MJOLNIR - 45 Thor Presets by Alba Ecstasy

Alba Ecstasy gets creative in this demo of his latest Thor preset pack, MJOLNIR (4.99€), with a whole song using his presets.

Buy Thor Polysonic Synthesizer on iTunes: $14.99

Voice Synth with DrumJam Demo

thesoundtestroom explores Voice Synth as a drum effect through Audiobus, with DrumJam in this demo.

Buy Voice Synth on iTunes: $9.99


Buy DrumJam on iTunes: $7.99

Audulus Updated with iCloud Patch Sharing

Modular synth app Audulus has been updated with iCloud patch sharing, a feature I have been looking forward to since iCloud was introduced in iOS 5. A full year after the feature arrived and iCloud is still only seldom used, and then often only by games.

Ugh: Literally moments after this went up it came to my attention that something went wrong with the version submitted to iTunes.
iCloud is disabled in v2.4 on iTunes. This is getting priority attention from both Taylor and myself.

Update: Problem sorted, a fix has been released on iTunes!

What's new in Audulus v2.4:

Audulus 2.4 adds support for storing patches with iCloud. This makes syncing patches between Mac and iPad effortless! iCloud can be switched on and off in the settings menu.

I've been involved in the beta test on this and I've been anxious to talk about how awesome this is! In our ever growing collection of iOS devices, it is so nice to have them all keeping pace with one another. If I make changes in an app, I don't want to have to run to my computer with both iPads to sync them up in iTunes.

That is exactly how we've been doing things, and it is a pain in the ass when dealing with dozens of different synth patches. Audulus not only eliminates this nuisance, but also syncs between your iPads and the Mac version of Audulus. In the video below, developer Taylor Holliday even mentions an upcoming iPhone version of Audulus.

I sincerely hope other developers will check this out and consider implementing iCloud in more apps! If you have any kind of user-configurable presets in your app, then this will be boon for your users. Taylor's conflict resolution in Audulus is also worth noting. I've spent a lot of time trying to break it, to no avail in the final 2.4 version.

Buy Audulus on iTunes: $14.99

Buy Audulus on Mac App Store: $29.99

Novation Mini Collection Walk-through

Mojaxx takes us through the whole Novation Mini series of controllers in this great walk-through. That Launchpad Mini does look fun!

FL Studio Performance Mode

Apparently even the full Windows version of Image-Line's FL Studio Proper works well on touch interfaces. Here's a demo of Performance Mode, featuring a duo jam by nucleon and sacco. Once again this is FL Studio 11 (Windows), not to be confused with FL Studio Mobile (iOS/Android) or FL Studio Groove (Windows RT). That IdeaPad Yoga 13 is a beast!

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