iOS Update Vol. 46: Shredder & Splashtop 2

This week's Sweetwater iOS Update looks at Yonac's Shredder Guitar Synth and remote desktop app Splashtop for controlling a computer DAW. I agree wholeheartedly with Mitch's assessment of Splashtop! It is without a doubt the best remote desktop software on iOS. I've tried several similar apps in the past, but Splashtop has remained the smoothest way to control your desktop computer from your iPad. The latency is ridiculously low, and the image quality is high enough to watch videos. In addition to being a great productivity tool, Splashtop is also an unproductivity tool... I've been using it to play Scrolls on my iPad.

Buy SHREDDER - Guitar Synth on iTunes: $14.99

Buy Splashtop 2 - Remote Desktop on iTunes: $2.99

Review: Beat-Machine

Anthony's iPad Recording (A.I.R.) Studio did a detailed review and tutorial for Beat-Machine, a $2 Universal app with a lot of power. Anthony's mic is a bit quite, but he's recording the iPad line-in with a good camera angle so the app looks and sounds great!

Buy Beat-Machine on iTunes: $1.99

Thor Score Contest

Propellerheads are sponsoring a contest over on the iPad Musician Facebook Group. To win a copy of Thor you've got to do an original score for the movie Contact's intro. What a cool idea for a contest! You've got about 3 days left to submit your own.

Before you go spend $23 on Meteor, and Meteor's Video Plugin IAP, to win a $15 synth, reader Maria has some advice! To avoid that same dilemma of spending $23 to save $15, she just sat her iPhone behind her iPad and made her own little mobile scoring studio with the two iDevices. She delivered some impressive results in her entry here!

Video Description:

This was an incredible challenge for me. This is another great contest sponsored by Kalle Paulsson creator of the new Thor app. The goal to take a very well known opening scene from the movie CONTACT and create a new original score using the iPad. I used one instance of Nave and then quickly went to my comfort zone of the incredible Animoog app. All of the audio was composed on the iPad using Audiobus to get the music into Beatmaker2.

I didn't have a program to use the video so that it lined up so I had to play the movie using dropbox on my iPhone while composing. That was a challenge to make it work. Afterwards I extracted both to iMovie and left the audio of my composition on one track in that I didn't chop it to make it fit the movie better as I felt it more organic and authentic to leave what I wrote as is!! and this is the result. I hope you like it. It was a challenge but one I am glad I took!! Please watch until the end as I'm really pleased with the way it all fell into place at about 2.5 minutes to the end!! Thanks again!

Check out my soundcloud page and hear the music without the movie....

Thanks so much.

efectism - a cLoud oN my sTairs

efectism has another excellent jam in Sampletank with Thumbjam. If you dig this check out his YouTube channel for many more!

Buy ThumbJam on iTunes: $8.99


Buy Sample Tank on iTunes: $19.99

Red Sky Lullaby - Vagueness Squared

Reader Red Sky Lullaby put together some nice trip-hop in Samplr, Samvada, Beatmaker2, Animoog, and Magellan. He then went the extra step to make an extremely trippy video in Vjay to go along with it! Vjay is still free for those that want to do the same.

Buy Vjay on iTunes: Free (On Sale, from $19.99)

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