Ariana Grande - Break Up with Your Girlfriend, I'm Bored

YouTuber AJAY AKAI did an excellent cover of this new pop track with his iPad and a MPK Mini keyboard.

Video Description:

Recreated a concept of this track using my Ipad and MPK mini!
Managed to get there after the 90th attempt but so annoyed my phone lagged!
New channel so hit that subscribe for more :)

SpaceCraft Granular Synth Update

SpaceCraft Granular Synth, from Mark Watt, was updated with MIDI Polyphonic Expression (MPE) and many other enhancements! Some of the other key features include a dedicated Amplitude Envelope option, and loaded samples will now be saved like presets when SpaceCraft is used as an AUv3 instrument.

What's new in SpaceCraft Granular Synth v1.1.0:

v1.1.0 (the playability update!)
- New MPE functionality (Roli Seaboard, Roli Light Block, Linnstrument and AUv3 apps with MPE-out):
— New!! MPE mode "MPE Pitch": X-axis = pitch bend, Y-axis = fine grain position modulation, Z-axis = volume
— Visualisation showing grain position modulation in real-time
— Option to set pitch bend amount (in advanced settings panel)
— MPE presets added (start with these and add your own sounds!)
- MIDI and MPE are now active at all times (no need to change modes)
— Amplitude envelope is now a dedicated option (envelope can now be used with a non-chromatic grid, MIDI/MPE can now be used without the envelope if desired)
— MIDI channel selection option (advanced settings)
- Scales improvements:
— Loads of scales added (34 in total!) including the modes and pentatonic scales
— Scales can now be used with MIDI and MPE
— Sequencer note grid auto resizes with scale
- Option to transpose sample pitch per-sequencer in range +/- 1 Octave with resolution of 1 semitone
- When saving project in AU host, the loaded sample will be automatically saved (like with presets)
- Parameter automation now fully functional in AUv3 hosts including Cubasis and NS2
- Factory presets can now be selected via host GUI
- Fixed bug where the ‘all notes off’ button sometimes wouldn’t terminate notes as expected
- Now always starts with default state when in standalone mode (presets should be used in standalone)
- All parameters controllable via MIDI CC-in (CC channel can be selected via Advanced Settings)
— CC 6 thru CC 41 = all parameters (XY controls + ‘actions’ such as record and monitor), see website for details
— CC 64 = sustain pedal (both sequencers)
— CC 123 = all notes off (both sequencers)

echo opera - simple fashion

Reader echo opera produced this track, which is beautifully rendered in STAELLA and composed with StepPolyArp sequencing Aparillo.

Video Description:

A down tempo piece using StepPolyArp to drive Aparillo in AUM. Added drums from GrooveBox in post to bring the atmospherics together and hold it all together.

sir Sampleton Update

Paul Slocum updated sir Sampleton with a possible fix to a phantom bug affecting some users. If you've experienced loud noises with sir Sampleton in the past, check out the latest update and see if this corrects it for you. Paul would like to hear from you if you're among those experiencing this issue.

What's new in sir Sampleton v3.3.5:

There is an issue affecting a small number of users where the samples come out as loud noise. I've never been able to reproduce this issue on any of my devices or on any of Apple's iOS simulators, but I'm releasing an update built with the latest tools to see if it improves the issue. I suggest making sure you have the latest version of iOS installed and reboot your device completely. Also make sure you have microphone permission enabled for Sir Sampleton in settings. I've only received one or two emails on this issue over the last year, so I think it is only affecting a small percentage of users. If anyone is having this issue, please email me the exact device model and iOS version that you're using.

The Sound Test Room: Skram Revisited

Doug from The Sound Test Room takes a look back at Lemur developer Liine's Skram, released in 2016.

Video Description:

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