Music Box reinvented for iPad

So this happened...

If you're sitting there at home biting your tongue off with anticipation to buy this new way of interacting with your iPad, you're in for a disappointment. This is just an experiment from the minds of students at ECAL/University of Art and Design, in Switzerland.

Little Boxes is a music box concept for iPad. It consists of a tangible part composed of three separate music boxes that interact with an iPad and an application. When placing one of the boxes on the iPad, it recognizes it and activates. The idea is that each box contains its own universe revealed by the action of the crank with an animation and melody proper to each. The aim is to give a new dimension to the music box, and transcribe visual sensations that don't exist in a standard music box. This work reflects my desire to play with the physical and digital elements by making them interact. It allowed me to embrace different areas, and confront myself with creative and technical challenges. The result is the creation of a world through the music box, where everyone can enter and interact with it.

I'd guess it is using magnets for note (and visual) information. They don't give any details. Thanks to Palm Sounds for bringing this to my attention, after he picked it up from iOS Music & You.... the circle of a life!

Jinx Padlock Interview

NanoStudio contest winner and all around interesting character, Jinx Padlock, has done an interview with Sean over at iOS Musician. They discuss how mobile apps got him back into making music; judging by his results, I think we should all be glad for that!

I managed to bag enough time to develop a techno rock act that got quite a bit of attention from the record industry. After a lot of hard work, sweat, blood, tears etc the buzz fizzled and being an all or nothing kind of person I walked away and changed direction toward 3D graphics. I now work in the film industry, not known for its light hours and free time, music became something I used to do – until I picked up an iPhone…

It's a good read! Here is one of his latest tracks, I'm really digging his techno-rock style!

Mackie Master Fader is now available!

Mackie is the latest manufacturer to live up to their NAMM promises, with the release of the DL1608 16-Channel Digital Live Mixer! This iPad-integrated mixer was announced with a bizarre, and bearded, video.

Massive what-the-fucks aside, the functionality seems pretty impressive on all fronts. The mixer just launched at $1000, which is high but not insane for live mixers. The app is free, but will not be useful unless you have the hardware mixer. There is a more practical overview video of the features, but I think someone told them to tone it down a bit too much.

Buy Mackie Master Fader on iTunes: Free

Auria Video Review

Wavemachine Labs haven't sent over a review copy of Auria yet. I was assured I had one coming, back in January when it was first announced, so I had hoped to have a review for you by now. Russ over at Pro Tools Expert has already put out a nice review.

I noticed there seemed to be some graphic stuttering when scaling and navigating. I've asked them about which iPad model was used here, to see if that is just a problem with iPad 1/2s. Edit: Chris pointed out in the comments that he starts off saying it is an iPad 2!

I wish British reviewers were more critical, but (with the exception of Nick Batt) they all see to be dangerously polite.

Buy Auria on iTunes: $49.99

Lemur Templates and Tutorial

Liine's offices were invaded by a Chav! He stopped nicking their bollocks long enough to wank out a tutorial for Lemur templates.

Blimey! I think he almost enunciated once, but caught himself just before the kids thought he wasn't cool. Liine should look up the guy who did the original tutorials for the JazzMutant Lemur. Mostly just to have him slap that other guy, but he also did some really helpful tutorials.

Buy Lemur on iTunes: $49.99

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