JamUp Video Contest - JamUp Pro for everyone!

PositiveGrid is running an interesting contest for their JamUp guitar multi-effects app. The grand prize is $150 iTunes Gift Card and an Alesis iO Dock, but everyone who enters automatically receives a $20 iTunes Gift Card! They would like for you to use that to upgrade to JamUp Pro, and still have some money left over for one of their expansion IAPs.

To enter, all you need to do is upload a video of you using JamUp (Lite, which is free, or Pro) and you're set. This is a really neat idea! It gets them more videos on YouTube and you $20.

The rules are straightforward:

Participants must make an original video demonstrating how far you're willing to go to win this contest. There are only three rules. Your video must use JamUp app (Lite or Pro), any interface is fine, and 1-3 minutes of run time.

This contest is running now through June 17th. For complete details and to submit your own video head over to their contest page.

I've never used this before, but I know Sean over at iOSMusician loves this one over all the other guitar apps.

Buy JamUp Lite on iTunes: Free

Buy JamUp Pro on iTunes: $9.99

Rheyne Funk Jam

Rheyne has a new jam video out, this time with a really funky sound. He's got his usual 3 iPads - running SoundPrism, Animoog, and Lemur - but I love the way the MIDI Fighter 3D controller is incorporated.

MIDI Studio sale... Again!

MIDI Studio is back on sale, this time for $3. So you can get this now and rub it in the nose of all the people who bought it last week when it was on sale for $4! The pricing on this app is bonkers, as it went back up to $10 just yesterday before coming down to $3.

I still haven't played around with this one yet. I'm waiting for 2.0.

Buy MIDI Studio on iTunes: $2.99 (On Sale, from $10.99)

Celebrating Bob!

If you use Google, you've probably already seen that today's Doodle is a playable Minimoog, complete with 4-Track recorder! This is a Google initiative to celebrate, what would be, Bob Moog's 78th Birthday. Bob really is the father of modern synthesis, so for all us synth-geeks the Doodle is a great way of honoring the man who made it all possible. For non-synth-geeks this is still an impressive technical achievement, with such a complex Doodle functioning in a web-browser!

There are already a lot of videos with people jamming on it, but honestly most of them are shit. After spending about an hour going through them all, I've embedded a video from Moog themselves that is clearly the best. Using a great combination of hardware Moogerfoogers, Animoog, and the Doodle, they have a nice bit of synthy fun going on here!

As you see in the video, you can actually play the Doodle with your computer keyboard. To help get you started the Automatic Gainsayer himself, Marc Doty, did a nice tutorial! Moog also set up an Info Graphic quick-start guide on their site.

ThumbJam v2.1

ThumbJam got a massive update today. I haven't gotten around to playing with this app yet, but I know just about everyone who has been in iOS music longer than me loves it!

The update highlights are mostly about MIDI, as it sports a MIDI Thru mode along with MIDI recording. Once you've recorded your MIDI or music you can now "Open In..." which will present you with a list of the apps you have installed that support MIDI or audio file importing. For MIDI I think that list begins and ends with Genome, but some of the studio apps might also support it.

Instruments can now be muted when you just want to use ThumbJam as a MIDI controller for other apps.

They've also updated to support MIDI bank and program change messages; surprisingly rare in iOS apps. This will allow you to change which presets you have loaded up via MIDI. I almost wrote a sentence that didn't include MIDI. MIDI!

Buy ThumbJam on iTunes: $6.99

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