Cube Synth from VirSyn

VirSyn, makers of Addictive, have released a new synth app that combines Additive synthesis with multi-stage morphing!
This is pretty incredible, like a combination of Addictive and Animoog, with some nice sounding results in the demo video.

Cube Synth iTunes Description:

Cube Synth is a groundbreaking new software instrument giving you the power and flexibility of additive synthesis together with easy editing and morphing capabilities. Macro parameters allow you to control this beast with unequalled ease.

Intelligent sound morphing capabilities enables you to easily create complex evolving sound scapes, vocal phrases or stunning rhythms simply by choosing up to four sound sources from a predefined set. Then add one of the predefined envelopes and a unique, complex sound preset containing thousands of parameters is created! If you want to dive deeper into the inner secrets of this synthesis monster you can manipulate each parameter individually to get precise control over the sound. A number of high level parameters such as Brightness and Harmonic spread control hundreds of synthesis parameters in a way modeled after the inner workings of natural instruments.

Cube Synth gives you also a new method of getting randomly generated sound patches in a way you never experienced before: roll the dice! Every single try gives you a new unique sound patch, really every try, promised…


  • over 400 sound presets
  • four morphable sound sources
  • up to 512 partials per voice
  • harmonic/inharmonic spectra
  • arbitrary noise spectra
  • morphable filter banks
  • 3 Envelopes with tempo sync
  • 64 time/level segments per envelope


  • Uses programmable sequences with up to 32 steps.
  • Can trigger single notes and chords.
  • Unique randomizer generates Arpeggios with 100% usability.
  • 32 Arpeggios included, unlimited useer arpeggios possible.
  • For each step you can program tie, accent, transposition and note order


  • Chorus
  • Phaser
  • Overdrive
  • Ensemble
  • Echo/Delay
  • Reverb


  • Audiobus compatible (Output)
  • CoreMIDI / Virtual MIDI
  • Audio recorder with Metronome.
  • Upload to SoundCloud and File Export.
  • Audio pasteboard.

Buy Cube Synth on iTunes: $9.99 (On Sale, from $19.99)

Audanika Harmony Theory Blog Returns

After several months hiatus, Audanika is bringing back the Harmony Theory Blog with this informative video.

Video Description:

The major chord is the most often used three tone combination in musical pieces. But why? The reason is, that nearly every natural tonal sound contains a major chord in its overtone series. If you listen to a human voice, a trumpet tone or a violin sound, you will indirectly listen to a major chord.

In the following video I have routed a Nave sound via Audiobus to Level 24. With the latter app I visualize the overtones and filter it in a way that it become audible. If you listen closely to the demo, you will recognize that the first six overtones build a major chord.

Buy Audiobus on iTunes: $4.99

Buy Level.24 on iTunes: $9.99


Buy Waldorf Nave on iTunes: $19.99

App Sales: Musix Pro, iMPC, megamicron

Lots of app sales today, including some deep discounts!

Musix Pro just wrapped up their video contest, but you can still vote for your favorite. To celebrate, the price dropped $7!

Buy Musix Pro on iTunes: $2.99 (On Sale, from $9.99)

iMPC has been getting a lot of good buzz since the inclusion of Inter-App Audio, and today it recieved its first sale bringing it down to $5. Not a huge deal, but it might be closer to some people's curiosity price-point.

Buy Akai iMPC on iTunes: $4.99 (On Sale, from $6.99)

Following a comment here from megamicron developer Aron Allen, megamicron is now $50 off!

magamicron iTunes Description:

megamicron is the perfect companion for your Alesis Micron or Akai Miniak , quickly access the 150+ configurable parameters on your synthesizer and hear the results immediately.

This application is hand-knitted to fit the synthesizers specific MIDI implementation, once the synthesizer is plugged in, choose a patch in "programs" mode on your synthesizer and see the entire patch and all of its parameters laid out on your iPad.

Buy megamicron on iTunes: $9.99 (On Sale, from $59.99)

Cassini & Sunrizer Jam with Hardware

MATRIXSYNTH found this very synthy jam by, featuring Sunrizer and Cassini with a Roland MKS-80!

Video description:

In the video I have focused on illustrating how one might use two iPad synthesizer apps and a hardware synthesizer together including Cassini, Sunrizer, and the MKS-80. The BS3X is used as both the iPad interface and MKS-80 controller. No computer is required, but a simple change of cable allows for a computer to be integrated into this setup because the MOTU UltraLite interface and standalone mixer has MIDI I/O. In other words two MIDI interfaces are still necessary with a computer, but prior to this experiment I was only using the BS3X as a controller for the MKS-80 and bypassing the class compliant USB MIDI interface functionality. Since the USB hub was required I also added the QuNexus to the setup. This was dedicated to feeding notes into the arpeggiator in Cassini. The keyboard controller was split so that in the low end I could play the MKS-80 effect then tweak it with the BS3X knobs and sliders as it decayed. In the upper end of the same keyboard I played a lead sound programmed in Sunrizer.

See more at:

Buy CASSINI Synth for iPad on iTunes: $4.99


Buy Sunrizer on iTunes: $9.99

Korg Volca Bass: Sounds

Marc Doty continues his Korg Volca video series with this preview of the sounds, and an explanation of the controls, in the Bass.

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