Animoog Custom Timbres Round-Up

In addition to my own timbres pack for Animoog, there have been several new packs produced by the community! I thought I'd round them all up for you here. For details on how to install these, see the original article on DIY Timbres.

First up was bbcp, who sampled a Waldorf Microwave II. He even made a pack sampled from another app, Virsyn's Addictive Synth.

Shortly there after BeatMakerTV sampled his Novation BassStation.

Mechetemirage dusted off his Korg Monotribe to put together his own pack.

Just last night Tony Kalt posted a new Set of 18 Timbres that range from gritty to eerie!

There is also a commercial pack of 64 professional Timbres from Sunsine Audio.

I'm really glad to see PPG WaveGenerator's release hasn't slowed down the enthusiasm for custom timbre hacking.

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Impaktor vs Bloom

BeepStreet highlighted this new video of their Impaktor app in action. Despite the aggressive sounding name, this is actually some really soothing music! Bloom is an app I hadn't even heard of before, but apparently it was developed by Brain Eno!

If you dig this you should check out mysoftmusic's YouTube Channel for a lot more of this New-age vibe.

Buy Impaktor on iTunes: $4.99

Buy Bloom HD on iTunes: $3.99

Lapnayh - Senderos

Lapnayh, a Mexican Pop duet, is a pretty neat live act. All of the music is made by el vato, via his iPad, iPod Touch, and a Wii-Mote controlling a laptop. They just posted a ton of new videos to their YouTube channel, but this one has a slow enough BPM that even I can understand it... and I failed Spanish, twice.

Video Description - Translation:

Music video for "Trails", with scenes from various concerts. New music with a Wii-remote and a beautiful voice.

Lapnayh: Mexican duo's innovative pop music that integrates with new technologies such as Digital Gadgets, Wii-remote, iPod Touch and iPad.

Cecilia Suarez (Vocalist-soprano)
Adam Ramirez (Middle-electronic synths)

TouchOSC - Controlling Audio and Lighting have a couple of videos exploring how they use an iPad, running TouchOSC, to control their massive installation of speakers and lighting. There is a German version, and an English version, embedded below.

Buy TouchOSC on iTunes: $4.99

Audiobus & Me: A Love Story

I was interviewed by Synthtopia, following the announcement of Apple approving Audiobus. Details about the features in Audiobus have been trickling out for months, but this interview tries to bring them all together and explain what Audiobus will do for musicians.

Since Audiobus is a framework, relying on other apps to support it before it has any use, I try to highlight the enthusiasm I've seen from developers:

"Although I cannot mention specific apps, I can say I’ve seen developers’ reactions to Audiobus. Your favorite recorder app will support Audiobus. It doesn’t matter which! They will all support it.

Even fucking fart apps are going to want to support Audiobus.

This sort of technology gets every developer excited. This is a new frontier and they want to be a part of it. More importantly, you’re going to demand it! Just like MIDI and AudioCopy/Paste have become standard, Audiobus will be an expectation of all professional music apps."

- Me

This turned out to be prophetic! The interview was done on Thursday, before Moog announced their support, and just yesterday Funkbox announced their integration as well! In the days since the Apple approval, the Audiobus team has been flooded with new interest. They are now up to over 500 developers who have signed up for the Audiobus SDK.

This is also a dual interview with developer Sebastian Dittman, if you're at all interested in that.

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