Changeling Sequencer Updated with User Chords

Changeling Sequencer, a chord sequencer for iPad, has been updated with new fixes and features; including user-editable chords.

What's new in Changeling Sequencer v1.4:

New Features:

  • Dyads
  • User chords (editable during playback)


  • Tempo input via keyboard
  • Minor cosmetic changes


  • fixed midi in problems with older hardware
  • fixed transition feedback in GUI
  • fixed tempo slider bug

Buy Changeling Sequencer on iTunes: $4.99

Nakano Syun gives an interesting demo in this video of Mozart's Jupiter Symphony, remixed with Changeling Sequencer.

Audiobus Updates!

Beat Twirl, a beat slicer with algorithms that help you pick out the rhythm in your samples, and Electrify now support Audiobus.

Electrify was supposed to have Audiobus a couple of weeks ago, but there was a problem with the implementation. A new version has been issued today, and it should now work correctly!

Buy Electrify on iTunes: $14.99

Beat Twirl can be used as both an input and an output in Audiobus, making it easy to get new samples in for slicing, and then exporting them back out of the app!

What's new in Beat Twirl 3.0:

  • New slice envelope view.
  • New slice effects - reverse, pan, amplify.
  • Audiobus input and output support
  • Many fixes.

Buy Beat Twirl on iTunes: $9.99

Apps4iDevices did a tutorial for Beat Twirl, which gives you both an idea of what the app can do and how to use it.

discchord - Colony Collapse Disorder

I've been listening to a lot of Dark Psy lately and have been feeling quite inspired. Here is some seriously Hard/Dark Psy, with my analog gear and Sunsine Audio's new Vanishing Point distortion box. Don't think I'm neglecting my iPad though, all the really weird sounds come from Animoog!

This video is of the live mix, which is just me twiddling knobs, but I've tried to keep the video interesting!

Video Description:

I've been listening to a lot of Dark Psy lately, so I jumped at the Monthy Acid Pattern for April, which is PsyTrance.
Here is my first attempt at a harder/darker form of Psy.

Synth-nerd details:
  • Acid Lead: Cyclone Analogic's TT-303 Bass Bot
  • Lead Distortion: Sunsine Audio's Vanishing Point
  • Bass: Moog Minitaur
  • Scary Noises: Moog Animoog (iPad)
  • Sub-bass, Drones, and everything else: Elektron Analog Four A4

Buy Animoog on iTunes: $29.99

Audulus 2.0: Shit Just Got Real!

Audulus 2.0 introduces a Math Expression node, available as an IAP, which greatly expands the possibilities of this modular synth!

What's new in 2.0:

  • Math Expression node (Math -> Expr).
    Enter textual math expressions, like "2*x + y +z". Available as a $4.99 upgrade, this node has a variety of uses, including: unit conversion, control-signal mapping, wave-shaping or building custom oscillators. It can also be used when doing math with individual nodes is too cumbersome.
  • Timing mode (the little stopwatch button below the lock mode button). This shows timings for all the nodes so you can optimize your patch. This is available as a $1.99 upgrade.
  • The Oscillator node now has an amplitude input. If the amplitude is zero, the oscillator takes up much less CPU. Synth patches will see a big performance improvement from driving the Osc amplitude with the ADSR.
  • Significant improvement in loading times. Indicate progress while loading.
  • No waiting to close a patch. Patches are saved in the background.
  • Audio engine optimizations. The audio engine now takes various shortcuts when values aren't changing.
  • Improved responsiveness of the on-screen keyboard.
  • Bug fixes.

Buy Audulus on iTunes: $14.99 (On Sale, from $19.99)

It is still on sale as of this posting, so if you snag it and the Math node it is like you're getting the Math node for free!

Here is a promo video showing off the new features.

Funkbox Updated with More MIDI

Synthetic Bits has released an update to Funkbox, adding a bunch of new MIDI features.

What's new in 3.3:

  • Open .zip files from Mail, Safari, etc with FunkBox
  • MIDI routing setups are now saved
  • Added master volume MIDI CC (#8)
  • Added MIDI CC offset option
  • Added MIDI velocity in
  • Export bass sequences as MIDI file
  • Option to hide FunkBox virtual MIDI ports
  • Latest Audiobus library
  • Double transpose bug fixed, if you have custom boxes you may need to re-adjust pitches
  • Other misc bug fixes and improvements

Buy FunkBox on iTunes: $4.99

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