Musix Pro Video Contest - Update

Competition in the Musix Pro Video Contest is heating up, as folks really want to win that gloriously chromatic hardware controller. Reader Tim Behrens looked like he had it clenched with his original Love of Sound entry, but out of nowhere Jarret Hoffart showed up with his friends and some video editing.

Buy Musix Pro on iTunes: $4.99

Orbital Uses 4 iPads in Live Rig

Tim Mantle posted this impressive picture of Orbital's live rig on The MATRIXSYNTH Lounge, with 4 iPads and a ton of synths!

Magellan 3.0

Magellan for iPad got a massive update, bringing it to 3.0 today. Along with it comes a sale, for $5 off!

What's new in Magellan v3.0:

  • Inter-App Audio: use Magellan 3.0 as an instrument plugin with Inter-App Audio compatible hosts
  • Completely updated & tested for iOS 7!
  • Updates to latest Audiobus & Sonoma SDKs
  • Many other improvements

New, more powerful MIDI framework we designed from ground up, with features including:
• Faster MIDI I/O handling
• Inter-App Audio MIDI support
• Keyboard splitting with settable split in channel, left/right out note ranges, learn & invert
• Improved MIDI-UI interaction
• Import/Export Magellan MIDI CC Maps
• Individual MIDI Out channels for the synth engines
• Individual MIDI In on/off toggles for the synth engines

Many improvements and new features!
[Seriously. There is a long list here, but it was too big to post.]

Introducing In-App Purchasing (iOS 6 or later):
• New professional preset packs available for purchase within Magellan's Store
• Atlantic - 65 new presets from Yonac Inc.
• The Explorer Series from Sunsine Audio - available as individual 64 preset packs or one bundle of 192 presets

Buy Magellan on iTunes: $9.99 (On Sale, from $14.99)

For all of you new Magellan owners, Wissensfrosch just released a short and sweet introduction to basic sound design.

Studio 2

Studio 2 is a new iPad app sporting up-to 96 tracks and Audiobus! Unfortunately I can't find any demos to support their claims of being light-years ahead of everyone else. There isn't even a page on their site for it yet.

Studio 2 iTunes Description:

Studio 2 is light-years ahead of the competition and quite frankly, costs a fraction. Produce 96 tracks of HD music and vocals in Studio 2!


  • 96 Tracks! YES, NINETY SIX TRACKS! Create as many tracks up to 96 as your iOS device will let you.
  • Audiobus
    • (Use Audiobus Mic Input when AB app is open)
    • (Switch AB's frames to 512 if stuttering occurs)
    • (Tap play to hear Audiobus audio on a record-enabled track)
  • Record audio and midi tracks in each session
  • Available reverb and delay effect sends for each track
  • Unlimited Songs
  • Beautiful Design
  • Import Audio from YouTube Videos
    • Tap Documents Button/New/YouTube and paste the link
  • Import Audio from Your Music Library
    • Documents/iPod Library
  • Import audio from your iTunes-Synced Documents Folder
  • Import audio from email
    • Tap/hold audio attachment and select open-in Studio 2
  • Record audio from thousands of online radio stations
    • Documents/New/NewTrack/Stereo
    • Set Online Radio as input and select a station
  • Quantize midi tracks to keep notes in sync
    •Tap Settings/Quantization
  • Tap and hold metronome button to reveal metronome UI
  • Tap and hold Input button to quickly reveal input plugin (BeatPad or Online Radio for example)
  • 118 BeatPad Kits available for download
  • Quick Punch Recording
  • Tap Docs button/NewTrack/Midi then set BeatPad as the input to create BeatPad midi tracks
  • Many features & updates to come!

Buy Studio 2 on iTunes: $9.99

MIDIMorphsis Be Updated & Free Fer Talk-Like-A-Pirate Day!

Pirates tend to be the water in yer rum if ye be a developer, but Secret Base Design takes to Talk-Like-A-Pirate Day with a red flag of enthusiasm. Whilst dancing a jig MIDIMorphosis got a fine update and is open to plunder for all ye ne'er-do-wells who've yet to pay! Furthermore Spectral Eye Pro, and the game Pirate Ring HD are also up for the taking ye rapacious scallywags!

Wat bein haled from MIDIMorphosis v1.6:

Detection of multiple simultaneous notes has been improved considerably; in addition to intervals, the app now tracks common guitar chords accurately.

The app also tracks playing intensity more accurately, adjusting MIDI note velocity to the volume of playing.

The app has been made ready for the upcoming iOS release, and has integrated and been tested with the latest Audiobus library.

Support for direct import and export to AudioShare has been added.

Buy MIDImorphosis on iTunes: Free (On Sale, from 5 pieces-o-eight)

Buy Spectral Eye Pro on iTunes: Free (On Sale, from 1 peice-o-eight)

Buy Pirate Ring HD on iTunes: Free (On Sale, from 1 peice-o-eight)

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