Thumbjam Updated with JACK

Thumbjam was one of the first apps to support Audiobus, and now they are among the first to support JACK Audio Connection Kit!

I was playing around with it this morning. You can record loops and sample instruments from other JACK apps, but it will not allow you to monitor the input. If you want to hear what you're recording or sampling, remember to leave an output connection from the app to the System Audio.

I was also having some issues with Sunvox and Thumbjam working together in JACK. If I launched Sunvox and then Thumbjam, Thumbjam would kick Sunvox out of JACK. Very weird! I managed a work-around by launching some other JACK app between the time I launched Sunvox and Thumbjam.

What's new in 2.3:

  • ALL orientations finally supported on iPad!
  • JACK support added, another way to stream audio and midi between apps.
  • fixed stuck sustain issue on second loaded instrument slot
  • fixed some MIDI output issues with split screen between first and second loaded instruments
  • fixed crashing issue in MIDI settings when VoiceOver is active

Buy ThumbJam on iTunes: $8.99

Sunvox Mega Update - Virtual MIDI, JACK, Audiobus!

Sunvox got a huge update today, including support for both Audiobus and JACK! The price has also been raised by $1.

What's new in 1.7.3:

  • added Virtual MIDI Port;
  • support of Audiobus;
  • support of JACK Audio Connection Kit for iOS;
  • support of 4-Inch display;
  • improved Compressor algorithm;
  • default base note for WAV/AIFF samples is C5;
  • SunVox file is now includes additional information: timeline cursor position, current module, current pattern;
  • * sound engine optimization;
  • added options for the MultiSynth: Use static note C5 (treat all received notes as C5); Ignore notes with zero velocity;
  • new Pattern Editor function - Slice by cursor;
  • added MIDI import; now you can load any MIDI files directly through the Load Song dialog;
  • added support of the following MIDI commands: Start, Continue, Stop;
  • number of MetaModule User Defined Controllers can be changed from 0 to 13;
  • added MIDI Omni Mode (all MIDI channels will be accepted);
  • new option in the Preferences->Interface: Show virtual keyboard; use it to show or hide virtual qwerty keyboard;
  • scrolling when highlighting in the Sample Editor;
  • per-pattern Mute/Solo (Timeline menu -> Toggle mute / Toggle solo);
  • Vorbis Player is now supports the sample offset commands (09 and 07);
  • added ability to create a new pattern by double clicking on an empty area of the Timeline;
  • new Timeline function - Slice Pattern(s) (knife position = current playing position);
  • new std. pattern effect 23 - set controller value to the random number with range from XX (00..FF) to YY (00..FF);
  • new std. pattern effect 1F - set BPM;
  • new songs: Manwe - Early Fall remake (original by Tangrine), kostya_m - Midnight, take_my_hand, follow_the_sun;
  • new simple examples: metamodule_test, metamodule_with_automation, random_ctl_values_with_range, trance, compressor2;
  • new instrument (pads): moving_pad, vocal_synth, filter_slide_up, analog, analog2, analog3, analog_distorted, space, violin, violin2, violin3, violin4;
  • new instrument (keyboard): analog10, fm2, bell2;
  • bugs fixed.

Buy SunVox on iTunes: $5.99

Reader dswo commented with this find of Sunvox being used as an effect in Audiobus. This video from Saveas909 shows the whole setup process, including the wiring the Input module in Sunvox, and a demo of it providing reverb to Sunrizer. He even plugs in a Sampler module in Sunvox to provide drums in the middle of the Audiobus chain.

Tutorial: Getting Started with Electrify

thesoundtestroom is on a roll this week, with a yet another new tutorial! This one introduces Electrify, which just got Audiobus!

Buy Electrify on iTunes: $14.99

Novation Launchkey Keyboard with Novation Apps

Novation have released a new demo video of their Novation Launchkey keyboard controlling their Launchapps.

We first saw this at NAMM, but the whole range of 24, 49, 61-key keyboards is available now for between $150-250!

Buy Novation Launchpad on iTunes: Free


Buy Novation Launchkey on iTunes: Free

LiveFX - DJ Effects App

elephantcandy have released a new version of LiveFX. This new version gets rid of the IAP and just sells it to you straight.

iTunes Description:

LiveFX is a Dynamic Effects Processor for iPad. Any audio source can be processed; use either live sound input, the built-in track player that plays from your iTunes library or Audiobus to stream audio through LiveFX. Create your own combination of audio effects, and simultaneously control up to four effects using a single fingertip (over 1000 possible combinations) or use multi-touch for automated dynamic sound effects. Make music with features that truly stand out from the crowd. Introducing LiveFX for iPad; it’s sound control evolved to a whole new level.

LiveFX Highlights

  • Hook up any source or even use an other app with Audiobus
  • Control multiple effects in realtime using the intuitive LiveFX touchpad

  • Create your own LiveFX combinations and use up to four effects at once
  • Use multi touch to create an auto dynamic effect
  • Use one of the many preset-banks or save your own
  • With Audiobus access those presets from within an other app
  • Make your own effect combination from the countless possibilities

  • Lock button holds the effect settings, for dazzling hands-free use

  • Versatile and highly playable effects control, delivering unimaginable expression

  • New Looper effects – Forward, Reverse and Slice – add new audio intensity

  • Mix it up with new DJ emulation Vinyl Break and Ducking Compressor effects
  • Auto BPM detection and Tap Tempo keeps your LiveFX locked to the beat

Buy LiveFX on iTunes: $8.99

This is essentially a Korg KaossPad Quad in app form and worth checking out. Here is a gearful demo from elephantcandy!

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