Everyone Can Play Music #1: technoBox2 - Part 1

I want to do a series of videos that will help anyone who wants to play music go from knowing nothing to playing with advanced synthesizers and arrangers. We're starting off with the simple and elegant technoBox2.

discchord - Public Masturbation

Experimental music is largely masturbatory; it's only fun for the guy doing it. Likewise, it is often not worth sharing with others unless your technique is particularly interesting. I hope you will find this worthwhile. 

MP3: http://soundcloud.com/discchord/disc-chord-public-masturbation

Korg iMS-20 Tutorial: Total Input & CV Output - Sound Design

Simple tutorial to demonstrate a couple of the, less obvious, features in the Korg iMS-20 app. Then I show you how to use them in practical sound design.

Drinking Game: Everytime I say "interesting", take a shot. 
(Hard Mode: Don't die of liver failure before the end of the video.)

NI Maschine playing Rockband 3

Meh... the video is kind of jumpy as the TV is doing 60fps, but my shitty Lifecam only does 15fps. Details below the video, with links.

Hardware used:
Native Instruments Maschine
M-Audio UNO USB-MIDI Adapter (any one will do)
Madcatz MIDI Pro-Adapter (set velocity to max)

MIDI-OX - http://www.midiox.com/

Maschine Config - http://www.mediafire.com/?9kdf3dhpw3ryr3c
(Mirror) -http://fileape.com/dl/MXfTqpDG6pAVbMZQ

First connect your PC's USB-MIDI interface and the Maschine. Launch Native Instruments' Controller Editor and load up the Config file. Download and install MIDI-OX, it's free for non-commercial use. Launch MIDI-OX.

Go to Options - MIDI Devices... 
From the MIDI Inputs menu select the Maschine
From the MIDI Outputs menu select your USB-MIDI interface.
Up at the top type something like RB3 into the Preset name and then hit the disk icon to save. Now all you'll ever have to do is launch MIDI-OX when your interface and Maschine are plugged in and it'll do its thing.

With MIDI-OX set, plug your "To In" MIDI Cable into the Madcatz MIDI In. That's it, you're ready to rock. After your initial setup it only takes about 20 seconds to get going. It's much faster than dragging the old drum kit out!

Jingle Bells (Winter Solstice 2010 Minimal Industrial)

I wanted to do a "beautiful" industrial sound and thought Jingle Bells would be a good tune for it. MP3 available here:http://www.mediafire.com/?x55xcx76xnmhoe8
Happy Winter Solstice everyone!

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