Thumbjam Updated for Audiobus!

One of the oldest music apps on iOS just got updated to take advantage of the latest technology! Thumbjam can be an input, output, or even a filter in Audiobus!

Correction: Sonosaurus just posted a clarification that it won't go in the filter slot. So I'm not sure why in the fuck they said it could in the iTunes description.

Correction Update: The confusing line is verbatim from the Audiobus developer resources page. They simply copy and pasted it. Sebastian is fixing that up on the Audiobus page right now.

I may owe Sonosaurus an apology here, but I don't feel one forthcoming. They are ultimately responsible for what their iTunes description says. If someone like me, who reads iTunes descriptions all day long, can be confused by it, then it is probably fair to bet a number of users are also confused.

What's new in 2.2:

Introducing Audiobus support: Now you can filter or record audio to and from ThumbJam directly with other Audiobus-compatible apps!

Other improvements:

  • Optimized for iPhone 5 and new iPod touch
  • Simpler background audio configuration, including auto powersave mode
  • File open-in handling now works properly with instrument or loop ZIPs, scale files and audio files
  • Added MIDI transpose options
  • Added support for outgoing MIDI clock and limited MIDI clock input sync
  • Added support for MIDI MMC Record event to toggle loop recording


  • Fixed iPad popover windows persistence on iOS6
  • Fixed instrument export list issue

Buy ThumbJam on iTunes: $6.99

Using sir Sampleton with MIDI and Audiobus

sir Sampleton developer SOFTOFT TECHECH has posted a demo video of using sir Sampleton in couple of different scenarios with Audiobus. I'm particularly impressed with the last half when he shows off how to use Audiobus to make new sampler fodder.

Buy sir Sampleton on iTunes: $3.99

Buy Audiobus on iTunes: $9.99


Buy JamUp Pro XT on iTunes: $9.99

Buy Genome on iTunes: $12.99


Buy Sunrizer on iTunes: $6.99

Audiobus Released!

After months of anticipation, everyone can finally play with Audiobus! Audiobus truly bridges the gap between audio apps; allowing, for the first time, apps to send their audio directly to one another! We're no longer keeping our sounds in their own little silos, that we have to siphon off bits from to mix together later. Now we can really start to make music with multiple instruments!

iTunes Description:

With Audiobus, the revolutionary new inter-app audio routing system, you can connect your Audiobus-compatible music apps together, just like virtual cables.

With a simple and clean interface, easily connect the output of one Audiobus-compatible app into the input of another. Use Audiobus to play a synthesizer live into a looper or multi-track recorder, or use one app to manipulate the live output of another.

You’ve never before been able to use your apps together like this.

Note: We recommend using Audiobus with iPad 2, iPhone 4S or newer devices.

Buy Audiobus on iTunes: $4.99

The following apps have already been updated to work with Audiobus, with more expected to arrive in about a week or two.

Buy Loopy on iTunes: $2.99 (iPhone)


Buy Loopy HD on iTunes: $3.99 (On Sale)

Buy MultiTrack DAW on iTunes: $9.99


Buy SoundPrism Pro on iTunes: $7.99 (On Sale)

Buy NLog MIDI Synth on iTunes: $1.99 (iPhone)


Buy NLogSynth Pro on iTunes: $9.99 (On Sale)

Buy JamUp Lite XT on iTunes: Free


Buy JamUp Pro XT on iTunes: $9.99 (On Sale)

Buy FunkBox on iTunes: $5.99


Buy Sunrizer on iTunes: $6.99

Buy sir Sampleton on iTunes: $3.99


Buy ReBirth for iPad on iTunes: $9.99 (On Sale)

Buy ThumbJam on iTunes: $6.99

If you don't already have either Loopy or MultiTrack DAW you should consider grabbing them if you want to play with Audiobus today, otherwise you won't actually be able to record whatever you're busing together. I like both a lot, Loopy is a gorgeous way to play with loops, and MultiTrack is an efficient recording DAW. Both are well designed to work with Audiobus! I especially like the way MultiTrack will make tracks for each individual app you have set as an Audiobus input. If you have to pick between the two, I'd say go with MultiTrack because it also lets you apply effects to the live inputs.

For apps that go in the effect slot, your current options are both NLogs and JamUps. With NLog you can apply all of NLog's effects to your input apps. JamUp is designed for guitar amp/effect modeling, but it won't mind you sending a synth through it!

I also recommend Genome or Little MIDI Machine, which can be handy for sequencing all of these apps that you'll now have running at the same time. You can only have 1 app on the screen at once, so it is useful to have a MIDI app playing the instruments you're not looking at. For Genome I've done a video tutorial as well as a more detailed written tutorial that will get you familiar with setting up Virtual MIDI.

Buy Genome on iTunes: $12.99


Buy Little MIDI Machine on iTunes: Free

Post Launch Updates: Audiobus has only been out for 6 hours and already there have been some great developments from the community. Before I get to those I want to point out that you should probably check to make sure you have the latest version of all the third-party apps. They are all updated on iTunes to support Audiobus, and have been thoroughly tested! If you're having some weirdness, chances are you just missed an update. This has been the case with all bugs reported so far in the comments here.

If you're at all unclear about how to get going with Audiobus, iOS Music & You has a very detailed guide!

GlitchBreaks developer Alex "distraub" Matheu has a blog post up about his experience with Implementing Audiobus in 15-20 Minutes. Included in there is a track he produced with GlitchBreaks, Sunrizer, and MultiTrack DAW.

Reader Maria was also quick to put Audiobus to good use! Here she's got Sunrizer running into JamUp and then out to Loopy.

Will posted a link to his first Audiobus song in the comments. Using Funkbox, Jam Up, NLog, Sunrizer and acoustic guitar into LoopyHD he shares his joyous first hour with Audiobus.

RichMakeGame (RMG) posted his first noodlings with Loopy, using Sunrizer, DM1, Impaktor, and of course Audiobus!

Fessaboy posted his own little riff, having fun with his Telecaster and Funkbox being recorded into MultiTrack DAW.

Mike Grant just posted what he thinks should be a good example to other self-described massive noobs saying, "You can see how Audiobus will be heaven for mere mortals as well as synth wizards!"

Mind Conspiracy posted a new track with Sunrizer into MultiTrack DAW, with some effects from Jam Up Pro. Nice tones!

Gustavort offers us something quite unique with his beat-boxing into JamUp and Loopy. It's like a cross between Enya and DubFX!

Fessaboy is back with another live guitar jam, accompanied by SoundPrism and JamUp into MultiTrack. There is also an open threat of singing, though he has not yet acted upon it.

Rob posted a new song with an interesting workflow! He's got Thumbjam playing through JamUp into Loopy, and then used MultiTrack DAW to record a performance of the Loopy loops. This sounds like a great way to play!

Post links to your own creations in the comments here and I will add them to this post!

Update: Wow! The comments on this post are now up to 2 pages. That's only ever happened once before!

iOS Update Vol. 24: iRig Keys & PPG Wavegenerator

This week Sweetwater's Mitch Gallagher demos the new iRig Keys MIDI controller and PPG Wavegenerator. He also takes a look at the Namba Gear Kucha messanger bag, designed for holding your iPad and accessories. An Alesis iO Dock will even fit in there!

Buy PPG WaveGenerator on iTunes: $19.99

Samplr Updated with AudioCopy and Input Recording

Samplr's update today adds some of the most requested features; input recording, resampling and AudioCopy/Paste!

Perhaps that audio input recording is a precursor to Audiobus support. Thanks to hoyas79 for this news!

What's new in 1.1

  • New dark look.
  • Audio input recording and resampling.
  • Sonoma AudioCopy and AudioPaste.
  • Bug fixes.

Buy Samplr on iTunes: $4.99

YouTuber efectism, has put Samplr to good use on his deep track, sLeeping wEll.

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