Korg Volca FM + KEYS Ambient Jam/Improv

YouTuber DreamsOfWires makes his Volca Duet sound huge with the help of Eos 2.

Video Description:

Just something simple: Korg Volca FM + Keys - Sync'ed, internal sequencers, EOS2 reverb, a pad sound, and some video clips of the Arizona desert. Enable subtitles for a few notes pertaining to the video.
I had a lot of trouble syncing these two. I don't know why, as I had no problems with the Keys and Monologue together, but I've had various advice on the issue (see my 'Community' tab), all of which seemed to help - lowering the volume of the master unit, making sure you have to best quality cables so that there's no cross-talk between them, foul language... If anyone else wishes to share their Volca-sync'ness experiences feel free to drop a comment below, although I've sold the FM, so I can't try any tips personally, but others might like to hear them.
Recorded into AUM on an iPad, with EOS2 reverb, which you can hear gradually faded out completely towards the end.

grindmasterflesh - Cubasis Chilled Track

YouTuber grindmasterflesh tried to chill out in Cubasis, but he adds a lot of aggressive textures to the mix.

Video Description:

Recorded a bunch of IAA in Cubasis for an all audio workflow.
Apps used Future Drummer, Seline Redux, Virsyn Cube and a
various effects.

App Sales: YOLO 420 Blaze It!

It is 4/20 this weekend, and a staggering amount of apps are on sale to celebrate! Legalize it!

Urban Shakedown - Some Justice (Kutski Mod Tracker Remix)

YouTuber DJ Kutski recreated and remixed a classic Amiga tracker track in VividTracker!

Video Description:

I've recently been spending a lot of time researching music production in the early 90's and have been especially fascinated by the mod tracker culture with the commodore Amiga.

I discovered an authentic tracker app for iOS called VividTracker and attempted to remix the rave classic from Urban Shakedown called "Some Justice" which was actually produced in 1991 using two Commodore Amigas running MED tracker software :)

FAC Bandit - GarageBand iOS Overview

Developer Fred Anton Corvest released another preview for his upcoming Bandit multi-band effect app!

Video Description:

An overview of Fac Bandit used on various tracks in GarageBand iOS. Pre-Order Now iPhone/iPad Now 4.49€

Out April 22th (Regular price 9.99€ will applied afterwards)

FAC Bandit is a multiband audio effect that splits the audio signal into three bands of frequencies defined by adjustable crossover points. Each band is processed independently by its own effect processor and the outputs are then recombined to produce the final effect.

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