iFretless Sax Demo

Blue Mangoo released iFretless Sax yesterday, and today presents an official demo video.

Buy iFretless Sax on iTunes: $9.99

ANI - iPad Live Looping w/ Requests

Amy Lee has a new iPad live looping performance, this time exploring thematic ideas from the community.

Video Description:

A total crowd participation experiment: I requested people toss me themes for songs via Facebook and Twitter. I got back:

Number Six (Battlestar Galactica)
bar, beer
fire cracker

You asked for it. You shall now receive.

Buy NanoStudio on iTunes: $13.99


Buy Tabletop on iTunes: Freemium

Sunsine Audio Cassini Preset Sale

In celebration of Cassini's arrival on Audiobus, Sunsine Audio has a new Cassino preset bundle. This includes both the Casino Vol. 1 and Casino Vol. 2 packs, for a total of 123 presets! These are also compatible with the iPhone version of Cassini, and the whole bundle is on sale for $3.

This set dives deep into Cassini's modulation capabilities and impressive FM features. Every preset has the modulation wheel routed as well as all 4 performance modulation knobs assigned to interesting and important aspects of the sound, giving you a high degree of real time control and command over your sound. Preset personalization can be achieved very quickly through the use of these. See what your missing with the factory presets, and discover the true force of Cassini now!

Buy Casino 1 + 2 Bundle at Sunsine Audio: $2.99 (On Sale, from $3.99)

Synthmate for Free!

Synthmate is an old community favorite, by Soh.La. It was previously updated with Audiobus and is available today for free!

Buy synthmate on iTunes: Free (On Sale, from $0.99)

iFretless Sax

Blue Mangoo expanded their iFretless line of apps with a new woodwind section selection, iFretless Sax.

iFretless Sax iTunes Description:

Designed for guitar, bass, or violin players who need to play a realistic woodwind instrument sound for recording or live performance, with natural fretless vibrato and note bends, iFretless Sax is a more believable sax replacement than keyboard-controlled synths.

Sounds in the app

  1. Tenor Sax
  2. Alto Sax
  3. Bari Sax
  4. Soprano sax
  5. Clarinet
  6. Bass Clarinet
  7. Synth lead

Special Features:

  • Velocity-sensitive dynamics are more accurate than garage band
  • Unique vertical scrolling of strings allows real time access to the full range of notes without opening menus or pressing buttons
  • Specialized tunings make it easier to play on small screens
  • Fast touch response
  • MIDI / Audiobus/ Audio copy

Buy iFretless Sax on iTunes: $9.99

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