Interview: Sunsine Audio's Fletcher Kaufman

Chip Boaz from iOS Music And You had an interview with Fletcher Kaufman in the latest episode of the iOS Music And You Podcast. Besides being a long-time sponsor, and purveyor of presets at Sunsine Audio, Fletcher has been an active member of the community! You'll find him frequently commenting here and on Twitter.

In this interview we hear about his personal musical background and future plans for new effects pedals he has been putting together in the Sunsine Labs, pictured right. He's going to get a lot of his sponsorship money back in the form of pedal payments!

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I've embedded the show here for you to check it out. The interview starts around 28 minutes in.

Audanika Harmony Theory Lesson 5 - More Intervals

This week's Audanika Harmony Theory lesson continues with intervals. If you haven't already, you should go read Lesson 4, which introduces the concept and names of intervals. This one gets into Major and Minor intervals, so it will help to review Lesson 4. Seriously. It only takes 5 minutes to read and intervals are something everyone should understand.

When you've done that, watch this video and then head over to Lesson 5.

Beatsurfing Instrument Controller Demo

Reader Tim Behrens put together a demo video for Beatsurfing. It starts off with a beautiful bit of playing, followed by an explanation of the app in this setup at around 3:30. This is quite different from the crazy funk jamming we usually see the app used for.

Video Description:

A quick demo of how I use Beatsurfing to create instrument controllers, along with an explanation at the end. Beatsurfing is a great app that allows midi information to interact in new ways. Please note that it is a controller app and does not have any internal sounds. Everything you hear in the video was recorded live, using VST sounds in Cubase.

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Tutorial: Korg iPolysix Mixing Automation

Mee Zanook's latest tutorial shows off creative uses of iPolysix's very cool automation features.

Video Description:

In this Video we go over utilizing 1 track as 2 sounds,the first sound is a Reverb Clap which is also used as a Snare Effect,this involves automating Fader in the Mixer,we look into Drum Track to see where Reverb Effect and Clap sound is found and how Drum Tracks can be used as Synth's.

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Massive Traktor DJ Set

DJ Павел Пушкарев has uploaded a 30 minute long set with Traktor. This is an excellent look at the app, with 3 cameras capturing all the action. That is such a nice setup he has there. His iPad stand is worth more than the Kelly Blue Book value on my car.

Video Description:

01 This Place (Nic Fanciulli Remix) - Subb-an
02 Chicago - Flow Zeo
03 Don't Go (Dusky Remix) - Justin Martin
04 Do Good To Me - Steve Huerta
05 Pandemy (Uner House Of Love Remix) - Alessio Mereu
06 Lovebreak - Tube & Berger, Milan Euringer
07 Au Seve - Julio Bashmore
08 So High (Hot Since 82 Remix) - Shadow Child
09 Wildfang (Jaxson & David Keno remix) - Oliver Schories

Buy Traktor DJ on iTunes: $19.99

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