Jamn - The Musician's Multi-Tool

Jamn is a new iPhone app for exploring scales with a slick circular layout. Although the images all show guitar finger positions, it can also show keyboard keys. This is not a circle-of-fifths app, but rather a "game changer" according to iTunes.

iTunes Description:

Now you [can] really understand music. The secret connections between keys, chords and scales are secrets no more... You can name a chord with ease – and follow it with a perfect harmonic progression... Uncover the underlying structure of a song, then transpose it... Extend it... Make it your own.

With Jamn you can...
- Get creative and be original with your new grasp of music theory
- Add unique style to your songs
- Construct chords and learn scale patterns
- Improvise and jam freely with friends
- Show off your new musical skills
- Learn a new instrument easily
- Transpose keys instantly
- Become a more inspiring music teacher
- Stay motivated and love your instrument
- Be musically awesome!


The Jamn™ wheel looks similar, but offers much more. It’s simpler, more intuitive, and ultimately a game changer.

Buy Jamn on iTunes: $0.99

There is also a Ukulele Fretboard available as a $0.99 IAP. Along with something else that is truncated in iTunes to just, "Pro-Scales Starter Pa ...". You may also have to pay for the keyboard keys as well. There is just no way of knowing, because the iTunes page isn't saying. This is a major problem with IAPs. Sure it is just $0.99 and sure the IAPs are just $0.99, but those are just the ones someone has previously purchased to end up on the Top In-App Purchases list. If no one had purchased those there would have been no indication of there being any IAPs.

Do you need to pay $10 to unlock "Pro-Scales Advanced Pa ..."? No fucking clue and they aren't saying in their iTunes description.

The promotional video is actually pretty helpful in explaining what it is though, and it does look useful.

The iOS Maps Song

While I usually feature songs made with iOS apps, here is an amusing song about iOS Apps, from Johnathan Mann.

I had my own iOS 6 Maps woes over the weekend, when my husband's GPS got us lost at the edge of Chicago's suburban sprawl. There was no 4G/LTE out there, and barely any 3G, so we couldn't use maps.google.com in Mobile Safari. I read this morning about Maps+, which is a free app that uses Google's Maps. This might be worth grabbing in case you find yourself in a similar situation.

Kimbra - Settle Down (Vocal iPad Cover)

YouTuber megmaydux has posted a vocal looping cover of Kimbra's Settle Down, using some iPad app I can't identify.

Video description:

Just experimenting with vocal looping...
SXSW version.

Sunvox Update

Sunvox updates are always big, and developer Alexander Zolotov is keeping up the pace with this one!

Update Highlights:

  • now XM and MOD files (formats of old trackers) can be loaded without the converter, through the Main Menu -> Load Song; you can find hundreds of these files on this site: modarchive.org; 
  • added autorepeat mode for the following buttons: HLD (clear current note), OFF (insert Note OFF), INS (insert), BCK (backspace); 
  • added eight layers for the modules; for example you can place some complicated drum chain on the first layer, and all other synths - on the second layer; layers can be visible together or separately; 
  • new function "Scale" in the Module menu: use it if you want a smaller or bigger module size for the current project; 
  • new module - WaveShaper; 
  • new module - MetaModule; with this module you can include some external .sunvox song to your project and use this song as synth or effect; * new option "Smooth frequency change" in the Analog Generator; enabled by default; disable it if you want to use arpeggio effect 08; 
  • velocity map in the MultiSynth module; * maximum number of pattern tracks has been increased from 8 to 16; 

Buy SunVox on iTunes: $5.99

Buy SunVox on Google Play: $5.99

I came across a big tutorial series for Sunvox by game developer SolarLune! I've embedded the whole playlist here.

MIDI Timecode

Dyslexia Software, makers of MIDI Test Box, have released the Universal app MIDI Timecode.

This is another MIDI diagnostic tool that shows, in real-time, the MIDI clock used in syncing your setup.

iTunes Description:

MIDI TimeCode realtime display shows the realtime running timecode code from any CoreMIDI compatible devices including:

• Digital Audio Workstations
• Sequencers
• External MIDI TimeCode sources
• Synchronisers

Buy MIDI Timecode on iTunes: Free

Here is a little setup guide from the developer.

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