iConnectMIDI Tutorial

iConnectivity released iConnectMIDI back in May, and I was unimpressed. Yesterday BlueSkyRepublik posted a tutorial video exploring some of the possible connections and uses this thing has. BlueSkyRepbulik does a lot of tutorials for the Teenage Engineering OP-1, so if you've got an interest in that you should check out his YouTube channel.

Video Description:

OP-1 Midi Connection examples using iConnect MIDI to interface to DSI Mopho Synth, Korg Microsampler, Ipad TNR i (Tenori On) and YouRock Guitar Midi Controller.

Новогодний Релакс 2012

As readers of my Privacy Policy know; I stalk people who subscribe to me on YouTube. If you've got an obscure video on YouTube with 3 views, chances are I am that 3rd viewer! Sometimes I find some great stuff and this video from bovoice is definitely that!

Two Korg KaossPad 3s, an iPad running Thicket, and English lyrics await in this video!

Wow, Thicket has an endorsement from Jad Abumrad, co-host of Radiolab. Radiolab is my favorite podcast, exploring the science of life and existence, with amazing sound design throughout from Jad! I feel like I've made two great discoveries before breakfast.

Buy Thicket on iTunes: Free


Buy Thicket: Classic on iTunes: $1.99

Propellerhead's Figure Update Adds AudioCopy!

What a great day for great apps to get greater! Right on the heels of PPG WaveGenerator, Figure now also supports AudioCopy!

What's new:

  • AudioCopy—enabling pasting of Figure audio directly into AudioPaste or Pasteboard compatible apps on iOS
  • WIST (Wireless Sync-Start Technology)—simultaneously start two iOS devices with compatible apps
  • Additional new atonal / chromatic scale mode
  • Performance pads now have a grid

Buy Figure on iTunes: $0.99 (iPhone)

PPG WaveGenerator Gets Record and Export!

Before the 1.0 version was even out on iTunes, Wolfgang Palm was working hard on 1.0.1 to add requested features.

What's new:

  • Audio recorder, up to 10 min. at 44.1 stereo
  • Audio Copy to the pasteboard
  • File Sharing via iTunes
  • Keyboard octave shifting
  • More routing possibilitys - enabling ringmod and more
  • Updated factory presets
  • Bug fixes

Buy PPG WaveGenerator on iTunes: $19.99

Recording and Audio Copy! Which means most folks just ran out of excuses to buy it. If you do, here is an tutorial I put together to help get you going. This is an advanced tutorial and it assumes you've already mastered Animoog.

DXi Updated With Free Sunsine Audio Presets!

DXi (link to mini-review) is one of my favorite ways to play with FM Synthesis. I reach for this more often than the $200 Native Instruments FM8! It is just so nice to grab the enevelopes and move them around visually.

FM is a beast though, so free presets are really welcomed!

What's new:

  • Added new 45 preset voices.
  • Extended max tempo of sequencer.

(If you want to recall a preset voice individually, swipe item in "Voice List" and push "Recall Preset" button. To recall all new presets, use "Recall All Presets" in Settings & Information screen. Please be careful, this operation will clear your edited voices.)

That last bit is important! If you already have DXi installed, the Recall All Presets option will wipe out your own presets! This is unfortunately necessary. To find the Recall All Presets option, hit the i in the top right of the screen.

If you like this you might also check out Sunsine's To DX With Love pack, which includes 64 more presets for $2.50!

Buy DXi FM Synthesizer on iTunes: $1.99

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