Echo Pad Update

Echo Pad was updated with a new widening shimmer preset.

What's new in Echo Pad v1.7:

  • New presets "Shimmer Reverb” 1 & 2 emulates famous shimmer reverb effect found in guitar pedals and rack gear
  • added transport controls for Inter-app Audio.
  • Input and Output gain settings now saved in presets
  • bugfixes

Buy Echo Pad on iTunes: $2.99 (On Sale, $4.99)

After all that work on adding Inter-App Audio transport controls to the interface, developer Christopher Rice decided to do a demo of the Shimmer preset in Audiobus 2!

Robotic Drums Updated with Mixer Section

Following an update just two weeks ago that added MIDI output for this probability-based drum app, Robotic Drums was updated again today! This time adding a whole new mixer section, allowing for solo/muting and even panning! This is an excellent addition.

Buy Robotic Drums on iTunes: $4.99

Electricity in the Fish Life

Russian app developers Alexander Zolotov and Igor Vasiliev collaborated on a new track using their combined app power! This is some wild stuff, will a well produced video. This is some intense Industrial-Ambient, and quite beautiful in a way.

Video Description:

Composed and recorded together with Igor Vasiliev.
SoundCloud version:

Recording: Master Record for iPad
Final processing: Audio Mastering for iPad


  • Virtual ANS
  • VTOL sound boxes

Buy Master Record on iTunes: $9.99

Buy Audio Mastering on iTunes: $11.99

Buy Virtual ANS on iTunes: $5.99

Mee Zanook's 10 Sound Effects for 10 Video Clips

Mee Zanook returns from a short haitus with a high-octane trailer for his sound effect video series, using Korg's iMS-20. It's a fun 2 minute clip of clips, and worth checking out! You can find tutorials for all of these sound effects on his YouTube channel.

Buy Korg iMS-20 on iTunes: $14.99 (On Sale, from $29.99)

iDensity Updated with IAA

Universal granular synth iDensity got a nice looking update, with Inter-App Audio and some cosmetic improvements.

What's new in iDensity v1.6:

  • iOs 7 sdk update
  • Inter-App Audio
  • Crash fixed in iOs 7
  • FX Popover crash fixed
  • New Waveform View
  • New Snapshots Manager
  • Audio improved stability
  • Live Granulation improved
  • UI improvements

Buy iDensity on iTunes: $8.99

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