BitPad is a new 8-bit chiptune app for iPad.

iTunes Description:

It's the Bit Pad! The digital music toy that plays all the retro sounds you know and love. Play your own 8-bit chiptune music right on your iPad!


  • Retina Graphics
  • Square Wave
  • Triangle Wave
  • Noise Wave
  • 25% Pulse Wave
  • 12.5% Pulse Wave
  • 144 different sounds!

Buy BitPad on iTunes: $0.99

Although the developer humbly refers to this app as a "toy" I think his demo video shows that it can be quite playable!

Rahfee Zahkee - iPad Controllerism

VJ Franz K was filming at the Beat Cinema Beat Battle last month, where Rahfee Zahkee demonstrated his prodigious beat mashing skills on Tabletop's Gridlock. Rahfee's SoundCloud and YouTube pages are worth checking out if you like his style!

Video Description:

Playing drums on the iPad screen is Rahfee Zahkee, producer and DJ. He's using the Gridlock drum machine within the Tabletop App. This was the second round of the December 2012 Beat Battle at Beat Cinema, Thursdays at the Hip Kitty Jazz Club in Claremont, CA Video projections at the event are by VJ Major Gape.

Buy Tabletop on iTunes: Free

Sonuus G2M - Universal Guitar to MIDI Converter

Sonuus, maker of Guitar to MIDI hardware, has released a Universal iOS app that gives you all the same functionality in app form. Their hardware units are around $100, so this is a pretty nice deal as a $2 app! The price goes up to $10 next month.

The Sonuus G2M - Universal Guitar-to-MIDI Converter app delivers high-performance, low-latency, MIDI conversion for guitar (and other musical instruments). Featuring the same pitch-to-MIDI technology used in Sonuus' acclaimed hardware products, the G2M app gives you an easy, low-cost way to enter the world of MIDI guitar.

This G2M app gives you access to the same technology of the Sonuus hardware G2M:

  • Any electric guitar can be used as a solo MIDI guitar: i.e., it's universal.
  • No guitar modifications or special pickups required.
  • Robust note detection — minimises wrong notes.
  • Velocity detection of notes, so your playing dynamics are translated into MIDI messages.
  • Fast, accurate pitch-bend determination, or alternative chromatic mode.
  • Very low latency & very fast tracking.
  • Built-in, precise tuner.

These features combine to do something that no other MIDI converters can do: accurately capture the musicality and phrasing of what you are playing. Whether you want to lay down a MIDI bass line, or a saxophone solo, the G2M ensures the musical nuances of what you play are retained.

Buy Sonuus G2M - Universal Guitar to MIDI Converter on iTunes: $1.99 (On Sale, from $9.99)

Sonuus put together a nice little demo of how the app works, including a demo of it sending WiFi MIDI.

Mapping Tonal Harmony Pro 4

mDecks has released version 4 of their Tonal Harmony study aid, Mapping Tonal Harmony Pro, along with a great demo video.

iTunes Description:

Mapping Tonal Harmony Pro has been envisioned as auxiliary material in the study of Tonal Harmony. The main objective of this app is to provide the student, teachers, composers and/or songwriters with a tool that will aid them in hearing, analyzing, foreseeing and composing harmonic progressions without struggle, in all keys alike.

The map has seven levels of complexity, from the basic diatonic neighborhood advanced secondary functions in major and minor modes and is viewable in all 12 keys and enharmonic spellings, plus a functional view (relative to the tonic). Each level is also accompanied by its respective workbook available at for further study and research.

Buy Mapping Tonal Harmony Pro on iTunes: $6.99

All of that might sound boring, and the promise of Beethoven might not have you very excited either, but I think this video does an excellent job of demonstrating how you can explore harmonic relationships in the app. This is some high-level shit, and it is only $5!

Impellent - Video Synthesizer Demo

Synthesizing video is both interesting and rarely explored. Unfortunately most of the videos for it tend to be supremely boring, with nothing but cheesy repetitive blips and blorps for musical accompaniment to the visuals.

DR-OM co-developer Shawn Greenlee has made the first video synth demo I've watched all the way through, with some musical talent added to his tweaking and experimenting, in this video found by MATRIXSYNTH.

Video Description:

Continued developments with realtime graphic synthesis techniques. Impellent is the latest of my "graphic waveshaping" programs realized with MaxMSP. Inputs to the system are two Bodelin digital microscopes, scanning works on paper. Changes in the sonic output are determined by the interpretation of the image data (pixel rows become non-linear transfer functions and effect parameters). Movements on a multitouch trackpad configure this interpretation. Development of Impellent is ongoing. The accompanying sound is played on the DR-OM iOS app (for which I am one of the developers) running through Grand Orbiter and Disaster Transport pedals from Earthquaker Devices.

Buy DR-OM on iTunes: $1.99

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