JamUp to Support AudioBus

This morning Positive Grid posted the following to their Facebook page.

JamUp - AudioBus - Coming in early Dec.

The Audiobus team immediately responded to this release date window on the official Audiobus Tumblr.

There’s been speculation about the launch date of Audiobus.

One of our initial third-party developers misunderstood the nature of our unofficial and private timeframe, and posted the information. We have not announced an official launch date as it involves a number of factors beyond our control, due to the scope of the launch. In particular, Apple App Review for each for the participating apps may take longer given the proximity to the end of the year.

A side note: the Positive Grid team who posted this information have greatly impressed us with their work - they took just a day to integrate Audiobus into their app, and have had some great suggestions. We’re very pleased to have them joining us for launch.

Check out their apps at www.positivegrid.com

Samplr meets SampleWiz

Jordan Rudess has put together a great video of Samplr and his own SampleWiz, living in harmony.

Video Description:

Samplr and SampleWiz. Both really cool iOS apps based on sampling. In this video I explore some of the differences between the two apps. SampleWiz is a Wizdom Music universal app for iPad and iPhone and Samplr is created by Marcos Alonso and is an iPad app. They have some similarities, but the differences are enough that if you like sampling and sound, you should have both!

Buy Samplr on iTunes: $4.99


Buy SampleWiz on iTunes: $9.99

Sunrizer Updated with New Filters

BeepStreet has something for everyone in the new Sunrizer update! In addition to 2 entirely new filter modes, there some great new functions that make Virtual MIDI and interoperability with other apps much easier to manage.

What's New:

  • Updated with Retina graphics
  • MIDI clock synchronization
  • New filters: Wave shaper and Power BPF
  • Virtual piano keyboard velocity simulation
  • Configurable instrument tuning, audio latency and MIDI inputs
  • Optimized performance

Buy Sunrizer on iTunes: $4.99

I've personally found the new audio latency configuration to be very helpful in dealing with some other apps. When you set the audio latency, you are setting it globally for all apps. If an app is not playing nicely in the background, just try changing the audio latency in Sunrizer and it will also effect the one that is giving you problems.

iDensity is now Universal!

Earlier this month iDensity was updated for iOS 6, but apeSoft accidentally made it a requirement. Now it is available again for iOS 5, and this time for even more devices!

What's new:

  • iOs 5.1 support
  • iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch universal app
  • Exponential Slider for Density and Grano Length
  • SnapshotsPad more fast (speedlimit update)
  • Some UI improvements (FileManager and Dropbox)
  • Waveform rotation size bug fixed
  • Accelerometer for the Wave Scrub

Buy iDensity on iTunes: $8.99

NanoStudio is coming to Windows RT!

Reader Will wrote in with a great scoop on NanoStudio! Apparently during the lengthy Sonic Talk interview with Wizdom Music's Jordan Rudess and Kevin Chartier, it slipped that Blip Interactive is working on porting NanoStudio to Windows RT!

Funky Turnip asked about this on the official NanoStudio forum and got a reply!

Funky Turnip:

I was watching the recent interview with Jordan Rudess and Kevin Chartier.

They kind of spilled the beans that you were working on a nano-studio for windows 8. Is this the secret project that you have been working on?

Blip Interactive:

It's one of the secret projects, yes!

This is a nice development for Windows RT! They have the system specs, but getting the crucial developers on board is never easy. NanoStudio is one of the longest running and most respected music production apps on iOS. Pulling in developers like Blip Interactive will certainly help validate Microsoft's new platform.

Perhaps Apple will finally see some healthy competition! Suck it, Google, you had your chance.

Here is the whole interview. I highly recommend subscribing to the Sonic Talk podcast if you're serious about music production!

Buy NanoStudio on iTunes: $14.99

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