keyboard. The raw sound is as cheesy as you might expect, but it blossoms into a rich sound with the aid of NanoStudio 2's Obsidian synth-sampler.

Video Description:

Video of the Smallest Keyboard Obsidian patch for NanoStudio 2 by Les Productions Zvon.

Rozeta Rhythm MIDI plugin from Bram Bos is used to generate patterns.

This may be the smallest ever electronic keyboard. The 7 notes that it plays are sampled in all their glory for their full duration, which is not long!

The notes are A3, A#3, C4, D4, D#4, F4, G4. You will notice that the pitch of each note lowers by a semitone as it plays. This is the exact behavior of this small keyboard. The mapping is extended but for authentic playing, you should only use the 7 notes mentionned above.

This set is free and also available in soundfont and Native Instruments Kontakt 3 formats :

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