Synth Grid - KIDS

YouTuber Synth Grid has a nice collection of gear to play with on this track with Launchpad.

Video Description:

Synth Grid presents:
KIDS #006

Gear list:
- Moog Sub Phatty
- Novation Circuit
- Apple Ipad Air (Novation Launchpad)
- Boss RE-20
- Behringer Xenyx

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Medly Update

Medly, from Medly Labs Inc., was updated with a new subscription model for people to unlock all of their various sound packs. They promise new packs will be released every month. A subscription costs $5 per month. There is also a yearly subscription, but they don't mention the price and neither does iTunes.

What's new in Medly v5.0:

Medly 5 is here!

Arcade Pack:
- 24 instruments inspired by retro and modern games
- Over 200 loops and samples
- Free iMessage stickers based on Arcade instruments
- Get Arcade as part of the new Medly Member Subscription

Christmas Pack:
- 10 instrument and over 100 loops to get you into the Holiday spirit
- Get the Christmas Pack as part of the new Medly Member Subscription

Medly Member:
- Become a Member and get access to all of Medly's instruments, loops and features
- New packs released every month
- Try out Medly Memeber with a 2 week free trial
- Previously purchased packs will still be accessible (regardless if you're a Medly Member)

A New Way To Open Songs:
- Individual instruments and samples will be downloaded on demand
- Open and edit songs that use unpurchased instruments and samples
- Unpurchased instruments and samples are locked until they're changed to ones that are owned

Other Improvements:
- New Template Picker, with all of Medly's sample songs in one simple browsable place
- New Medly exclusive album artwork
- A new Handbook, providing more tips and guides than ever; find it in the Settings menu

Camelot Pro by Audio Modeling

Audio Modeling released Camelot Pro. This is a music set management system that unifies your instruments. There have been a few of these in the past, but Camelot Pro distinguishes itself by also including AUv3 instruments among its capabilities. There is also a Windows and MacOS version available for $100.

Camelot Pro iTunes Description:

Camelot is a live performance & production tool connecting Hardware & Software Musical instruments to a single management system.

Camelot keeps everything in one place:
● Hardware Instrument presets
● Software instruments (AUv3)
● MIDI keyboards and MPE controllers
● Advanced MIDI routing
● Tempo Sync with MIDI Clock and Ableton Link
● Lyrics and Chords attachments with custom annotations

Manage your Performance with ease: Setlists, Songs and Scenes.

The Setlist is the main project that organizes your performances. It is the first tool you can use to manage your Songs.

Connect your instruments and setup them in a Scene.

The Scene is capable of recalling Hardware & Software instruments presets, MIDI Inputs Settings, Channel Routing and advanced filtering. Your instruments are attached to one or more Layers. Those Layers are the zones that provide and organize MIDI properties to any connected item.

We work with Hardware manufacturers to provide a direct integration with selected instruments: you can browse the preset list from your instrument, switch mode, and control some of the hardware settings. Please check for an updated list of supported devices and features.

Attachments: annotations or music score when you need them

The Scene is capable of recalling also PDF or images that you may need to visualize during the performance. The attached file can be saved at a desired zoom level and scroll position.

Nick Batt from Sonic State got a preview of this back in April at Musikmesse.

Ken Karsh - B Minor Improv 12-12-2018

I like Ken Karsh's jamming so much I just automatically started posting this 3 seconds into the jam!

Video Description:

I felt like getting back into the swing of video making and I am also trying out and liking SIT strings S9.544 strings on my Strat (and Tele). Just having fun and trying to be musical!!

synthQ Update

synthQ, from Never Be Normal, was updated with MIDI improvements and a new preset pack by Bill Jobs!

What's new in synthQ v1.7:

- New BILL JOBS preset pack
- Keys light up with MIDI input
- controls bound to MIDI update visually
- added vocoder to MIDI learn controls
- fixed issue where individual MIDI binds could not be deleted by long-tapping

Bill Jobs did a demo of the Stranger Things inspired Stranger Pads preset.

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