Tape by Focusrite

Focusrite/Novation have launched their first app with the Focusrite part of their name. Tape by Focusrite is a free recorder app which can be used with any iPad compatible audio interface, but they'd probably like for you to use theirs.

Tape by Focusrite iTunes Description:

Tape. Classic style recording with contemporary functionality - for iPad.

Tape is a beautiful recording solution, with easy to use 2-track recording, instant mastering, customisable tape artwork and social media connectivity.

Record from the inbuilt iPad microphone or any Core Audio compliant audio interface (including products from the Focusrite iTrack and Scarlett product ranges), and instantly add polish with one button mastering. Then simply add a title and album artwork and share online with friends and fans via Soundcloud.

Key Features

  • Record two separate inputs, or link them as a stereo pair
  • Use the meters to ensure input levels are just right
  • Plug and play support for Core Audio Compliant audio interfaces (including the Focusrite iTrack Solo and Scarlett range)
  • Low latency monitoring allows you to listen to your performance as you record
  • Apply mastering effects and instantly improve your recording
  • Keep time with an adjustable metronome
  • Apply a custom title and image to your music via Soundcloud (free Soundcloud account required)
  • Works on iPad 2, iPad (3rd gen), iPad (4th gen), iPad mini and above
  • Support for iOS 6 and above

Buy Tape by Focusrite on iTunes: Free

Here is a gorgeous sounding demo from John Smith using Tape with an iTrack Solo Studio bundle.

Converting Audio Recordings to MIDI in MIDImorphosis

Secret Base Design has released another demo for MIDImorphosis; featuring off-line MIDI conversion and Fessaboy's cat!

Video Description:

MIDImorphosis captures the pitch of incoming audio, and converts it into MIDI notes that can be used to control iOS synthesizers or external equipment. In this video, we how to convert a recording into MIDI. Audio can be imported with Audio Copy and Paste, through iTunes file sharing, or recorded directly by the app. MIDI files can be exported in a variety of ways. For successful conversion, the incoming audio needs to be clean, a single instrument, and conversion works best on monophonic recordings. The app can't import a bootleg of a Metallica concert, and produce a transcription -- so if you try that, you'll be disappointed.

Buy MIDImorphosis on iTunes: $7.99

Tutorial: iMPC - Kanye West Black Skinheads Remix

Reader Eric alerted me to another Epic Tutorial for Akai iMPC, with epicly cheesy rap intro to start.

Video Description:

Learn how to use the epic Akai iMPC app for iPad in it's entirety. Epic Tutorials presents the most in-depth video tutorial that will teach you how to use every feature of this incredible iPad betaking app by Akai Professional and Retronyms.

In this epic tutorial we will show you how to recreate the Kanye West track Black Skinheads using nothing other than the iMPC app from Akai Professional running on an iPad.

Buy Akai iMPC on iTunes: $6.99

Buy iMPC for iPhone on iTunes: $2.99 (On Sale, Intro Price)


Following a string of Reverb effect apps, elephantcandy has released a new kind of Audiobus-enabled effect: UltraPhaser.

UltraPhaser iTunes Description:

UltraPhaser is an extremely flexible phaser effect, with a unique user interface. With very low latency and stereo input, the wide range of phasing effects can be applied to all kinds of input sounds, from guitar, bass and keyboard to full mixes and electronic setups. Full Audiobus compatibility allows for the interconnection with other iPad apps. UltraPhaser gives you total control. You can precisely adjust the stereo LFO's speed, width, center frequency, phase shift and shape. Choose between 4, 6, 8, 12 or even 24 stages. Ultraphaser also includes an optional High Pass Filter.

UltraPhaser's unique user interface includes an LFO Control view, through which the stereo LFO can be evaluated and edited. You can see the speed, width, phase shift and shape of the LFO in this view. The Vectorscope shows a plot of the output's left versus right audio channels, to give you an idea of the 'spatiousness' of the sound.

UltraPhaser comes packed with presets various classic and more unusual phasers, but of course you can also make your own.

UltraPhaser supports very low latency. This low latency is ideal when processing live audio or an instrument, as hardly any delay is introduced.

Buy UltraPhaser on iTunes: $5.99

No demos are available yet, but this looks about as polished as their other apps Level.24 and LiveFX.

Pumped Up Kicks (Cover)

Moon Wolf did a great cover of Foster the People's popular Pumped Up Kicks, using lots of apps and gear. It starts off slow, as most looping sessions do, but it really gets going! I seriously enjoyed this one!

Video Description:

Just a little home video fun, experimenting over a weekend. Equipment:
iOS looping rig with Audiobus, DrumJam, Sunrizer and Loopy HD; TC Helicon Voicetone Harmony G-XT & Synth.

Buy Audiobus on iTunes: $4.99


Buy DrumJam on iTunes: $7.99

Buy Loopy HD on iTunes: $7.99


Buy Sunrizer on iTunes: $9.99

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