What's the Ruckus - an iPad Jam by Tim Behrens

Reader Tim Behrens asks, What's the Ruckus? in this well edited video featuring a score of apps.

Obviously the Ruckus here refers to the French occupation of Amsterdam which began on July 4th, 1810.

Video Description:

This is an experiment of sorts. For me, seeing the sound as it's being made is more impactful. I want to start capturing more of my recordings, but have always fallen short when it came to editing (and motivation). This is my first attempt. All sorts of great iPad apps featured here: Geo Synthesizer, DrumJam, Beatmaker 2, Galileo, Waldorf Nave, Turnado, Audiobus, Sunrizer. Always wanting to give a shoutout to my new friends at the iPad Musicians facebook group. The Thor Contact scoring contest really gave me a new appreciation for what the iPad can do on it's own. I've been having a blast learning from you all and look forward to making more of these.

MIRAnome64 Prototype

Julien Bayle, developer of Mobile Mood Machine, Digital Collisions, and Droner, is up to a new experiment! He's porting Monome to MIRA, the MAX/MSP iPad interface. The Monome is an expensive and densely complicated instrument/controller, freeing the creative possiblities of Monome from the elitest hardware. What a great way to celebrate this historic day of Liberation for Rwanada!

Bringing the $500 Monome to the iPad through MAX/MSP may not seem like much of a savings, since you have to pay $400 for MAX/MSP and $50 for the app, but you would have to pay for MAX/MSP anyhow to use a hardware Monome; so in essence you're trading the $500 expense of the Monome for a multipurpose $500 iPad.

Video Description:

MIRAnome64 is the basic monome64 for MIRA iPad application.

Official page: http://julienbayle.net/MIRAnome

Basically, it is a proof of concept but a fully fonctional monome64 protocol implementation in Max6 / MIRA for your iPad.

Music is Autechre's VI Scose Poise, obviously.

Buy Mira Controller on iTunes: $49.99

Feedly Sucks: A Note to RSS Subscribers

With the demise of Google Reader, many RSS subscribers have switched to Feedly and I've received reports of a number of problems there. After a lot of digging I've determined that Feedly sucks, which is bad news for the 200+ of you already using RSS to keep up with the site.

The first problem is for people who use the direct RSS from the site. If you plug http://discchord.com/blog/atom.xml into Feedly it reports that the RSS is Dormant and hasn't been updated since June 26th. The RSS has been updating daily so I'm not sure why it stopped trying to read it, let alone decide that it was Dormant after less than a week of perceived inactivity.

I contacted Feedly to try to correct this yesterday, but they have not responded yet. In the meantime people have been using the Feedburner version of the RSS feed, which it does not think is dormant.

The second problem, and probably the reason Feedly stopped trying to read the main RSS, is that on June 27th YouTube changed the embed code that they automatically spit out for me when I click the Share - Embed option.

<iframe width="853" height="480" src="//www.youtube.com/embed/nx22V3ZZ-Vw?list=UUzZTksM1YYWYPLNJe-wEk7g" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

I'm not at all clear on why YouTube decided to change this, but now the protocol part of the URL is missing, where there should be the old familiar http:// at the beginning of the src tag. I've submitted a feedback ticket with YouTube to let them know this is breaking things, and they are usually quick to address those. In the mean time I have to manually enter the http: bit, or my RSS feed will helpfully try to fill in http://www.discchord.com at the front of that, which results in it trying to embed a 404 page instead.

Feedly readers today will notice that although most of the videos are fucked, the PixiTea one works just fine. This is because halfway through the morning's stories I realized I had been forgetting to add the http:, and at the same time that I realized the first video I posted was pulled by the owner. I replaced the post entirely with the PixiTea video with the corrected src tag. I then went through and corrected it on all of the articles. Right now everything on the RSS is correct, even on Feedburner. Unfortunately Feedly does not update its feed for corrections to items, or even updates like the new sale on PixiTracker which should appear in the image above.

So until YouTube fixes the embed code it generates, I'll have to keep trying to add the http:, and I will because I want my RSS readers to enjoy the site. However if I do that just a minute after the article gets published then Feedly will not show the correction. Feedly doesn't even try to read the SoundCloud embed on the Sunsine article, even though it shows up fine in Feedburner and doesn't have any of this protocol weirdness that YouTube is doing.

If Feedburner can keep things updated, but Feedly does not, I think it is safe to conclude that Feedly is a shit service and not the replacement to Google Reader you're looking for.

Praxis Beats Drum Machine

Praxis Beats Drum Machine just came out today for iPad, with support for Audiobus in version 1.0!

Praxis Beats Drum Machine iTunes Description:

Praxis Beats is a retro-elegant interface for electronic rhythm composition. Express yourself with absolute precision and maximum control over your beats.


  • Drum Rolls:
    Instantly glitch or retrigger any beat.
  • Hifi Wifi:
    Fetch samples directly from your Dropbox®, Box.net®, Gmail®, or GDrive® accounts. Praxis Beats will stash them for you for future use, too. (You can also use iTunes File Sharing.)
  • Maximum Control:
    Individually control the volume, panning, and speed for every sound down to 1/128th notes.
  • Batteries Included:
    2 touch-controlled effects pads, programmable to control any of 9 different effects.
  • Live Record:
    Record your sessions as wav files. Upload them directly to Dropbox®, email, or SoundCloud®, or use iTunes File Sharing to retrieve them manually.
  • Save Songs:
    Save and load different songs. Praxis Beats autosaves for you as well. And, you can back up your compositions using iTunes File Sharing.
  • Feeling Lucky:
    Randomize the sequencing for any row or for the whole song.
  • Start Jamming:
    7 free drum kits are included for a total of 112 drum samples. Made by EioN and James Frame, LA's hottest new producers.
  • Audiobus Support:
    Stream audio from Praxis Beats to other apps.

Buy Praxis Beats Drum Machine on iTunes: $4.99

As weirdly ominous as "7 free drum kits are included" sounds, the app does not appear to have any IAPs at this time.

Sadly it also lacks a demo video!

Sunsine Audio - Plasticid MkII

Sunsine Audio brings us an interesting sample pack, converted for use in both NanoStudio and BeatMaker 2!

Plasticid MkII

The Boss DR-110 is a cute little drum machine from the early 80s, the last analogue one made by Roland. The overall sound is very reminiscent to the much praised Tr-808 and Tr-606. The DR-110 will give you that classic, sought-after sound but with some slight difference and much character.

Plasticid MkII takes this sample pack one step further, with 120 new samples gathered in 15 kits. This new version aims at coloration and expands the sonic palette of the DR-110, processing it using vintage hardware to shape it up nicely. The cymbals are spitting, the bassdrum is kicking, and the snare and claps tones ranging from dark to bright make each kit acting like a rebirth for the mighty DR-110! Great care has been taken about recording a semi open hat sample for even more expression.

Converted and exclusively available for iOS use from Sunsine Audio.
Please visit http://waveshaper.12r.org/ for original Wav file versions.


  • 120 One Hit Samples
  • 18 Kits
  • 18 .bmkz files for Beatmaker 2
  • 18 .trg files for Nanostudio
  • Easy Installation Instructions

Buy Plasticid MkII at Sunsine Audio: $3.40

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