Bias & JamUp Integration Demo

Derek Buddemeyer uploaded a great preview for the upcoming Bias. Here he shows off the integration with Positive Grid's other app, JamUp. You can design your own amp in Bias and then a simple button press sends it into JamUp. You can then tweak it all you want, by bouncing back and forth between the apps.

I've been playing with Bias too, and have been quite inspired! I designed my own little Bias tone for analog synths, and have been using that same tone on synth apps through Audiobus! Everyone will get a chance to play with this soon, with a release date announced for November 13th.

DigiTech iStomp Price Reduction

Synthtopia is reporting, that Sound on Sound is reporting, that DigiTech has reduced their iStomp from $150 to just $50! The iStomp is a hardware stompbox you connect to your iDevice, where you configure and send new DSP effects. The price change is not yet reflected at any North American retailers, but Thomann has it for €58/£49.12!

The other part of this story is that the effects themselves, which are individual IAPs, are now all free except for an Adrian Belew artist e-pedal. That's 47 free effects that used to be priced between $1-15 each! Unlike the pedal itself, this price change is effective now!

Buy DigiTech Stomp Shop on iTunes: Free

Here's a review from Sonic State, which makes this stereo-in/stereo-out effect box a very tempting buy at $50!

Modular Updated with new Advanced Envelope Generator

Pulse Code Inc. has updated Modular with a new envelope generator module, the EG-16.

What's new in Modular v1.04:


  • Misc. bug fixes
  • XFADE-12 Crash Fix

New Module:

  • EG-16 - Advanced Envelope Generator

Buy Modular Synthesizer on iTunes: Freemium ($7 Unlock Bundle)

Yamaha TNR-e

Yamaha has released a new Tenori-on app for iOS, but the differences in this version seem slight. For $20, it looks like you get a different sample set and new master effects. This has greatly upset some TNR-i owners, who feel this should have been an update to TNR-i; with the samples added as an In-App Purchase.

As with all Yamaha apps: Brazil is fucked, along with most of the rest of the world outside of the US and Europe.
It's a sad to post this right after the previous story reminded me that Yamaha used to be awesome.

Yamaha TNR-e iTunes Description:

The TENORI-ON enables people to create music intuitively and without any specialized knowledge about music using a 16 x 16 matrix button pad, and now there is the new TNR-e app that has new tones that capture the essence of dub step, progressive house/EDM, electro and other types of music not previously available.

Now you can access DubstKit and other new drum-pad tones, get fat bass tones like BriteBas and Helium, and dazzling tones of DubBAXX, Voxdance, VoodooWh, which were not previously available on the TENORI-ON, which makes this app a perfect place to start with your next multi-track project.

And only the TNR-e comes with several new attractive features and 2 master effect systems. Use the XY pad interface to apply the FILTER and six other types of effects to make your music come alive!


  • Newly designed tones suitable to dance music
  • 253 different tone types perfect for electronic music
  • 2 master effect systems (seven types: FILTER, DICIMATOR, DELAY, FLANGER, NOISE, LOOPER, ISOLATOR, LOOPER)
  • New interface that even beginners can understand easily
  • Inter-App Audio compatible
  • AudioBus compatible
  • Guide feature that explains button operations
  • Multi-session feature for multiple players
  • Audio recording
  • User Voice function
  • Yamaha Server for file sharing
  • SoundCloud upload feature
  • AudioCopy compatible

Buy TNR-e - US on iTunes: $19.99

Buy TNR-e - International on iTunes: £13.99/€17.99

DXi for iPad Demo

thesoundtestroom explored DXi, the DX7 for iPad. It's an older app, but still one of the best ways to play with FM synthesis on iOS!

Buy DXi FM Synthesizer on iTunes: $1.99

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