Fexomat - Particles (AUM/KORG/Rozeta Jam)

YouTuber killerautomat produced an industrial ambient score with his Korg gear and a variety of apps. This one is a slow burn, and takes quite a while to build up, but it is good once it gets going!

Video Description:

messing around with:
AUM, Korg Volca Keys, Korg Monotribe, Aparillo, Phosphor 2, Ruismaker Noir, Quanta, ApeDelay, Discord4, Adverb, Zero Reverb.
Everything was sequenced by Rozeta Particles, Korgs are connected via iConnectivity4+


Mister Maunster - Missing Tooths

YouTuber Mister Maunster is missing a tooth, following a wisdom tooth extraction. He's dedicated to his Jamuary jamming though, so he didn't let that stop him! The resultant music is very different from his usual aesthetic. This is staccato and sharp, while his other music tends to be more fun and buoyant.

Video Description:

Had a wisdom tooth pulled. Ouch. This was all I could manage.

haQ attaQ: NanoStudio 2 Obsidian │ Best Synth App of 2018

Jakob Haq, who is apparently known as Yolk of Hulk by Siri, produced another impressively informative docu-torial.

Jakob goes deep on NanoStudio 2's built-in synth, Obsidian, which he regards as the best synth app of 2018! The video also includes an interview with NanoStudio developer Matt Borstell!

Video Description:

The Obsidian synthesizer inside NanoStudio 2 by Blip Interactive for iPad packs an unprecedented amount of synthesis power! Obsidian might be one of the most intriguing synth apps that came out in 2018. The synth is so deep that even after investing three weeks of hard work into this video, I'm only able to show a part of it's full potential. Now this is haQ attaQ "docu-torial" and so not only does this video feature a tutorial, review and sound-demo segments, but also an exclusive interview with app developer Matt Borstell, the developer of NanoStudio 2.

PATREON ► https://www.patreon.com/jakobhaq
INSTAGRAM ► https://www.instagram.com/jakob_haq/
DISCORD ► https://discord.gg/JTmQHAG
TWITTER ► https://twitter.com/foonastudio5
FACEBOOK ► https://www.facebook.com/haQattaQ/
PAYPAL DONATE ► https://www.paypal.me/jakobhaq
DEVIANTART ► https://jakobhaq.deviantart.com/

Night Muzique - A New Beginning

YouTuber 014london70 produced some seriously deep Deep House in NanoStudio 2. This is like finding out your basement has a basement. It's that deep!

Video Description:

A new name, a new beginning!

MixxMaster by Derrick Ward

Last month Derrick Ward released MixxMaster as a free MIDI track editor. Today it was updated to support Audiobus, and the iTunes description also indicates AUv3 plugin support.

MixxMaster iTunes Description:

Mixxmaster is the quickest and easiest way to create MIDI sequences on your iPhone or iPad.

​The Mixxmaster editor allows you to edit your MIDI tracks with minimal effort. Adjust your notes, pitch bends, and control change MIDI events to perfection with the intuitive controls and gestures. Use the left and right arrow buttons to step through your sequence note by note.

An online help system guides your way.

Use our built in guitar, piano, and drum surfaces, external apps, or MIDI controllers with full Core MIDI and Audiobus support to lay down your tracks. Add as many virtual instruments as you want using instrument app plugins (Audio Unit Extensions). Includes basic piano, guitar, drum, and synth sounds to help you get started.
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