Touch Music Podcast - Episode 1: Audiobus

Touch Music Podcast is live! This is a project I've been working on with Sean from iOS Musician and Chip from iOS Music and You, to provide a new podcast for the community. This is the spiritual successor to the now defunct Touch Sound Podcast, so expect to hear from some of those hosts in the future, including Ashley from Palm Sounds.

In this first episode, we talk to the guys behind Audiobus. Sebastian Dittmann and Michael Tyson share some technical details, as well as let slip a new revelation about the much anticipated app. From there we get into the meta-economics of app pricing and the whole business of making apps.

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Vestex Spin2

Hot on the heels of Numark's iDJ Pro, comes another respected name in professional DJ controllers. Vestex has announced the Spin2 DJ controller which connects directly to iOS Devices via the 30-pin dock connector.

The Spin2 will be released in December, for $399/€379/£299.

Sunsine Audio Addition for Addictive Synth

Sunsine Audio have released a new preset pack, this time for VirSyn's Addictive Synth! Additionally, registered members can now write reviews for Sunsine presets, at the bottom of each preset's page. Let other people know what's worth checking out!

64 presets for Addictive Synth for iPad from Sunsine Audio. Our first pack for the acclaimed Additive synth from VirSyn, Addition explores the depth and range of Addictive Synth, including support for the XY pad.

The sounds range from fresh bass, lead and pad sounds to extraordinarily rich, swirling bursts and morphing textural landscapes.

Note: This pack requires Addictive Synth for iPad and will not work with Addictive Micro for iPhone!

Addition includes:
  • 64 presets
  • 2 .bnk files (containing 2 Banks of 32 presets)
  • Easy installation instructions included.

Buy Addition at Sunsine Audio: $2.49

Interesting demo, showing off a gentler side of Addictive before designer Fletcher Kaufman completely losses his fucking mind.

Repeater Teaser

Repeater is a glitch-based app from the developer of the Nintendo DS homebrew apps repeaterDS and glitchDS. I lost so many hours to glitchDS, it is one of the best cellular automaton sequencers on any platform. I'm always excited to see iOS is getting some old school mobile music developers!

Today a series of new videos for Repeater were released, along with an invitation for beta testers. When the beta is concluded Repeater will be available on iTunes for $4. I've embedded all 3 videos in a playlist below.

Spectrum Analyzer

A new spectrum analyzer app was released today, creatively titled Spectrum Analyzer.

iTunes Description:

Spectrum Analyzer for iOS is a powerful real-time audio analysis app. Designed with musicians and recording engineers in mind, it can also be used by anyone interested in the world of sound. Ideal for room tuning or speaker tuning, the app enables portable, precision audio measurement and visualization.

Feature Highlights:

● Octave Band Real Time Analyzer
● FFT Plot (Fast Fourier Transform)
● Spectrograph module
● Test Tone and White/Pink Noise Generator
● Retina display and iPhone 5 ready

Audio input may be acquired via the built-in microphone or an external measurement microphone. For best results we recommend using a calibrated measurement microphone connected via USB audio interface or iPhone dock connector.

This requires iOS 6, but they note that it is completely integrated as a single app with no IAPs. Spectrum Analyzers are pretty fun to geek out on, but they are always pricey. As an alternative there is site sponsor Spectral Eye, which is free.

Here is a demo from the developers.

Buy Spectrum Analyzer on iTunes: $14.99

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