The Sound Test Room: dreamSTATE - Ephemeral City

Doug Woods from The Sound Test Room showed off the generative drone app dreamSTATE. The app was released in 2015 and averages about one update annually. The latest update added support for 48kHz devices.

Video Description:

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EISERMANN - Fractal Session Jam

YouTuber EISERMANN made use of the new Fractal Bits in this high-energy Industrial app jam.

Video Description:

Everything was made on an iPad Pro (2017). Mastered from screen recording with Grand Finale by Klevgränd. Video edited with LumaFusion. Audio Transfer with AudioShare by Kymatica.

MIDI Space by Derrick Ward

Derrick Ward, developer of MixxMaster, released MIDI Space for iOS and Android. This is a free MIDI visualizer that lets you see your MIDI in a 3D rendering. The iOS version includes Audiobus support.

MIDI Space App Store Description:

MIDI Space renders your MIDI music into an animated 3D scene. Each note is represented as a 3D bar, with color and Z-position based on the instrument. The app makes it quick and easy to switch between 6 different camera angles. Pan and pinch the screen to adjust the camera position. Long press to show or hide the button controls. Easily connect any MIDI controller/instrument or MIDI port using Core Midi or Audiobus. Open and play any general MIDI (.mid) file from your device or cloud. MIDI Space even allows you to control the camera angle and position directly from your controller/instrument!

Customize your 3D scene using the following settings:

- note names
- star background
- beat lines
- blue background
- show animated pitch bends
- show note velocity
- Use configurable CC's from your MIDI controller to change camera angles and/or zoom

Here's an official video that does a great job of showing off the complexity in the Simpson's theme.

Matt Craven - Home Alone (House Party Remix)

Goddamn it. Look, we're all just going to have to accept that Christmas music is an inevitability at this point. YouTuber Matt Craven is first out of the gate. He's loaded up an MC-101 with samples from Home Alone 1 & 2. Matt then plays with those and a MIDI file for the title theme for this remix.

Video Description:

A bit early, but hey ho (ho ho). Had a break from the MC-101 for this one and used Cubasis 2 on my iPad and a bunch of auv3 synths.

Purchased the midi file for ‘Somewhere in My Memory’ by John Williams from here -

Chopped it up and applied various iPad synths

Sampled various clips from Home Alone 1 & 2 purchased from iTunes -
Along with a few samples grabbed from Splice -
Arranged and mixed in Cubasis 2 on iPad -
With some help from some awesome effects -

The animation was created in After Effects with some help from Adobe Stock

Matt Fletcher - Ice Cream

YouTuber Matt Fletcher, no relation, made a chilly downtempo track in NanoStudio 2.

Video Description:

AUs used: Kronecker, Fractal Bits, Replicant 2, iDensity

I also used a ‘fake MPE’ method of 6 instances of Obsidean all with the same sample-based patch, played with an MPE controller sending per note data looping around 6 midi channels.

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