Music Theory Apps for iPhone & Android

A couple of new trainer apps have come out this week, covering everyone on both Android and iPhone.

On iPhone is PitchTrainer! which is free, with no IAPs, and an invitation to participate in pitch perception research at the Absolute Pitch Study.

PitchTrainer! iTunes Description:

PitchTrainer! presents two musical games - PitchMatch and Tone Scramble - to test and train your sense of musical pitch. These games were designed by researchers at The Feinstein Institute for Medical Research in NY. Whether you play a musical instrument or not, you should be able to improve your sense of pitch with PitchTrainer!

The PitchMatch and Tone Scramble games track your progress in real-time using a progress bar. Your current and best previous score is also displayed so that you can try to improve.

PitchTrainer! offers players an opportunity to participate in research on pitch perception. PitchTrainer! players who are interested in learning more and participating in related research studies may contact us at our website:
[Tim note: The page is 404, I called and it should be live within 24 hours!]
If you enroll in our research study, the app will also allow you to participate as a research subject.

Buy PitchTrainer! on iTunes: Free (iPhone)

And on Android, Chords in Keys offers some real music theory training in addition to quiz style gameplay.

Chords in Keys Google Play Description:

'Music Theory - Chords in Keys' is a simple app that will train you to learn what all the major, minor and diminished chords are in all 12 major keys; an extremely useful skill for any musician!

'Music Theory - Chords in Keys' will display a major key and a Roman numeral chord number; you then have to work out what the chord is in that major key. A summary of the relevant music theory of chords and major keys is included in the help pages. With practice, you will know instantly what all the basic chords are in all 12 major keys, and you will be a better musician because of it.

  • No ads
  • Low cost
  • No gimmicks
  • Simple clear layout
  • No music-reading skills required!

This app is ideal for guitarists, pianist, brass players, wind players, strings players, singers and just about anyone that would like to improve their knowledge of chords and keys.

Buy Chords in Keys on Google Play: $0.99

Cubasis Micrologue Demo did a little tour of Cubasis' new Micrologue synthesizer, getting lots of very Moogish sounds out it! In the last minute of the video he also explores some of the new drum kits by Allen Morgan, also added in the free update yesterday.

Buy Cubasis on iTunes: $49.99

Nord Drum 2 vs Nord Beat 2

Nord released this stylish looking video of the recently released Nord Beat 2 app Vs. their Nord Drum 2 synth.

Buy Nord Beat 2 on iTunes: Free

Dan Deacon - Noisey Meets

Noisey met Dan Deacon to discuss his career and exploration of electronic music performance. At the end they demo his fan app, which can be synced to his live performances so that everyone's iPhones become part of the light show.

Buy Dan Deacon on iTunes: Free

Everything is a Music App with an MPC

JFilt from my new favorite website name decided to test himself by putting together a beat using his MPC, a classic break, and the default alert sounds on his iPhone.

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