iMoov Update

iMoov is a $4 app that replaces the motion-to-MIDI stuff going on in the $250 MIDI Fighter 3D. Today's removes all IAPs so you get everything with the purchase price. A move suggested to them by MusicRadar.

Take note devs, it's not just me complaining about In-App Purchases. Even the big guys are sick of this shit. No one likes hidden fees, that's exactly how IAPs feel when people shell out for an app and then need to cough up more.

This is also an excuse to re-post this video! If you pick this up there is also a tutorial video to check out.

Buy iMoov on iTunes: $3.99 (iPhone)

Sinewave Synthesizer

Sinewave Synthesizer started life as a Web Audio API prototype based on the popular Web Audio API app Tone Matrix. It is now available for free as a native iOS Universal app from Shackapoo.

iTunes Description:

It's a simple synth that looks nifty. This app is a 16 step sinewave synthesizer that allows you to configure the pitch, mode, scale, and bpm. Please try it out.

Buy Sinewave Synthesizer on iTunes: Free

iOS 6 Web Audio Demo

While some lament the iOS 6 update, there is news that is worth celebrating! One of the best new features is the Web Audio API. There have been a lot of various browser-based musical experiments, some of which have been quite fun.No matter how cool they get though, they still can't beat the tactile iOS experience. Until now! iOS 6 now supports Web Audio API, which allows developers to make browser-based music apps. The first example of this has just been posted to Palm Sounds!

James Long put together a demo during the iOS 6 beta, and shows it off on an iPhone in this video:

Analog Groove

Chris Stack has Koushion driving his analog Moog gear, in this new video exploring a very grooving rhythm.

Video Description:

Three Moog analog synths sequenced by Koushion. Koushion is a MIDI Step Sequencer iPad app that allows you to easily program drum patterns, melodies and more using your existing hardware synthesizers, softsynths, samples and other electronic music gear. Works great with Ableton Live and other DAWs.

Buy Koushion on iTunes: $9.99

CrossDJ added to the Buyer's Guide

I've been playing with CrossDJ for about a month now and feel I can give it a fair review. It is never easy to review DJ apps, since they are all trying to do the same things, but CrossDJ is doing those things quite well.

Unfortunately for all that it gets right, it is still a little lack luster. An important thing it lacks is recording!

If you've played with this, please share your thoughts!

iPad Music App Buyer’s Guide Rating: Meh

Recommendation: If you're looking for a DJ app this offers a lot at a great price, but without innovation.

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