Tutorial: iPolysix Organ Sounds from Scratch

Mee Zanook has released another excellent iPolysix demo, this time building up rich organ sounds from an initialized patch.

Buy Korg iPolysix on iTunes: $29.99

AudioReverb Demo

Reader mocomain alerted me to this excellent sounding official demo from VirSyn for their new AudioReverb app.

Buy AudioReverb on iTunes: $9.99

Studio 1111 Updated with MIDI Sync

Twisted Electrons continue a very rapid development cycle with a new Studio 1111 update, adding Virtual MIDI Clock Sync!

What's new in Studio 1111 v1.4:

  • Midi Clock - Slave the app to other sequencers!
  • Change patterns via midi
  • Modes can be selected by directly taping leds (no need to toggle)
  • Control All knobs and FX via Midi CC
    (press help at top right for midi implementation)
  • Mute/Solo buttons for both channels
  • FX Hold button to keep the effect on

AudioBus will be available in the next update!!!

Buy Studio 1111 on iTunes: Free ($2 Unlock IAP)

Here is a fun, but shaky, demo from iPadLoops.com that gives a good idea of what this app can do.

thesoundtestroom - Live Multi Instrument Session

thesoundtestroom has done a lot of app demo videos, but this is his first musical performance. And it is an epic one!

Video Description:

A live session using lots of stuff..I wanted to start to integrate the iPad into actual sessions using other instruments..I had a lot of fun doing this..also I wanted to see if this was possible using no midi sync...actually the Wavedrum and Kaossstuff has no midi anyway..Most of the time its in time LOL..

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Mobile Music Sequencer Update & Yamaha Sales!

Yamaha's Mobile Music Sequencer got an update, and all of their apps are on sale to celebrate!

What's new in Mobile Music Sequencer v2.1.0:

We add the ""access Eien Dive Pack"" to the SHOP. The pack contains 3 types of project files and 105 Preset Phrases.

  • Project File 1: Song ""Eien Dive"" by access
    Plays the song ""Eien Dive"" for your listening pleasure.
  • Project File 2: Template ""Eien Dive"" by access
    Use this file to add original arrangements of the song, including chord progressions.
  • Project File 3: Template ""Eien Dive"" (Bypass) by access
    Use this file to add original arrangements while preserving the original chord progression.

SECTION autoplay feature added
Each phrase in a SECTION can be played in a selected order. This can be configured under SECTION CHAIN PLAY in the PROJECT SETTINGS menu.

FILE EXPORT now has ""SONG"" and ""SECTION"" options

When SECTION CHAIN PLAY is ""On""and SECTION is copied, the user can select either ""1SECTION"" or ""CHAIN PLAY SECTION"", whichever best fits the SONG.

Buy Mobile Music Sequencer - US on iTunes: $9.99 (On Sale, from $19.99)

Buy Mobile Music Sequencer - International on iTunes: £6.99/€8.99 (On Sale, from £13.99/€17.99)

Wow that is a lot of words, and I have no idea what any of them mean. I hope this makes sense to Mobile Music Sequencer-ers!

The rest of Yamaha's apps are all 50% off, but since they do this really fucking annoying US vs International version of each goddamn app; I am not going to try to put up links for all of them.

International Version: Can't be arsed.

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