Shove - Ableton Push Replacement for Lemur

Ableton's Push controller for Live has been an awfully tempting new piece of gear. At around $600 it is very pricey for what is essentially just some buttons and a Python script. This script is how Ableton interacts with controllers, sending meta-data in addition to MIDI commands.

It was only a matter of time before someone figured out a way to use that same script on a Lemur template, and Lemur user WUL has done just that! Registered Liine Lemur owners can download Shove for free.

Create Digital Music tested it out and was very pleased with it. One caption at the bottom of the article is particularly quotable:

"Remarkably, once installed, using the iPad app in emulation means Ableton Live can’t tell your tablet from an actual Push."

Junglator Drum Solo

Amplify released a short demonstration of a Junglator drum solo, without the pre-produced samples playing in the background.

Buy Junglator on iTunes: $0.99 (iPhone)

Spectre Modular MIDI Sequencer

Reader Florent alerted me to another analog-style MIDI sequencer released today. Spectre takes the much more elaborate approach found in modular systems; with all kinds of great density in here like clock-dividers, sequential switches, and even logic (AND, XOR, NOR) gates!

Unfortunately some of the design seems equally dense. There's a baffling implementation for external sync, using a Middle C on channel 16 for each step in the sequence, rather than just a MIDI clock. There is no mention of VirtualMIDI or background support, but it does have a detailed demo video and PDF manual.

Spectre Modular MIDI Sequencer iTunes Description:

The Spectre Midi Sequencer is a modular sequencing iPad app. This app is built to emulate the way analog modular synthesizer sequencing systems operate. The modules used in this app are basic building blocks for generating sequences. The sequences can range from simple to complex in a very intuitive fashion.

Buy SpectreModular on iTunes: $7.99

I'm virtually certain that this demo video is sequencing some external synth, because he's playing with filters and stuff that we're not seeing any modulation for. As far as I know this is just a MIDI sequencer and does not generate any sound on its own.

Xynthesizr - Tone-Matrix Synthesizer for iPhone

Xynthesizr for iPhone combines a colorfully stylish Tenori-ish tone-matrix, with real synthesis.

Xynthesizr iTunes Description:

Xynthesizr = ToneMatrix + a full-fledged synthesizer + instant generative music features. Create music easily and intuitively. Just press play, tap on the grid buttons and hear what happens. It's that simple, but that's not all.

With its synthesizer and morphing features, Xynthesizr can be a classic ToneMatrix, an arpeggiated synth, a soft ambient generator, even a drone machine, and more. Check out the built-in patterns and presets to get the idea.


  • Audiobus support

Sequencer features:

  • 1-32 steps variable pattern length
  • Tempo control (1-300 BPM)
  • 2 pattern morphing algorithms: [Conway's Game of] Life-like cellular automata and randomized
  • Extended range (26 notes for 4-inch screen devices, 22 notes for 3.5-inch)
  • Selectable keys and scales
  • Ability to tie consecutive notes of same pitch (effectively making them one long note)
  • Scalar transposition

Synthesizer features:

  • 16 voice polyphony (12 for iPhone 3GS)
  • 2 oscillators per voice
  • 4 selectable waveforms (sine, triangle, sawtooth, square)
  • Detune control
  • 4-pole (24 dB/oct) low-pass resonant filter
  • 2 ADSR envelope generators (amplitude and filter frequency)
  • 2 LFOs
  • 4 selectable LFO targets (filter frequency, pitch, amplitude, second oscillator detune)
  • Stereo reverb and randomized panner

Available via In-App Purchase:

  • Record and export audio via SoundCloud®, Mail and iTunes File Sharing
  • Create your own scales and Life-like cellular automata rules
  • Save your presets and patterns

Buy Xynthesizr on iTunes: Freemium (iPhone)

Riff Rider - Real Guitar Game

Riff Rider is a new iPhone game for use with real guitars. The app appears to be totally free, without In-App Purchases.

Riff Rider iTunes Description:

Play tabs of awesome famous riffs, RiffRider listens to you while you play guitar ! If you play the notes right, they turn green. Unlock new riffs by playing right!

Learning to play guitar becomes insanely fun!
It's like a Guitar Hero® with tabs and a real guitar.

How does it work?

  • Acoustic guitars:
    play close to the microphone.
  • Electric guitars:
    plug them in your device with an adaptor, or play on your amp without distortion.

Our patent-pending sound matching technology analyzes if you play the right notes through the iPhone's microphone/line in.


  • Real-time feedback : know which notes you played right !
  • Playback : listen to the riffs you are playing
  • Tuner : make sure your guitar is tuned before playing!
  • Metronome : to help you play notes at the right time

Buy Riff Rider on iTunes: Free

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