Francois Fourrier - Basic Card 2

YouTuber Francois Fourrier made some fun dancey tunes in Gadget, inspired by Chiptunes.

Video Description:

Loosely inspired by She Music (Chiptune Superstar), produced on Ipad Pro with Korg Gadget 2.

miRack by mifki Limited

mifki Limited released miRack, a port of VCV Rack v0.6 to iOS! VCV Rack is a virtual Eurorack modular synth, and has been extremely popular on desktops. The new iOS port arrives with a ton of modules. It supports CoreMIDI and background audio, but does not support any inter-app protocol. They are aware that this is a feature many users are demanding.

miRack App Store Description:

miRack is a Eurorack-style modular synthesizer. It aims to provide user experience and audio quality close to those of the real Eurorack hardware.

miRack is based on VCV Rack by Andrew Belt, and started in 2018 as a fork optimized for single-board computers (e.g. Raspberry Pi), touch-based devices and web. Now it's available on iOS.

The app comes with a growing collection of open-source modules that are being created by third-party developers for VCV Rack and adapted for mobile devices by miRack team.

Supports Core MIDI input and background audio mode.

Newer devices are recommended for better performance. Modules may vary greatly in CPU usage, the size of the patch your device is able run will depend on the modules used.

Brandon Dorris did a demo of the miRack with an EWI MIDI wind controller. I've embedded here a demo from the official mifki YouTube channel.

haQ attaQ: The END of IAA? | Inter-App Audio Deprecated

Jakob Haq spoke with devs to get answers about what IAA's deprecation means. Honestly I expect that people reading this now won't need to worry. By the time IAA is removed from iOS, the iOS devices you're using now won't be compatible with the latest iOS; or will be too slow to be your main rig anyhow. So just keep the devices you have now. Problem solved. You'll be able to continue to use legacy IAA apps, because you'll have a legacy device. You don't even need to keep the devices on iOS 12, because iOS 13 still supports Inter-App Audio!

Video Description:

Apple is deprecating Inter App Audio aka IAA in iOS 13 in favour of AUv3! So it seems that the IAA protocol has hit its end game, but what does that really mean for iOS based music producers? To answer this question I got in contact with several prominent app developers, who's apps most mobile musicians know about, due to their importance for the iOS music production scene. Want to know what the future holds? Check this out!


touchscaper Update

touchscaper, from Rob Jackson, was updated with a new ribbon keyboard. The update also lets you assign a second lead instrument to the ribbon keyboard. There's even a new demo video to show it off!

What's new in touchscaper v1.1.4:

• new ribbon style keyboard option with touch vibrato
• possible to assign a 2nd "lead" instrument to the ribbon keyboard
• new info panel shows current scene and instruments (can be switched off in settings)
• option to disable orbit animation (saves CPU for older iPads)
• 16 chord limit removed in looper (arrangement editor coming soon...)
• bright mode is now the default mode for fresh installs
• various other fixes and enhancements

Hope you're enjoying touchscaper, and don't forget to give the app a rating and a review if you can spare the time. Much appreciated, -Rob

3sleeves - Daydreaminess

YouTuber 3sleeves is day dreaming with a bunch of apps inside of NanoStudio 2!

Video Description:

Here’s a little number made with Nanostudio 2 (drums), Pure Synth Platinum (synths), KQDixie (bass), Group The Loop (host/looper), and the following AUv3 plug-ins: Kleverb, Korvpressor, REAMP, and Time Machine.
The video was recorded with the iOS screen recorder and edited in LumaFusion.


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