Vroom - Combining Music, Driving, Awesome, and Dangerous

RJDJ, makers of various music related app amusements, combines all of my favorite things into one with Vroom! Coming soon to iTunes, this dynamic music app changes the music it is generating as you drive. This video shows off a pretty well thought out demo, but also reveals a dangerous consequence! When your actions on the road dictate the course of your music, your music will start to dictate the course of the road. I foresee many sharp breaking incidents, when you just need to drop the bass.

Synthecaster for iPhone

Daniel Resnick has released his first app, a cross between a synthesizer and a guitar, and even includes Audiobus in version 1.0!

Synthecaster iTunes Description:

Synthecaster fuses elements from guitars and keyboards into a full range polyphonic instrument that is intuitive, accommodates a wide variety of playing styles, and generates an even wider variety of sounds. The instrument fits on a mobile screen, yet allows for technical playing styles such as shredding and complex chord formation.

• Keys are arranged in string-like rows (tuned in perfect fourths by default)
• Sliding across keys in a row results in legato sliding or portamento gliding from note to note
• Sliding a key up or down will bend its pitch in the same direction
• Several notes can be played on the same row simultaneously
• Up to 5 notes can be played simultaneously
• The entire keyboard spans over 6 octaves (not including the range added by oscillator tuning)

Synthecaster's audio is generated by a powerful and highly configurable polyphonic synth engine:

  • Dual oscillators with individual tuning
  • Filter with envelope sweeping
  • Amplifier ADSR envelope
  • Soft clip, hard clip, bitcrush, and downsampling distortion
  • LFO assignable to amplitude, filter cutoff, or oscillator tuning
  • Stereo flanger, chorus, and delay effects
  • Over 30 preloaded synth presets
  • Create custom presets and share them using AirDrop, Messages, or Mail
  • High quality 44.1 kHz stereo audio output
  • Audiobus compatibility

For best results, play through speakers or headphones.

Note: Requires iPhone 4S or newer device running iOS 7.
Not recommended for iPhone 4 due to performance issues.

Buy Synthecaster on iTunes: $0.99 (iPhone)

Conductr Jammin'

Conductr developer Patchworks released this new jam video, of Conductr controlling Ableton Live.

Buy Conductr on iTunes: Freemium

Halloween Sales

Some nice app deals came up today, and a great deal on the KMI QuNeo!

Use the coupon code DJTTNewsDealz103113 at DJ TechTools for 15% off, to bring the price down to $169!

Buy bleep!BOX on iTunes: $5.99 (On Sale, from $7.99)

Buy Genome on iTunes: $7.99 (On sale, from $12.99)

Buy Drum On on iTunes: Free (On Sale, from $1.99)

While I'm in here... Fuck DesignByPaul. Look at this pic to the right. He's been price bouncing for the last several months on his SynthDrum Pads app. Last week the price was $2.99, he jacked it up to $8.99, and now today it is, "50% OFF! Happy Halloween!" What an ass.

iPhone Catch-up App Updates

The iPhone versions of iMPC and Addictive were updated today, with the features that came to their big brothers a while ago.
This is the first update for Addictive Micro since January 2012! Now finally adding iPhone 5 screen support and Audiobus.

What's new in Addictive Micro v1.5:

  • Audiobus support ( Input )
  • Audio background mode
  • Support for virtual MIDI input connections
  • Support for Korg's Wireless Sync-Start Technology (WIST)
  • Publish loops and recordings online with the SoundCloud audio platform
  • List of loops/recordings with play function.
  • iOS 7 compatibility
  • iPhone 5 graphics
  • Metronome on Loop recording
  • many bugfixes

Buy Addictive Micro on iTunes: $3.99 (iPhone)

What's new in iMPC for iPhone v1.1:

This free update to iMPC brings bugfixes, iOS 7 compatibility, and new features:

Inter-App Audio compatibility. This free update adds support for the new inter-app audio protocol in iOS 7. Inter-app audio allows you to route audio and control data between apps on your device. Use iMPC’s sampler and inter-app audio to record new sounds from compatible apps for use in your Programs.

We’ve also updated to AudioCopy 2.0.

Buy iMPC for iPhone on iTunes: $2.99

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