INTUA Focus | Sidechain Compression

INTUA brought Jay Ellyiot back to demonstrate sidechain compression in BeatMaker 3.

Video Description:

Welcome back to INTUA Focus, in this episode we will go over sidechain compression and the many benefits when applying it to your music.


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Using an iPad Midi Controller App | Polyplayground

Kit Complete shows off the rarely seen, and even more rarely updated, Polyplayground with Serato Sample.

Video Description:

Making a beat using an iPad midi controller called Polyplayground to control Ableton and Maschine.

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GarageBand for iOS: EQ Fine Adjustments using AU Plugins

YouTuber Dan Baker uses 4Pockets Visual EQ in this excellent tutorial on fine adjustments in your tracks.

Video Description:

Logic Pro X has four fully adjustable bands in terms of frequency, gain and Q factor. The latter control sets how wide the band is that you’re boosting or cutting. This is not available on the standard visual EQ within GarageBand, but the AU plugins that come with GarageBand allow almost the same control, and you can use more than one AU EQ in your channel.

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SynthMaster One Update

SynthMaster One, from KV331 Audio, was updated with new MIDI Polyphonic Expression (MPE) options. The update also arrives with a deep discount for anyone who missed it while SynthMaster One was free in April.

What's new in SynthMaster One v1.4.0:

We have new features/bug fixes regarding MPE/Multi-channel input:

1. NEW: Added support for MIDI CC 126 (Mono Mode On) and CC 127 (Poly Mode On)
2. NEW: Added new MIDI Input Channel type Multi for MIDI Guitars
3. FIX: Mono presets should be mono per channel for multi-channel (Multi/MPE) input

There are also 3 new preset banks/IAPs:

1. NatLife Retrowave Sounds Volume 1
2. Vandalism Shocking Future House
3. Demis Hellen Euphoric Trance

NuRack FX Tutorials: Part 2 - Intruduction & Setup

4Pockets developer Paul the MusicMan continues the tutorials for his new NuRack FX Rack.

Video Description:

This video builds on the preview video going over all the modules that ship with the app and the setup process for your DAW. Also I explain how to use some of the newer or less obscure modules. Please note that some of the modules featured here are new additions so please ensure you are running the latest version of the plugin.

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