zMors Update

zMors, the 4 layer iPad synth, has been updated with a variety of improvements and is still on sale!

What's new in zMors v1.01

  • Cloud presets will be cached if there’s no connectivity
  • Sequencer score length is shown
  • Default sound in better quality (sub octave , decay, level)
  • Added glide mode when decay value > 10sec
  • Saving a preset from now on always creates a new item
  • Improved Modwheel assignment in user interface
  • Keyboard pitch is disabled by default in System menu
  • Attack, Decay, Release now up to 10 seconds
  • Editable sound designer profile via System menu

Buy zMors on iTunes: $9.99 (On Sale, from $19.99)

Wine Glass Synth HD Preset Demo

thesoundtestroom set out to do a typical preset demo for the recently released, and Audiobus compatible, Wine Glass Synth.
What he ended up with was more of a cautionary tale!

Buy Wine Glass Music Synth HD on iTunes: $1.99

Pantsofdeath - Decomposition Blues

Pantsofdeath just released this new, creepy as fuck, music video for the 4th track on his Defawmation album. Although you can't see the apps, everything on the whole album was produced on his iPad.

Grantophone 2.0 for WP8

MATRIXSYNTH found this demo from Grant Kot, iOS and Windows Phone developer, showing off the latest version of his Grantophone, featured here last November! He mentions in the comments that this will be coming to Android and iOS soon.

Apple Kills Sonoma AudioCopy/Paste, Retronyms Saves It

In a rare turn of events, this "Apple Kills X" headline is somewhat accurate! The music app world hasn't seen declarations of Apple killing an app in a while, but iOS 7 looks to be offering plenty of new opportunities to dust off the old murderous title.

Reader Will brought my attention to a post over on the Loopy forum from Loopy and Audiobus developer Michael Tyson stating, "Sonoma's AudioCopy will no longer work on iOS 7."

I contacted Michael for comment and he directed me to this published beta document revealing the sad truth.

iOS 7 Beta 3 Changelog - UIKit Notes:

+[UIPasteboard pasteboardWithName:create:] and +[UIPasteboard pasteboardWithUniqueName] now unique the given name to allow only those apps in the same application group to access the pasteboard. If the developer attempts to create a pasteboard with a name that already exists and they are not part of the same app suite, they will get their own unique and private pasteboard. Note that this does not affect the system provided pasteboards, general, and find.

Michael got into the details for me, and explained the situation as it stands today.

"What it means is that all pasteboards except the general one are now sandboxed, and are private to the app that created them.

Sonoma's ACP uses a custom pasteboard – not the general pasteboard, for which this limitation doesn't apply – which means that the ACP pasteboard is now sandboxed to each "application group"; I'd say this means that apps have to have a common ID prefix to access each others' custom pasteboards. So if you use it to copy audio, you won't see the copied clip in any other app.

Copying audio to the general pasteboard still works, though, but of course it means you can only ever copy one clip at a time, without the 11-clip history that ACP provides.

General pasteboard still works fine. Apps that use it will continue to be able to copy audio. The most recent version of Sonoma's ACP SDK uses the general pasteboard in addition to the named one, so that will work (but the 11 clip history won't)."

- Michael Tyson, A Tasty Pixel/Audiobus

My emails to Sonoma have gone unanswered, but yesterday they issued the following statement to AudioCopy/Paste developers.

Dear MAPI partners,

Good news for those of you who implement AudioCopy and/or AudioPaste in your apps. Retronyms, Sonoma's long time partner, are taking on development of the AudioCopy and AudioPaste SDK. Look for an updated ACP SDK with iOS 7 support, license agreement, and more information from Retronyms soon. You may contact Retronyms with questions.

- Michelle Wright & The Sonoma Team

I had quite a lot of questions, so I called up Retronyms co-founder Dan Walton to ask them! We talked about the importance of the ACP history in the workflow of power-users, which they seem to fully understand and appreciate. I couldn't get them on record about what exactly they have up their sleeves, but they do plan to make an announcement soon. In the meantime this is all they can tell us to ease any fears:

"We are aware of iOS7 issues with AudioCopy and it's history menu. Our team has been hard at work to fix these issues and improve AudioCopy in general. Any day now we will release a new AudioCopy SDK that is compatible with iOS7. This update will have an improved history feature and many other improvements for developers and musicians.

We are extremely excited about this and know that AudioCopy is very important to musicians. We are asking for the support of the user community and the developer community as we make this transition over the next few weeks."

- Dan Walton, Co-Founder Retronyms
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