Sunsine Audio Harmonic Decoder

Sunsine Audio is preparing to release their second hardware effect pedal. This boutique distortion pedal is quite unique. The details have not been officially released yet, but I've been following the development on this and I'm pretty excited!

Here is the first demo of the analog pedal making some dirty digital noises. Fans of Alex Matheu's Sliver may recognize some of these sounds. Sunsine Audio used Harmonic Decoder on some of the samples that came with Sliver!

csGrain Demo with Audiobus 2

Doug from thesoundtestroom took the csGrain effect app for a spin through Audiobus 2 in this demo!

Buy csGrain on iTunes: $9.99

Key In - MIDI Accompaniment

John Seales has released an Universal iOS app to generate MIDI accompaniment. Sadly it lacks any demos and the official "support" page is on fucking Facebook.

Key In iTunes Description:

Key In finds the musical scale that best fits incoming audio, and then sends out midi notes in that scale when you touch the screen.

To do anything interesting, Key In needs to be run alongside another app that can receive midi messages and do something with them, e.g. synthesize sounds or save your performance.

Buy Key In on iTunes: $1.99

Voice Synth Drops Audiobus Support

Voice Synth users were greeted with an alarming notification about Audiobus support, greatly angering fans on Facebook.

Important Notice To Voice Synth Audiobus Users

Audiobus support will be discontinued soon, as it does not meet the stability standards we want to offer our customers. The audiobus SDK in Voice Synth is currently malfunctioning. We advise to use Apple’s inter-app audio (IAA), which is free, integrated in iOS, and stable since introduction.

For continued audiobus support, please ask the audiobus developers to support IAA. Then all your IAA-enabled apps become audiobus compatible, while their stability will not be compromised.

Due to my relationship with the Audiobus Team I'm going to recuse myself from editorializing on this matter.

I emailed Qneo developer Jekel 3 hours ago, but have not received a response on why they feel the sudden need to drop Audiobus support. The news traveled quickly throughout social media and on the Audiobus forum, where outraged users of Voice Synth state repeatedly that the only reason they got the app was to use it as an Audiobus Effect.

Audiobus' Sebastian Dittmann responded in the Audiobus Forum thread:

We're always working very hard on fixing bugs and other issues that are brought to our attention, especially any issues regarding stability.

That being said: We don't know about stability issues with the current version of the Audiobus SDK and none have been brought to our attention from the developers of voice synth or any of the other 1131 developers who have access to the Audiobus SDK.

No possible good can come of this situation, and I'm sincerely sorry to see Voice Synth customers affected by this without sufficient explanation. I will amend this article if I hear back from Qneo.

Qneo's Willem got in touch to provide some further details on this decision. It is quite long. You can read the full version on their Facebook page, here is the last half.

With audiobus V2 released, we received complaints from our customers that audiobus was not working well. We ran several tests and found that selecting Voice Synth in an audiobus slot resulted in a permanent spinner. Please consider the fact that it is audiobus that is failing, not Voice Synth. All Voice Synth functions still work exactly as they did at release in oct 2013, including IAA.

Some months ago, we contacted the audiobus team, to protect our customers of potential 3rd party software issues. We proposed to incorporate IAA support in audiobus, as this would definitively be the best way to serve our customers:

• Stability of entire audio app collection does not depend on a single 3rd party app (audiobus)
• Connect all your audio apps together, be it native IAA or audiobus apps
• Lowest possible latency (IAA performs better than audiobus)

So, we awaited the new audiobus version 2 with anticipation, but alas, there was no IAA support. Given that audiobus was not functioning well, we decided to drop native audiobus support in the next update, and focus on IAA only, in line with the above recommendation.

We fully understand that a large group of our customers uses audiobus, and that our decision has a big influence on their use of Voice Synth. To those affected, we kindly ask to consider our motivation stated above. We also ask them to request IAA support in audiobus. IAA is the Apple standard, and we believe audiobus should not ignore it.

Creating Custom Drum Kits in Jam Maestro 3.0

Jam Maestro 3.0 is about to be submitted to Apple! In the meantime developer David Blake has this preview/tutorial of custom drum kit creation in the new version.

Buy Jam Maestro on iTunes: $4.99

Buy Jam Maestro Lite on iTunes: $0.99

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