MasterFX Updated with Inter-App Audio

Igor Vasiliev's Master FX got its first update adding IAA!

What's new in MasterFX v1.1:

  • Inter-App Audio supported.
  • Waveform view of player files.
  • Loop mode for playback.
  • Improved compressor module.
  • Several new presets.
  • New color schemes of visual interface.
  • Built-in description updated.
  • Some bugs fixed.

Buy Master FX on iTunes: $11.99

There is also this excellent sounding new demo showing off the app with an acoustic guitar.

Steinberg LoopMash & LoopMash HD Free!

Steinberg's other-other app, LoopMash and LoopMash HD went free over the weekend! Thanks to reader Hoyas79 for the heads up.

Buy LoopMash HD on iTunes: Free (On Sale, from $5.99)

Buy LoopMash for iPhone on iTunes: Free (On Sale, from $1.99)

Harmony Voice Update and Sale

VirSyn's Harmony Voice has been updated with Inter-App Audio, and is now on sale for 50% off!

Thanks to readers Hoyas79 and Brian for this news!

Buy Harmony Voice on iTunes: $4.99 (On Sale, from $9.99)

iJ Bass Updated with Audiobus

Sardine Apps have updated their 3 year old bass app for iPhone and iPad, with Audiobus support!

iJ Bass iTunes Description:

We proudly present iJBass. With fully customizable buttons on the side panel, you can play it easier even than a real bass. Place playable buttons to preset chords, scales, solo phrases even entire song! The fretboard can be moved by dragging it or tilting the device, accommodating players’ seamless performance.


Features :

  • New - Audiobus supported
  • Authentic vintage bass look & feel
  • Low latency, hi-quality sound samples from an original 1971 J-bass
  • Fully customizable playable buttons, 10 user presets
  • Movable fretboard, by dragging it or tilting the device
  • Easy mute and velocity control
  • Floating bar makes open strings accessible at any time
  • Vibration or trill by shaking the device
  • Supports left-handed mode
  • Detailed settings including mute sustain, tilt sensitivity, vibration speed, button behavior, etc.

Buy iJ Bass SE on iTunes: $2.99 (iPhone)

Buy iJ Bass HD on iTunes: $3.99

The video quality on this 3 year old demo is pretty terrible, but the audio quality is excellent.

Super Manetron on OP-1, Plus Sales!'s Marcus Padrini sampled the iPad app Super Manetron into his OP-1 for a nice little jam.

You can get both on sale today! Super Manetron just returned to the app store with an update adding Audiobus and iOS 7 support, and is now 50% off. Teenage Engineering is doing a Special X-Mas sale, which bundles the OP-1 with Urbanears headphones.

Buy Super Manetron on iTunes: $2.99 (On Sale, from $6.99)

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