3sleeves - DX Delight

YouTuber 3sleeves did some exceptionally groovy down tempo in this performance with classic Yamaha DX7 patches inside of KQ Dixie, with NanoStudio 2.

Video Description:

All the synth sounds are from old DX7 patches played with KQ Dixie inside Nanostudio 2.


QUANTUM WAVES - Korg Gadget 2 & System 1 Jam

YouTuber QUANTUM WAVES did some experimental jamming with his collection of gear and Gadget 2!

Polythemus AU by Anthony Saunders

Developer Anthony Saunders brings us another AUv3 MIDI app with the release of Polythemus AU. The app lets you take MIDI chords and split off the individual notes to different channels. There are a lot of parameters available to further shape their behavior.

Polythemus AU iTunes Description:

Polythemus AUv3 Midi was created for three main uses:

• Creating a polyphonic synth from individual monophonic synths

• Stacking different or similar synths that play alternatively for variation

• Interesting variations in timbre & rhythms by having multiple synths driven with a sequencer (e.g. Quantum)

Polythemus turns your midi chords into mono midi channels so you can allocate polyphonic notes (i.e. chords) into different synth patches.

Load up multiple mono synths to turn them into one polyphonic synth.

Add variation to sequences and arpeggios by varying synth patches slightly or even extremely.

Individual control on number of voices and quick mute/unmute per voice.

Individual scaling of midi volume per voice for balancing

Universal app for iPhone & iPad devices
online manual here:

Polythemus requires an AUv3 host that supports midi effects (like AUM) - the standalone version contains the manual

Doug Woods from The Sound Test Room brings us a demo of Polythemus in action!

Perplex On - OP-Z + iPad Glitch Session

Reader Perplex On produced some beautifully glitchy goodness on an OP-Z with his iPad!

Video Description:

Pretty glitchy OP-Z session completely done in realtime using the internal OP-Z sounds and some iPad apps which are sequenced by the OP-Z at the same time over bluetooth.
Visuals are also sequenced by the OP-Z‘s using a homemade videopack running on the iPad and projected onto the OP-Z.


Apps involved:
Zeeon, Aparillo, Tardigrain, Audio Damage Discord 4, Klevgrand Reamp

The Mobile Music Minstrel: Photon MIDI Recorder

YouTuber Daveypoo: The Mobile Music Minstrel shows off the new Photon AU MIDI Recorder.

Video Description:

Here's a walk-through of the major functions of Photon MIDI Recorder by Tony Saunders.

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