Review: Djay 2

Mojaxx did an excellent review of Algoriddim's new Djay 2 app, including the best pronunciation I've heard for Algoriddim.

Buy djay 2 on iTunes: $4.99 (On Sale, from $9.99)

iOS Update 48: Thor Polysonic Synthesizer

In this week's Sweetwater iOS Update, Mitch Gallagher dives deep into Thor Polysonic Synthesizer!

Buy Thor Polysonic Synthesizer on iTunes: $14.99

Poly for iPad

James Milton, developer of Caelestis, has released a new poly-rhythmic sequencer.

Poly is free to try, and comes with Audiobus, but AudioCopy/Paste and Virtual MIDI are IAPs, each for $2.

Poly iTunes Description:

Poly is a unique generative sequencer for iPad which harnesses the power of poly-rhythms to create intricate and exciting patterns.

Different coloured nodes are added to a circular area. The closer a node is to middle, the faster it repeats. Each node has its own sample, FX settings and keyboard. There are five available colours and up to 12 nodes maximum.

Poly comes with over 40 preset sounds, including a selection of awesome 808 samples!

Other features

  • Audiobus integration
  • Audio Copy and Paste (via In App Purchase)
  • MIDI sync and Virtual MIDI out (via In App Purchase)
  • Saving and Loading of Patterns
  • Recording of performances
  • SoundCloud upload and Dropbox upload and download (via the same In App Purchase as ACP)

Buy Poly on iTunes: Freemium

Review: Line 6 Sonic Port

John from did a short and sweet review of the new Sonic Port audio interface from Line 6.

Studio 1111 Promo ... WTF?

Twisted Electrons released a well produced and what the fuck worthy promo video. I hate people who talk on their phones while driving, at least when I'm stuck behind them. I feel very ambivalent about people jamming out some acid while driving though.

Buy Studio 1111 - 303 + 808 on iTunes: Free ($2 Unlock IAP)

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