Lemur Layout for Reason's Viking

YouTuber Dogboy73 has put together a feature rich layout in Lemur for VK-1 Viking Synth, a new rack extension for Reason.

If you do not have Propellerhead's Reason, remember you could win one of two copies by making a jam in Figure!

Buy Lemur on iTunes: $49.99

BeatMaker 2 Updated with Audiobus!

After many months of anxious waiting and teasing, BeatMaker 2's Audiobus update is finally available on iTunes!

Developer Mathieu Garcia even put together an excellent tutorial for using Audiobus in BeatMaker 2.

What's new in 2.4.3:

  • Added Audiobus support! BeatMaker 2 can send to or receive audio from other apps!
    • Monitor, record, apply effects, tweak input volume, apply noise gate from apps connected to Audiobus
    • Audio tracks are created automatically when connecting new apps or starting a new project
    • Control the sequencer and instrument sample recorder from another app with the Audiobus connection panel
  • Virtual MIDI input apps are not active by default, only controllers are
  • .midi files are now recognized
  • ZIP files transferred via FTP or DropBox are now unzipped automatically
  • Improvements of MIDI output timestamps
  • Fix an issue that could occur after putting BeatMaker in background after using SoundCloud or Dropbox
  • Fix an issue that could occur when adding a new instrument/effect while sending MIDI
  • Fix sample navigation when fully zoomed
  • Fix behavior of MUTE/SOLO buttons on the mixer
  • Fix a bug that could occur when previewing a very small portion of a sample in streaming
  • Fix reading of float AIFF files in streaming mode
  • Other stability and UI improvements and optimizations

Buy BeatMaker 2 on iTunes: $19.99

Here is a rerun of my review, which shows that in addition to being a powerful DAW it also has some exceptional instruments.

Musix Overview

Friend of the site Flux302 did a detailed video overview of the Musix Pro controller app, using it to control his Arturia MiniBrute.

Owners of the MiniBrute should also check out his highly informative tricks and tips video, in which he does some wild stuff I've never seen anyone else do with the synth. Owners of the Maschine should also check out his Dystopia Expansion Pack, which offers many nicely tailored drum kits from found sounds and acoustic drums. I bought it and have been thoroughly impressed!

Buy Musix on iTunes: $0.99


Buy Musix Pro on iTunes: $9.99

Loopseque Major Update Adds MIDI

The unique Loop composition app, Loopseque has received its first update since May! It's a big one!

What's new in 2.4:

MIDI (iPad 2 or higher): Virtual, Dock connector, iRig works fine:
• MIDI-out: Clock, Events, CC, Latency.
• MIDI-in: Clock.

New layout for MIDI events setup on the Sample Editor screen:
• MIDI note for each circle: channel, velocity, volume, root key.
• Attack, Release, Start and Length for each note.
• Chord maker presets.

New layout for MIDI assignable CCs:

  • 4 pads for X/Y parameters, 2 sliders and 8 buttons.

    Other Features:

    • Retina Display.
    • Background audio.
    • New BPM control.
    • New Tools popover.
    • Minor GUI improves.
    • OMAC support.

    Bug Fixes:

    • WIST now works fine like master and slave.
    • Loopseque Store on iOS 6.

Buy Loopseque on iTunes: $5.99

This update has been a very long time in coming. Back in August we saw this preview of Loopseque synced with BassLine.

VoKey Gets Audiobus - Hundreds of Devs Ask, "WTF?"

Stone Light Pictures, makers of shit apps you've never heard of, somehow got ahold of the Audiobus SDK (still in developer beta) and have included it in their recently released sampler app!

iTunes Description:

Create your own instruments from sounds you record. Make your own Grand Piano, Cat Piano, Dog Piano, Bird Piano or Majestic Bug Piano, or get creative and create something with your own voice. There are no limits.

Record any sound, and play it back on the keyboard as an instrument or using Virtual MIDI and Core MIDI! Record anything and turn it into something musical and creative. For example, record one note from a guitar, and instantly can play any note from that guitar.

Buy VoKey on iTunes: $4.99

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