bip for iPhone

Developer has released bip for iPhone, and to celebrate this launch they have made synthmate free!

iTunes Description:

bip is a fantastic creative tool for playing, recording and performing musical rhythmic patterns. Starting with the simple idea of a programmable generated beat, touch and hold gestures are used to select beats and patterns.

Patterns can be mixed and matched along with a touch-strip controller for transforming beats. Choose from track templates for quickly creating tracks or spend the time importing and tweaking beats with your own samples. bip offers hours of creative composing and live performance.


  • create a variety of rhythm's while touch hold and slide finger across beats
  • all beats can be programmed to play in time including complex sub-divisions
  • a touch strip for changing parameters of any beat, loop or entire track
  • record beats and parameters to create expressive musical patterns
  • arrange patterns on the fly for each track
  • use to compose, arrange AND perform live
  • load track presets for quick music making
  • over 200 samples included
  • import samples using audio paste or iTunes file sharing

Buy bip on iTunes: $3.99

Buy synthmate on iTunes: Free (On Sale, from $2.99)

eleDrum for iPad

eleDrum is a vintage drum machine app for iPad. It may not look like much from the screenshot or horrible description, but it has a lot of sound design options. Check out the video below.

iTunes Description:

I miss the sound of an electric drum 80S will please people who like!!


  • StepEdit & SoundEdit
  • AudioCopy
  • 6Voice + HIHIT X 2
  • internal 48Voice

Buy eleDrum on iTunes: $4.99

Mobile Music Advent Calendar: Day 10 - 5 copies of Sunrizer!

We've got a special treat today for those of you desperately trying to stretch your budget to get all of the Audiobus apps! A free copy of Sunrizer will be going out to 5 lucky winners in todays drawing. Thanks Beep Street!

Fill out the form below to be entered for a chance to win yours! Submissions end around 11pm (GMT) tonight. Ashley Elsdon, from Palm Sounds, will select the winners.

French Squirrels Look Weird, and other Audiobus News!

Michael Tyson has written a retrospective on the development of Audiobus! You can read the first part on the Tasty Pixel blog.

I personally got distracted by how fucking weird French Squirrels are. Michael is an interesting guy, so I'm sure his article is interesting too! He and his wife are Australians roaming around Europe in an RV while she makes art and he makes apps.

In other Audiobus news, Multitrack DAW and sir Sampleton have had their Audiobus updates hit today. Now all Audiobus launch apps have been updated, save for NLog which will be updated tomorrow morning. Also Loopy HD is on sale today for 50% off!

Buy MultiTrack DAW on iTunes: $9.99


Buy sir Sampleton on iTunes: $3.99

Buy Loopy HD on iTunes: $3.99 (On Sale, $7.99)

SoundPrism Pro Updated and 50% Off!

SoundPrism Pro was update today on iTunes, to add support for Audiobus! This isn't surprising since Audankia's Sebastian Dittmann is also part of the Audiobus project!

What's new in 2.6:

  • Introducing Audiobus support: Now you can filter or record audio from SoundPrism directly in other Audiobus-compatible apps! See for more information. (Available December 10)
  • Improved Audio Engine: sound quality has been improved, no more clicks
  • Fixed bugs that occurred when used in combination with Sir Sampleton and Loopy/Loopy HD

Buy SoundPrism Pro on iTunes: $7.99 (On Sale, from $15.99)

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