PUC Indiegogo Update

JamStik inventors Zivix implore you to save your iPad, by saving their Indiegogo campaign in this latest video. With only a week left and just $13,000 of their $50,000 goal, this has not be the huge success that they enjoyed with JamStik. Fun video though!

Arctic ProSynth Demo

thesoundtestroom seems impressed by the new Arctic ProSynth in this demo/review! The video is a bit quiet, but otherwise good!

Buy Arctic ProSynth on iTunes: $9.99

Tangible Music Mixing Surface

Tangible Mix Surface is a project in development by several Dutch academics, from various institutions. The goal is to provide an interactive interface for spatial placement of elements in a mix, on an iPad. This is demonstrated very well in the following video. I can't wait for this to come out! Whenever you're working with lots of tracks in a mix, it can be easy to get lost in your own stereo field. Here you see where you left the shaker and can immediately move it elsewhere. Very cool!

I think someone from Reactable may be involved, because a second page on the site shows a Reactable icon at the bottom.

Slow Motion Teaching with iPhone 5S

Following the release of the iPhone 5S, cute cat videos have been replaced by cute slow-mo cat videos on YouTube.

Jordan Rudess was the first to come up with a surprisingly practical use for the new 120FPS recording, with this glimpse of a piano technique slowed down for mere mortals! This is awesome! You can make out every finger movement. What an excellent teaching tool! I sincerely hope we'll see more slow-mo technique videos for keyboards and other instruments.

Fingertip Maestro Updated with Audiobus

Fingertip Maestro got a little update which, among other things, adds Audiobus to the unique controller instrument.

There is also a new IAP bundle for buying all of the sound packs for just $3, instead of $1 each.

Fingertip Maestro iTunes Description:

  • IOS7 update
  • Audiobus Support
  • Share Recordings with us
  • Sound Package IAP bundle
  • Notes and Chords Display
  • BPM 1 unit slider

Buy Fingertip Maestro on iTunes: Free

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