Playing Pink Floyd with iPad Apps

CENTRIC Tech has put together a tutorial/demo/gear porn video for controlling a Novation Bass Station with iPad apps to play Pink Floyd's On The Run and Money. The 200 or so of you that just got iPads for presents may also be interested in his rudimentary video on using the Camera Connection Kit for MIDI, where he explains the setup you see here with helpful recommendations.

Update: The video has now become private. Very odd, I've contacted Centric. Sorry about that!

Update 2: Centric got back to me. He was unhappy with the quality of the recording so he refilmed it! New version embedded below.

Video Description:

In this episode I demonstrate the iPad Camera Connection Kit's ability to process midi in and out simultaneously. To do this I play Pink Floyd's "On The Run" sequence using the Little Midi Machine App for iPad to send midi to a Novation Bass Station analog synth, while play the bass riff for "Money" on the iPad app Animoog via a midi controller. Furthermore I show how you can actually control the sound parameters of an external synth using a custom made midi template in the app Midi Designer

Buy Little MIDI Machine on iTunes: Free

Buy Animoog on iTunes: $29.99


Buy MIDI Designer Pro on iTunes: $18.99

AudioShare Updated with Audiobus!

Kymatica has updated AudioShare with support for use as an Audiobus input, opening up a whole new world of Audiobus audio!

What's new in 2.3:

  • Audiobus input slot support, you can now use AudioShare as an Audiobus source app!
  • Trim tool, save selection to a new file
  • Add iTunes music library import
  • Added 'Select All' button in edit mode
  • Name Audiobus recordings after input apps
  • Show recording source (audiobus apps or hardware input)
  • Allow user to edit filename extension
  • Allow AudioCopy of midifiles
  • Show used and free disk space in About screen
  • Improve AudioPaste item selection user interface
  • Various minor improvements and fixes

Buy AudioShare on iTunes: $2.99

The trim tool has been a long requested feature among readers here, so that is also great news! With the option to import your iTunes music into Audioshare and then run that as an input in Audiobus, I expect we'll see some new remixes come out of iPads!

triqtraq Updated with AudioCopy/Paste!

triqtraq was one of the more interesting iPhone beat-makers released last year, and today it got its first update!

What's new in 1.1.0:

  • record your real-time jams, patterns and queues to .wav
  • export your recordings to Soundcloud, Audio Copy, E-mail or iTunes
  • import sounds with Audio Paste (via the User tab in Load Samples)
  • retina graphics for iPhone

Bug fixes:

  • fixed sample preview level
  • sample preview in step editor when record button is off
  • .WAV upper case extension import allowed
  • improved swing and decay algorithms
  • several other bugfixes

Buy triqtraq on iTunes: $1.99 (iPhone)

Although AudioCopy/Paste seems old-hat these days, this is still a welcomed development for the app. Both importing and exporting are now possible with this method, instead of the busted iTunes file-sharing! It is a shame development is not more rapid, 1.0 came out in May of last year, but at $2 we can hardly expect Zaplin to quit his day job!

Here is a new video from the developer, showing off pattern jamming!

Sonic Logic Vs. Logic

Sonic Logic developer Uri Nachmias has a new tutorial video for working with his app in Logic.

This video is both informative and fun! The first 5 minutes explain the hugely complicated mess of MIDI assignments in Logic, and the last 3 are jamming on Sonic Logic to do a remix with Sugar Byte's Turnado plugin.

Buy Sonic Logic on iTunes: $9.99

Wobble iPhone Mk. II

Langsound has further refined his Wobble iPhone prototype we saw last week to a smaller, more manageable, size!

Video Description:

Talking with Tae Hong Park about performing with iPhones he suggested that we could show the phone being put into a device that changed the mode of interaction. This is a super simple proof of concept. I enjoyed doing it (first take). With rehearsal the transition could be smoother and maybe more theatrical. I like c major for quick demos, but yah, maybe I should learn a new key...

Buy TouchOSC on iTunes: $4.99

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