Steinberg Cubasis Automation Teaser

Steinberg shared an extremely tantalizing teaser for the automation system coming soon to Cubasis! It's so lust worthy I was going to hold off on posting this until some details came out. Alas, Steinberg responded to my inquiry that they were not prepared to announced a release date yet. So be prepared to be teased mercilessly!

triqtraq - Realtime Sampling Jam

triqtraq's developer posted this great sounding example of the app in action, sampling a piano and an old Casio PT-82.

Buy triqtraq on iTunes: $2.99 (iPhone)

ILRemote Update

Image-Line's FL Studio and Deckadance controller, ILRemote, was updated with a bunch of new features. Most unique among them is the ability to use your device mic as a MIDI breath controller.

What's new in ILRemote v1.2:

  • New "trackpad" pad mode - Use ILRemote as a virtual trackpad to control your computer's mouse (requires FL 11.1 or later)
  • New "shortcut" pad mode - Send any keyboard shortcut to FL Studio and Deckadance (requires FL 11.1 or later)
  • New "breath" controller - Control a parameter using the device's microphone
  • Containers - Controls can now be dragged in and out of containers
  • Fonts - New font size setting for control labels
  • Power management - Added a battery level indicator
  • Custom scale editor - Has been moved to the layout settings, and is now usable with both the keyboard and the harmonic grid
  • MIDI - Channel selection for accelerometers
  • Mixer - Improved scrolling: tap and drag to select the track range more precisely
  • Fix - Returning to the home screen even if "cancel" was pressed
  • Piano - New piano roll shortcuts presets
  • Bugs n stuff - Various fixes and improvements

Buy ILRemote on iTunes: Free


Buy ILRemote on Google Play: Free

They've also released this new demo video, showing off ILRemote on their DJ software Deckadance 2.

Depth on Fire - Frax HD Exploration #2

Tim Behrens has another gorgeous exploration of Frax HD, accompanied by music also created on his iPad!

Video Description:

Composed using only iPad sounds (compiled in Cubase). I had a hard time rendering this one, as there was just so much movement. Had to render at a higher quality... hope it doesn't slow down load times too much.

Main riff was created using Thesys and multiple layers of Alchemy Mobile sounds. Organ part was with Galileo. The faint drums were created in DrumJam. Sound effects were created wth Nave and Samplr (with the exception of the opening match sound).

Thanks to everyone for all the kind words and support. It keeps me motivated.

Buy Frax HD on iTunes: $3.99

Vio as an Effect in Audiobus 2

I've given Vio a lot of shit in the past, but my hat's off to them on this excellent demo.

Buy Vio on iTunes: Freemium

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