Lemur Access Virus Template & Jam

Tim Walter from SOUNDTEMPLE put together a complete Lemur template for Access Virus Snow, which is available for free. This is one of the best sounding demos for a template! While switching through parameters, he is delivering some great tones.

Buy Lemur on iTunes: $49.99

Cubasis Updated with Micrologue Synth

Cubasis has been updated with Micrologue, an integrated synth offering lots of synthesis controls. Best of all this is free for all Cubasis owners!

Thanks to readers RMG and Tony South for this news!

What's new in Cubasis v1.5:

  • Micrologue virtual analog synthesizer incl. 50 factory presets
  • 16 Allen Morgan Signature drum kits incl. 80 MIDI loops
  • Open/close hi-hat problem solved
  • Instrument track freeze for internal instruments
  • Instrument rack to load and edit Cubasis' instruments
  • Modulation wheel support for Micrologue synth

Buy Cubasis on iTunes: $49.99

Here is a song and killer video for On and On, produced by Allen Morgan in Cubasis 1.5.

Nord Beat 2.0 Update

Nord Beat, from Nord and developed by Kymatica, has reached 2.0 with a nice update. Surprisingly it is still free!

What's new in Nord Beat 2.0:

  • Step sequencer expanded to support 6 tracks
  • Added Flam, 32th and 32 triplet modifiers for individual steps
  • New MIDI settings menu with flexible MIDI input and MIDI output routings
  • Send and receive MIDI Clock Sync
  • Added the option to save a Program Change together with a program

Buy Nord Beat 2 on iTunes: Free

Donald Crunk Live Modular & iPad Jam

MATRIXSYNTH found this live performance by Donald Crunk at Brokentree Coffee in Peoria, IL on Saturday.

He's got a little lunchbox modular synth, a Korg Monotribe, and his iPad playing at what we can reasonably assume is the coolest coffee shop ever. Peoria gets a bad rap for being prudish and primitive, and are often blamed for the decline of American culture with the phrase, "It won't play in Peoria." This seems very open-minded and progressive to me!

Analog Gear, iPad, and Flute Jam

Marcus Padrini from MusicApps.com.br got his analog synths, iPad and a flute to jam out some very original music.

Video Description:

Arturia Minibrute controlling the Korg Monotribe via CV out, and Yamaha TNR-i for iPad with BeatMaker 2 drum samples.

Buy Yamaha TNR-i on iTunes: $19.99


Buy BeatMaker 2 on iTunes: $19.99

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