Grain Bastard - MD, Mopho, Borderlands, Samplr Jam

Reader Grain Bastard wrote in with a new jam using some of his favorite gear and apps; including Borderlands and Samplr.

Here he's celebrating his inclusion in the compilation album, IDMf Beat Tapes! Congratulations! The glitch is strong in this one!

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Buy Samplr on iTunes: $4.99

Konkreet Performer 2.0 Update

The surreal Konkreet Performer OSC control surface just got CoreMIDI, including VirtualMIDI, support!

What's new in 2.0:

Major Update: This update will erase all your old preferences... but don't worry, it's worth it!

New Features:

  • iOS CoreMIDI Out
  • each bank can use OSC or MIDI, completely independently
  • OSC: custom address patterns and ranges for all parameters
  • MIDI: custom MIDI messages, range and inversion
  • MIDI: MIDI channel is definable per bank
  • enable/disable any message
  • custom node and bank labels
  • single shot message triggering for use when MIDI/OSC learning on the DAW
  • independent master/node position per bank
  • re-written event engine
  • anti-aliasing on faster iPads
  • multi-tasking support
  • all editing is on-board, no need for an editor on the computer
  • all parameters are saved in xml and are accessible via iTunes sync, so custom presets can be created and loaded

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Here is an amusing demo, with Konkreet Performer controlling a MeeBlip, which has been built into a book.

Analog Gear with Sunrizer Jam

Marcus Padrini, my Brazilian counterpart over at, has been amassing analog gear. Surrounded by an Arturia Minibrute, Moog Slim Phatty, and a Korg Monotribe, he still reaches for his apps! Here Sunrizer fills in the sound on this jam.

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Fun with Classic Samples in Samplr

Les Production Zvon produces a variety of sample packs. One of their packs, Memory Collection ($30), is a huge assortment of classic movies, TV shows and commercials. Here Zvon has some of the sounds loaded up in Samplr for some cheesy fun!

Playing Pink Floyd with iPad Apps

CENTRIC Tech has put together a tutorial/demo/gear porn video for controlling a Novation Bass Station with iPad apps to play Pink Floyd's On The Run and Money. The 200 or so of you that just got iPads for presents may also be interested in his rudimentary video on using the Camera Connection Kit for MIDI, where he explains the setup you see here with helpful recommendations.

Update: The video has now become private. Very odd, I've contacted Centric. Sorry about that!

Update 2: Centric got back to me. He was unhappy with the quality of the recording so he refilmed it! New version embedded below.

Video Description:

In this episode I demonstrate the iPad Camera Connection Kit's ability to process midi in and out simultaneously. To do this I play Pink Floyd's "On The Run" sequence using the Little Midi Machine App for iPad to send midi to a Novation Bass Station analog synth, while play the bass riff for "Money" on the iPad app Animoog via a midi controller. Furthermore I show how you can actually control the sound parameters of an external synth using a custom made midi template in the app Midi Designer

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