Electronisounds: Filterstep - FREE Creative Motion Filter!

Dean from Electronisounds gives us an overview for AudioModern's new free filter!

Video Description:

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"Audiomodern Filterstep - FREE Creative Motion Filter!"

Quick look at and overview of the new Filterstep creative motion filter from Audiomodern.
This is a *100% FREE* filter effect plugin for iOS *AND* Desktop!

Whatever kind of music you are making - KEEP IT UP, Friends!
Don't stop making *YOUR MUSIC*!!


haQ attaQ: OP-Z - My Favourite Sequencer Features

YouTuber Jakob Haq shows us some of his favorite features in Teenange Engineering's OP-Z.

Video Description:

The OP-Z by Teenage Engineering is packed to the brim with great features and there are some that I just wouldn't want to do without. Check this out!

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SimpleStereoWidening by Joerg Knieschewski

Joerg Knieschewski released SimpleStereoWidening, an AUv3 for quickly adding some width to your tracks. The app appears to be genuinely free, without any IAPs.

SimpleStereoWidening App Store Description:

This AUv3 Audio Unit is an easy to use stereo widening plugin to adjust the stereo image! You can add width and depth to your music without altering the sound! This plugin features an analog like correlation meter inspired by old analog studio console circuits from the golden age of analog recording!

I try to encourage developers to make videos for their apps, so I'm hesitant to criticize them when they do it poorly. Doubly so for a free app. This example is inexcusably poor though. He does the video on his phone in the wrong orientation, and even acknowledges that since he's using the audio from the iOS screen recorder it is in mono. Making it both sideways, and useless as a demonstration of a stereo effect app. I'm truly amazed.

Hammond B-3X Update

Hammond B-3X, from IK Multimedia, was updated with 24 new presets by Jordan Rudess. The update also lets you import or export presets between the iOS and destkop version.

What's new in Hammond B-3X v1.3.0:

What’s new in version 1.3:

- 24 new Jordan Rudess Deep Purple presets
- New share function for importing and exporting presets with desktop version and other iPads
- New restore factory presets function
- Controllers are now received only on the assigned channels of the 3 manuals and program change channel
- Pitch bend range is now stored globally

_ iOSTRAKON - 1818298717

Reader _ iOSTRAKON, and my most recent Patron, brings us some chaos inspired by Nine Inch Nails.

Video Description:

Experiment with AUM 1818298717

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