Ken Karsh - Kalim

This is so good! Ken Karsh, featured here previously for his guitar jam with Figure, treats us to a new guitar and iPad performance.

Video Description:

I enjoyed this musical moment! This video utilized the iPad running the following Apps:

  • "Auria" (the sound is only from this) by WaveMachine Labs,
  • "DM1 - The Drum Machine" by Fingerlab,
  • Apogee Jam audio interface,
  • Guild X170 guitar,
  • Logic (for syncing the movie and audio),
  • and iMovie.

I programmed the Kalimba (hence the Title Kalim - sounds deep, right? LOL) with DM1, a marvelous drum programming iOS app and recorded into Auria and used that totally for the sound. The DM1 allows the samples to be tuned. I did quite a bit of audiocopy and audiopaste on my iPad in order to add additional percussion and drums. Some of the drums were samples that I made from my trusty Alesis HR-16, still in use. I attempted to make a "Loop Jam" minimalist moment. Oh, and I also used JamUp, which I forgot to credit in the video. So, thank you also to Positive Grid for JamUp Pro!! Hope you enjoy this!

Buy Auria on iTunes: $49.99


Buy DM1 on iTunes: $4.99

Buy JamUp Pro XT on iTunes: $9.99 (On Sale)

AmpliTube Updated with DAW Features

IK Multimedia have updated AmpliTube with what it optimistically refers to as, "a full-fledged DAW." Uncharacteristically they have not spammed the hell out of KVR so I have no idea what that possibly means. They are in the middle of teasing "two new products," but have not offered any details for AmpliTube's update besides some blurry picture of an amp.

In a desperate fit of journalism I even went to their website, but as of this writing the AmpliTube page has not been updated since their previous update in March.

What's new in AmpliTube v3.0:


  • Studio section* (available via in-app purchase) offers DAW features such as cut/copy paste, normalize, fade in/out, punch in/out recording and much more
  • AutoFreeze feature allows for full effects chain on every recorder track

* requires iPhone 4, iPod touch (5th gen), iPad 2 or later

Buy AmpliTube For iPad: $19.99


Buy AmpliTube (iPhone): $19.99

iPad Based Bass Setup

Sam Steiner walks us through his iPad based Bass setup, which saves him lugging around 50kg of gear!

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Herrmutt Lobby - Dubstep Performance on Beatsurfing

Herrmutt Lobby, the collective that brought us Beatsurfing, have realized no one is on Vimeo. They've now kicked off a YouTube channel with a bunch of new tutorials and this little Dubstep performance. No lazy Brostep here, this is some original music!

Buy Beatsurfing on iTunes: $11.99

Tutorial: Samplr

Kenny Hsiao has a new tutorial for Samplr. It starts off slow with an intro to the interface, but gets into the goods at around 6:30.

Buy Samplr on iTunes: $9.99

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