Quick Tip: Searching All AUv3 Presets in NanoStudio 2

MobileMusicPro has a tip for finding any preset across all of your AUv3s from inside of NanoStudio 2.

Video Description:

In this video we'll be sharing a quick tip of being able to search across all your AUv3 presets via NanoStudio 2.

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Hyperobjeckt - Korg Volca Jam Session

YouTuber Hyperobjeckt did a laid back techno set on his collection of Korg Volcas.

Video Description:

Playing some cool patterns on the Volca FM, Sample, and Drum. This is a laid back performance, taking it easy to close out 2019 before I start making a bunch of short tracks for #jamuary next month!

Effects are from the Monotron Delay and Zoom MS-70CDR: I'm a huge fan of running the FM through the monotron delay for a lofi drive effect. The Zoom pedal is in the send FX loop for reverb and extra stereo width.

The gear list is minimal compared to what I normally use, trying to demo this setup to see if I could do a live set without any additional synths.

Sounds used on the Volca FM and Volca Drum include patches from http://oscillatorsink.com/ . The Sampler is loaded with vocal one-shots, pads, and percussion from Painkid - Tourism and STRIDER - 100 Samples packs.

This session is of course very dance focused, but I tried to keep it varied with 3/4 time at the end. 13:00 is my favorite part, with the FM arpeggiator set to random and a nice techno rhythm going on the Drum.

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Another minimal Volca Mix setup: https://youtu.be/_WjesTP03lg
More on pitch quantization from the Volca Drum 1.14 firmware update: https://youtu.be/IDdYvyt51u4

My name is Grant, and I like to play with synthesizers.
Download my music on Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/hyperobjeckt
Synth jams & pictures of my dogs on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/hyperobjeckt/

QVox by Eventide

Eventide released QVox, their 6th iOS plugin! QVox takes your audio input and split it up into 4 different voices that you can widen and manipulate. There's also a bunch of pitch stuff in here, all of which can be locked to a key or scale. QVox is AUv3 and Inter-App Audio compatible.

QVox App Store Description:

QVox is a creative audio effect that transforms vocals, guitars, drums, and synths into four independent voices. Create beautiful harmonies, widen instruments and design groovy rhythmic sequences with diatonic pitch shifting and delay. You can choose the key, scale, and each voice’s pitch and delay interval, with the ability to alter any parameters in real-time using the Ribbon controller.


- Four independent voices (labeled as A, B, C, D) with diatonic pitch shifting and delay
- Select Key and Scale to create harmonies that coincide with your compositions or use the Learn button to set the key by the incoming note you play
- Group the four delays so that they are evenly spaced or spread out
- Sync the delays to tempo, or a value of your own choosing
- The Ribbon controller allows for dynamic modification of several knobs at once to easily morph between settings
- Factory presets help get you started or create your own User presets
- Mixlock helps when auditioning different presets by enabling a global Mix value that will remain constant for every subsequently loaded preset
- Works as a standalone app, AudioUnit v3 effect, or Inter-App Audio effect

This one arrives with an army of videos on its heels. There are demos from Electronisounds, The Sound Test Room, and Nu-Trix. Qvox is also used in a new jam by Red Sky Lullaby.

Embedded here is the official overview from Eventide Audio.

Jay Parmar: iPad Rock Track Tutorial

YouTuber Jay Parmar did a detailed tutorial on how he produces Rock with his iPad. Here he uses Auria and AmpliTube with X Drummer. He also shows off the Hotone JOGG audio interface.

Video Description:

So, a while back I recorded an entire Rock Track using just my guitar, the Hotone JOGG interface and my iPad! And it sounded AMAZING! Here is a tutorial about how I did it! 😊 Enjoy and have an amazing day!!!

Apple iPad Pro 10.6 (2018)
Hotone JOGG Audio Interface
Iconic Evolution S guitar
Auria DAW for iPad
Positive Grid X-Drummer for iPad
IK Multimedia Amplitube for iPad
PATREON: www.patreon.com/jayparmarguitarist
T-SHIRT STORE: http://bit.ly/RhythmR3vo
SUPPORT: https://paypal.me/jayparmarguitarist
LESSON PACKS: https://bit.ly/2Gck40w
ITUNES: https://itunes.apple.com/us/artist/ja...
BANDCAMP: https://jayparmarguitarist.bandcamp.com
RAINIUM CD: https://rainiumband.bigcartel.com/pro...

INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/jayparmargu...
FACEBOOK: http://www.facebook.com/JayParmarMusic
TWITTER: http://www.twitter.com/jayparmarguitar


touchscaper Update

touchscaper, from Rob Jackson, was updated with support for "interesting" time signatures by allowing for variable lengths for each chord in the arrangement. There's a new demo video to show off how that sounds.

What's new in touchscaper v1.2.4:

• Added support for variable length bars in arrangements
• Added separate drums boost option in sequencer view
• Timing improvements and optimisations

All the best for the festive season! -Rob
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