Is BASSalicious the Best AUv3 VA Bass Synth for iOS?

Doug Woods from The Sound Test Room wonders if BASSalicious is the best Bass Synth for AUv3.

Video Description:

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MUSICAL BRAINS LTD, the maker of the Guitar Rabbits apps, has released Funktris. This is a Funk-based rhythm game that allows you to plug in your own MIDI instruments to play! He wrote this to help himself learn to play the drums with his Roland kit.

Contest: I have 5 copies of Funktris up for grabs! Register and comment here for a chance to win!

Funktris iTunes Description:

Improve your groove with this rhythm action game: smash colorful bricks in time to funk music. Progress from guitar chord stabs to slap bass to classic drum beats across 3 game modes. Tap along or plug in your MIDI instruments for a funk workout through 24 levels. Jam out with the built in looper and drum machine, Funk Buddy.

• Backstory

I started to play drums a few years ago. Despite lessons, books, videos, and even a masterclass with a famous virtuoso drummer, learning drums was fun but really tough. I needed a way to cheat! I’m a professional game programmer of 20 years experience, including multi award winner LittleBigPlanet, and I use Roland’s TD-1KV electronic drum kit, so naturally I made a game to teach drums. Now with Funktris I can play stuff I never could play before! I hope it will work for you too.

The app enshrines good learning practice and applies it in an organized way. Slow down until you can play it right, then speed up again. With your hits drawn on a musical grid, you can see if you are hitting every note consistently right away, so you don’t waste time learning something wrong. Funktris automatically detects if you are nailing it and moves on to the next groove, or slows it down if you’re having trouble.

• Drums

The drum levels teach funk-damentals like syncopated 8th & 16th note kicks, open hat grooves, disco beats, ghost notes, odd snare placements and fills. Variations move drum hits around the bar like interlocking puzzle pieces, and you’ll recognize fragments of famous pop, rock and funk tunes on the way. Yes, it’s a game but you could use all of this in genuine songs, and if you can beat the game you’ll have a lot of drumming basics down as well as an impressive high score!

You can adjust the gameplay - perfectionist or just blast through, it’s up to you. Options demo the groove, ramp up the tempo, and help internalize the beat by switching off the backing track temporarily. Check your progress with the high score table.

• How to use Funktris with your drum set

- Get an iPad and put it above your toms or somewhere safe.
- Plug V-Drum USB midi out into a USB to lightning adaptor (Apple Camera Connection Kit) and into your iPad.
- Plug the iPad headphone out into the V-Drum mix in.
- Use the V-Drum audio/headphone out.
And voila, you get your native drum sounds blending with your iPad’s audio plus MIDI recognition of what you’re playing.

• Drum Machine

Funk Buddy lets you quickly program beats by mixing up banks of classic drum patterns, or do detailed editing if you want. Bank mode lets you select entire bars and then cycle between different patterns for hats, kick, snare, and cymbals when you press the button for that kit piece. Press bank mode again to switch between collections of grooves and fills. Microscope mode lets you program individual hits with the touch screen. This is all live as the track is playing, so you can lay down the basic idea quickly and then add some unique elements without losing the vibe.

• Looper

You can define up to 26 pages (4 bars each) and order them into a song. Each page lets you overdub rhythm loops from audio input (press the microphone button to dub). Given an audio interface such as FocusRite iTrack Solo or IK Multimedia iRig, guitarists will find this handy as a looper replacement. You can even time stretch the overdubs to slow them down to make it easy to learn the accompanying drum parts and solos. Don’t forget to name and save your creations!

Cool ways to use these features together:
- Program a beat you want to be able to perform and drum along to it to learn it.
- Record a guitar/bass riff for your beat and drum along to that.
- Rewrite the beat under the riff.
- Solo over your riff for hours.
- Turn on swing mode and make a quick 12 bar blues.
- Type out a song to work on and have all the sections easy to cycle.
- Quickly jot down some songwriting ideas while you’re waiting for that big DAW to boot up!

There are a couple of short demos on the Guitar Rabbit YouTube channel.

Contest closed! Congratulations to eVr, Plø, Cuscolima, JB, and SodaMountain!

Remixlive 4.0 Update

The iOS version of Remixlive was updated with several new sample editing features!

What's new in Remixlive v4.0.0:

Remixlive 4.0’s all-new sample edit feature makes sampling and remixing more intuitive than ever before. Its top-notch features allow you to import tracks, regardless of their length, and edit them with great precision, expanding the remix possibilities

* Added: Detailed waveform. Pinch to zoom in/out, pan.
* Added: In/out points with smooth fade-in/fade-out.
* Added: Snap to grid for perfect samples and loops.
* Added: Pack bundles are now available.
* Improved: Packs store redesigned.
* Improved: Edit sample BPM to fit to your track’s BPM.
* Fixed: Sequence recording.
* Fixed: Pack BPM editor edge case.
* Fixed: Pad renaming.
* Fixed: Very small recordings are now discarded.
* Fixed: Multiple taps on buy pack button.

haQ attaQ: Ruismaker NOIR │ Absolutely Awesome Drum Synth

YouTuber Jakob Haq understandably excited about the new drum synth from Bram Bos!

Video Description:

Bram Bos Ruismaker Noir is simply Awesome! This powerful drum synthesizer app caught me of guard with it's great sound and intuitive sequencer. However it was the slope control that really got me hooked. Yes! Noir has a great envelope slope control that allows for some really intricate drum tweaking. In my opinion this is one of the best apps that Bram has made! This video isn't just a tutorial or a demo of Ruismaker Noir. Nope, this video is a tribute to one of the most inspiring apps I've used in 2018. Bring it!


Bloom: 10 Worlds by Brian Eno & Peter Chilvers - Preview

Brian Eno and Peter Chilvers are set to release a new edition of their generative app Bloom on December 7th. This version will bring a "widely broadened palette of sounds" and will also be available on Android.

You can pre-order the iOS version today for $5. They've been releasing 30 second long promos for each of the eponymous 10 Worlds, which I've embedded here as a playlist.

Video Description:

Bloom: 10 Worlds available from December 7th on iPhone, iPad and for the first time on Android devices.

Pre-order now:


Brian Eno and Peter Chilvers are pleased to announce Bloom: 10 Worlds – a developed, augmented and expanded new edition of 2008’s game-changing original Bloom app, which explored uncharted territory in the realm of applications and was dubbed “The First Great iPhone App” by Gizmodo.

Requiring no musical or technical ability, the egalitarian and user-friendly Bloom app enabled anyone of any age to create music, simply by touching the screen. Part instrument, part composition and part artwork, Bloom’s innovative controls allowed users to create elaborate patterns and unique melodies by simply tapping the screen. A generative music player took over when Bloom was left idle, creating an infinite selection of compositions and their accompanying visualisations.

Bloom: 10 Worlds is a reimagining of the original – not simply a remaster. If the original Bloom was a single, then this would be an album. The widely broadened palette of sounds and images can be experienced via 10 new ‘worlds’, each exploring a new direction for Bloom. The first world the user encounters is an echo of the original app, with circles appearing where the user taps, while the later worlds each introduce new combinations of sounds, shapes, colours and rules of behaviour.

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