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Sweetwater has released a free reference app for iPhone. SweetTips packs lots of music-tech tips in a portable package.

iTunes Description:

SweetTips is a music-tech utility for musicians, producers, students, pro audio engineers, and enthusiasts. SweetTips contains 100% unique and valuable content written by our technical writers at Sweetwater, many of whom are published authors in the music-tech field.

There are more than 2,000 helpful music tech tips in the SweetTips vault, and new ones are added every day. SweetTips can help demystify technical concepts, and it offers practical advice on a wide variety of audio issues.

  • Thousands of useful music tech tips, all in one place.
  • Offline viewing of all content!
  • Challenge your friends to see who knows the most about music tech!
  • Exclusively written content by Sweetwater's top music-tech experts.
  • Seamless archive updates with new, useful music-tech tips added daily.
  • Searchable music tech tip archive - Find what you need fast.
  • Perfect tool for aspiring music professionals and pros alike.
  • Share your favorite music tech tips via email and Twitter.

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MIDI Mobilizering a Roland Juno 106

Something is inherently amusing to me about a little iPhone driving a massive bit of gear like the 106. This jam sounds great too!

Buy Little MIDI Machine on iTunes: Free

Rheyne Interview on iOS Musician

Rheyne is often featured here for his great live looping jams that mix hardware, software, iPads, and talent.

iOS Musician spent some time talking to him about his background and setup.

Tell me a little bit more about your list of needs to make your setup more ergonomic. How iOS plays into it?

I remember watching a video about Moldover’s controllers like the MOJO, and noticed the way he had his buttons and sliders offset from each other to compensate for the shape of the human hand, or more specifically, the exact shape of his own hand. I basically did the same thing by laying my hand on top of the iPad glass with the Lemur editor open, and stretched the faders’ shape on the screen until they were the right length and width to match my fingers.

You can read the full interview here.

Embedded below is one of my favorite Rheyne videos, using 3 iPads and an iPhone with a DSI Mopho and Ableton Live.

Video description:

NodeBeat's generators are sending MIDI notes to a DSI MoPho, two separate instances of NI's Massive (one polyphonic and one monophonic) and NI's Kontakt. Filters, delays, and reverb in Ableton Live are controlled by Lemur on a 2nd iPad, and Moog's Animoog is running on a third iPad. iKaossilator is running on an iPhone 4, providing some chord stabs. NodeBeat's tempo is set to 60bpm, and iKaossilator is set to 120bpm. Ableton's tempo is also set to 120bpm to keep the delays in sync. Nothing was pre-sequenced or pre-recorded for this jam.

Hardcore Riot

Hardcore is underrepresented in videos, but Hardcore Riot just made up for it with an hour long live set. This does a great job of representing the genre. I'm not sure what is running on the iPad, other than the laser show reflecting off the screeen, but one of the guys touches it a few times throughout. I assume it is doing something useful!

Video Description:

Here is a one hour video of one of our livesets, recorded at our studio in Bergen, Norway. Ths set has over 300 different wave/rex2 loops and more than 200 different instrument loops on the Korg Electribe. It turns out completely different every time we play it, and we constantly update it so no 2 livesets will ever sound the same.

Equipment used: Korg Electribe MX-1, Korg Kaosspad MK3, Novation SL Zero MK2, Ableton Live, iPad.

IK Multimedia's DJ Rig coming to iPad

There aren't any details on this, but based on some videos IK Multimedia has posted to YouTube it looks like a new version of DJ Rig will be coming for iPad. No word on if it will be a new app, or if the iPhone app will become Universal.

The videos themselves are alright, but I'm kind of pissed at IK for spamming Reddit after I asked them not to. So here is a funny video of a cat scratching on the iPad instead, which has less unnecessary camera angle changes!

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