Electronic Piano Synthesizer is on sale for just $1!

Both the iPhone version (XS) and the iPad version of Electronic Piano Synthesizer on are sale now for just $1!

You can check out my mini-review, along with reader comments, in the Buyer's Guide.

Buy Electronic Piano Synthesizer on iTunes: $0.99 (On Sale, from $4.99)

Buy Electronic Piano Synthesizer XS for iPhone on iTunes: $0.99 (On Sale, from $4.99)

Sunsine Audio releases Snowflake for Arctic

Sunsine has a lot of news today! They have just released a new preset pack, Snowflake, which includes 64 new presets for Arctic Keys. I've heard some complaints about the factory presets in Arctic, but half the problem is they were mostly community submissions... without any normalization. Volumes can vary wildly, since every single designer had a different monitoring environment.

Sunsine's Snowflake should be easier to work with, and their demo has some nice analogue-sounding fun for the ears.

Snowflake is available now on Sunsine's website for $2.49.

Additionally, Sunsine are now offering a bundle to purchase all iOS packs, including the GlitchBreaks loops, for one price at $19.99. Find complete details on their iOS Bundle page, and check out this epic song, from iOS Music & You blogger Chip Boaz. He makes use of nothing but presets from the Sunrizer, Animoog, Cassini, and DXi packs!

GlitchBreaks added to the Buyer's Guide

I just realized, yesterday, that I forgot to add an entry for GlitchBreaks to the guide! It has seen a couple of big updates since launch and it is now definitely a "Friendly" app, with an eye on getting "Awesome!" soon if development keeps pace!

Please add your thoughts here!

iPad Music App Buyer’s Guide Rating: Friendly

Recommendation: Fun and easy app for making original grooves, with great features like recording and Audio Copy/Paste.

Drum Loops HD

Hans Eijkenaar (a drummer famous enough to have a lengthy entry on the Dutch Wikipedia) let me know about his new app, Drum Loops HD. It is essentially just a drum loop library, but it is a really well designed library for iOS (Universal). It is even taking advantage of Audio Pasteboard to get the loops into other apps and DAWs. It seems fairly fast to navigate, find, and audition a loop in the style/BPM you want. Then one button sends the whole loop to the pasteboard.

All of the loops are performed by Hans himself, and recorded with two different mic setups. You get a modern and a "vintage" mic arrangement to choose from for every loop. This seems like a great place to start if you hate programming drum patterns, or even just to get the ball rolling with a specific groove style! Here's the intro video with Hans.

Buy Drum Loops HD on iTunes: $9.99

Pixietea - I Don't Care Make music

I hate to post old videos, or music videos with lyrics that aren't English, but reader Fritz sent me one that breaks both of these rules and is still worth posting!

Pixietea has been doing mobile music for many years. Not only has she been on YouTube across multiple channels, but she's been on Chinese TV as well. Yet somehow I hadn't heard of her until this morning! I remember seeing one video of her at a press conference playing with Loopy, but the video I'm embedding is something else all together.

Seriously stunning production quality using just an iPad, iPhone, Nintendo DS, and Playstation Portable.

She hasn't been up to much recently, but if you can read Chinese then you might enjoy her Facebook page.

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