MultitrackStudio for iPad Update

MultitrackStudio for iPad was updated with several AUv3 improvements. This includes support for recording MIDI from all of the many new AU MIDI apps.

What's new in MultitrackStudio for iPad v3.3:

• AU plugins: Options menu ('hamburger' button) now has 'Large View' option.
• AU MIDI instruments that can produce MIDI output now have a 'Record MIDI output (to this track)' in options menu. You can use this to record any keyboards the AU UI provides. This option is enabled by default. (requires iOS 12)
• Significant AU compatibility improvements.
• Songs now remember the Solo buttons.
• Improved support for 11" iPad.

The Sound Test Room: Ambient Guitar with FabFilter Effects

Doug Woods from The Sound Test Room did a beautiful example of how you can create a massive ambient guitar sound with FabFilter effects in Auria.

Video Description:

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Turntable & Looper Jungle Routine

YouTuber Andy H uses Loopy in a novel way, building up a Jungle jam with his turntables.

Video Description:

Tried to do something completely different here. Using the turntables and a looper app to build up a refix of the classic Ray Keith – Chopper (Shy Fx Remix)

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KORG Module Update

KORG Module got a surprising update today! Previously they had to remove the Premier Vintage Organ collection, due to licensing problems. They've brought it back, but only for users who have previously purchased it. This is in addition to the 40 organs and 10 clavs they gave away for free back in December.

What's new in KORG Module v2.7.3:

- Content restoration for the previously discontinued “Premier Vintage Organ” is now possible. Limited to those who have already purchased “Premier Vintage Organ” only.

3sleeves - DX Delight

YouTuber 3sleeves did some exceptionally groovy down tempo in this performance with classic Yamaha DX7 patches inside of KQ Dixie, with NanoStudio 2.

Video Description:

All the synth sounds are from old DX7 patches played with KQ Dixie inside Nanostudio 2.


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