Music Studio Update & Sale

Xewton's Music Studio got an update today, plus a 33% sale on the app price, along with 50% discount on all In-App Purchases!

What's new in Music Studio v2.4:

  • 52 new high quality symphonic instruments
  • New instrument list folder layout
  • Polyphony can be set to 128 (on current generation devices only)
  • Bug fixes

*** Holiday sale: Music Studio is 33% discounted, the in-app instrument packs are available at half the price ***

Buy Music Studio on iTunes: $9.99 (On Sale, from $14.99)

Vocaform 2

The long abandoned Vocaform formant synthesizer for iPhone has been updated for iOS 7 as a new Vocaform 2 app. Vocaform 1 originally came out in 2009, but has been neglected since early 2010. The developer hasn't posted any demos yet for the new app.

Vocaform 2 iTunes Description:

Vocaform is a polyphonic formant synthesizer for iPhone. It mimics resonant body sounds such as a voice or stringed instruments. The tone ranges from eerily haunting to gritty 8-Bit noise. A wide variety of additional sounds can be created with the included digital audio effects.

Vocaform 2 has been completely rewritten for iOS 7. It features a new polyphonic audio engine and a beautifully simplified interface.

  • Effects: Multi-Tap Delay, Filter, Auto-Vibrato, Chorus.
  • Two pitch bend modes.
  • XY-Pad and Vertical Key touch control parameters.
  • ADSR envelope.
  • MIDI Input from external USB keyboards.
  • Virtual MIDI from 3rd party iOS sequencers.

Buy Vocaform 2 on iTunes: $2.99 (iPhone)

Update: thesoundtestroom put out a timely demo video for this new app!

Sonuus G2M Demo

Derek Buddemeyer continues his guitar-to-MIDI mini-series with a look at Sonuus's monophonic G2M app.

Buy Sonuus G2M - Universal Guitar to MIDI Converter on iTunes: $9.99

Sofa Session with Modular

Flixxx wrote in with this jam session he had on his sofa, droning out on the Modular app.

Buy Modular Synthesizer on iTunes: Freemium ($7 Unlock Bundle)

Accordion Full

Accordion Full was released last month, as a Universal customizable accordion interface powered by SoundFonts. This is developed by Walter Schurter, who has been making music apps since the Windows CE days! Today it was updated with MIDI recording, so you can jam on it and then export a MIDI file via iTunes file-sharing.

Accordion Full iTunes Description:

Fully customizable "Button Accordion" with internal sounds or/and MIDI capability. MIDI file record/play functions included (only for iPad). If you think this could be useful also for the iPhone, please send me a comment.

This App makes more fun on a iPad (specially iPad Air) or iPad mini, but can be used also on iPhones. If you have two iPhones, you can play the melody on the first iPhone and the bass/chord on the second one (may be your older iPhone). A second person could play drums with the same App.

  • Full customizable "Button Accordion" (Melody, Bass, Chord).
  • Button sizes can be adapted separated for melody and bass side.
  • Customizable "Drum Pad".
  • Can be used as General MIDI sound module (virtual instrument) with 16 channels, 128 instruments and 1 drum set.
  • Supports rotation 180° reducing cable problems.
  • Full MIDI support, if using an external MIDI device like the "iRig MIDI".
  • Customer "SoundFont" can be placed in the shared iTunes folder. The name must be "GM_instruments.sf2" and it must support the general MIDI sound set including drums. Large "SoundFont" files may not work. Use very small "SoundFonts", when you do not have an "iPhone5", "iPad Air", "iPad mini Retina" or a newer device. For this devices you can try e.g. the "bennetng_AnotherGS_v2-1.sf2".
  • You can change instrument, velocity, volume, reverb, chorus, octave and panorama for each channel.
  • Local sound ON/OFF.
  • MIDI Thru ON/OFF.
  • Integrated Help.
  • Simple tutorial, how to play Accordion for beginners.
  • Get best results with MIDI adapter and a "General MIDI" sound module or Keyboard (set "Local sound" to OFF).
  • Use "Accordion" as master keyboard for your MIDI sound module or real time arranger e.g. the "Ketron XD3".

Buy Accordion Full on iTunes: $2.99

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