Griffin MIDIConnect is now shipping

If you've wanted to spend $70 on a MIDI adapter for your iDevice, but didn't like any of the many other options, Griffin has the solution for you! MIDIConnect is exactly like all of the rest, and at exactly the same price!


  • MIDI in and out interface for iPod touch, iPhone, and iPad
  • Connect a cable from your instrument's MIDI-OUT port and play music into iOS apps like GarageBand
  • 9-inch dock connector cable; total length: 12 inches
  • Standard 5-pin DIN female connectors for MIDI IN and MIDI OUT

Technical Specifications

  • Total length: 12.5" / 32 cm
  • 30-pin Apple Dock Connector for iOS devices
  • 5-pin DIN for MIDI-in
  • 5-pin DIN for MIDI-out

Rheyne Live Jam #50

Rheyne is back to save us from this Summer News drought! As always, some beautiful music ahead!

An improvised live looping jam using analog keyboards, USB controllers, Lemur on iOS, and Ableton Live. All loops are recorded live.

Buy Lemur on iTunes: $49.99

Learn to make your own apps in Unity

It has been a really slow news week, as evidenced by Palm Sounds posting about Legos or someshit. We need more app developers so we have something to talk about! Fortunately it has never been easier to make apps, thanks to development tools like Unity.

Although it is primarily aimed at game development, it can and has been used for making music apps! In fact, this new tutorial from YouTuber Quill18 will show you in 4 minutes how to make most of the sound engine used in Physynth!

You can find lots of good tutorials on Quill18's YouTube Channel. I really like his style, he has a great personality for tutorials.

Unity is free, as long as your "company" makes less than $100,000 a year, but to export for iOS you will need to cough up $400. Then prepare to give Apple another $100 to be a full-fledged developer and run your own code on your devices. It is totally free to poke around in it though, before you invest anything!

Sweet Water - iOS Update Vol. 3

Gear retailer Sweet Water has, apparently, been doing a little video series on YouTube. They just uploaded Volume 3 in the series and I really like it! Short, to the point, and only a little self-promotion! They even show off some things I hadn't heard about, though the multi-touch gesture stuff is bad advice. If you use any synth or multi-touch controller apps, you probably want to disable gestures.

Anytune 3

The music practice app, Anytune, has been updated today to version 3. It looks like a solid way to run your music on any iOS Device for practicing along to it. The update includes a face-lift and some tweaks to zoom in on waveforms, for selecting loops to practice on. They've also added "LiveMix", a new live input mixing feature. This allows you to run your own instrument in through Apogee JAM, iRig, or a Mic.

Although the app is free (Ad supported), they have a complicated tier structure on features. You can't just In-App Upgrade from the free version either. You need to buy the $10 "Pro" version of the app, which includes "Pro Audio Quality"... implying you get "Shit Audio Quality" in the free version, I guess. Also in Pro is the ability to import music from iTunes, Dropbox, and email. Along with "Groove Skins" and AirPlay support.

To get to the HQ tier is an additional $5, as an In-App Purchase from the "Pro" version or by buying the third app, "Pro HQ". This includes "FineTouch™ EQ", and the LiveMix functionality.

Here is an overview video. I have 3 promo-codes for the "Pro HQ" version to give away. Hit that Facebook Like button at the bottom of this article and I'll select the winners at random tomorrow morning!

Buy Anytune on iTunes: Free

Buy Anytune Pro on iTunes: $9.99

Buy Anytune Pro HQ on iTunes: $14.99

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