Jam Maestro for iPhone

Jam Maestro crams a lot of impressive features in a tiny package, and is currently on sale at the introductory price of $1!

iTunes Description:

Jam Maestro is a powerful FULL BAND Tab sequencer, that enables you to compose using Guitar, Bass and Drum Tab and play them all back in symphony.

FOUR Instruments in one, Acoustic, Electric Guitar, Bass and Drums.

Jam Maestro has OVER 1200+ (painstakingly) recorded samples to get the most realistic sound. Each sound pack has been lovingly crafted until it was perfect.


  • 4 Sound packs: Acoustic, Electric (Distortion), Bass, Drums.
  • FULL fretboard (22 frets)
  • PALM MUTED equivalents for every guitar note for that heavy CHUG sound.
  • 6 TUNING options from STANDARD to DROP C. In most cases alternative tunings have been fully resampled for most realistic sound.
  • ONE TOUCH CHORDS allow you to forget tricky finger positioning and just play.
  • Create your own CUSTOM chords.
  • CHORD DRAW mode allows you to draw any chord you wish on the fretboard and play on the fly.

All instruments are FULLY SEQUENCE-ABLE and programmed in familiar GUITAR TAB format.

Jam Mode offers a jamming experience like no other found on the iPhone. Program in your BACKING INSTRUMENTS, then in Jam Mode choose which bars you want to LOOP, while you JAM over the top with your instrument of choice. ALL instruments are simultaneously recorded to tab as you play, meaning you can keep jamming out ideas until you're happy, and then PLAYBACK and post edit until your hearts content.

Buy Jam Maestro on iTunes: $0.99 (On Sale, Intro Price)

I was thoroughly impressed with the tutorial video, which is a bit long at 12 minutes but worth watching all the way through!

iOS Update Vol. 31: Analyzer and Measurement Mic

This week's Sweetwater iOS Update gets technical, with the Analyzer app and an i436 Measurement Microphone.

Buy Analyzer on iTunes: $14.99

Alex Hutchings - Discovers Geo Synth

Geo Synth developer Rob Fielding found this amazing jam on his baby, from Alex Hutchings!

Watch him shred on his phone... until he gets a call!

Buy Geo Synth on iTunes: $9.99

New on Audiobus: bleep!BOX, Drums by Asrodot, iFretless

The list of Audiobus compatible apps just got a lot bigger this weekend, with 3 fine new additions!

In addition to Audiobus support, bleep!BOX now supports the iPhone 5 screen.

Buy bleep!BOX on iTunes: $5.99

Buy Drums by Asrodot on iTunes: $0.99

Buy iFretless Bass on iTunes: $7.99

Drums by Asrodot was just released this month, so you may not be aware of this unique drum surface app. Here's a great demo!

DJ Supru Traktor DJ Jam

Traktor DJ already has a ton of user videos! DJ Supru's performance is among the best, fully utilizing the iPad's multi-touch!

Buy Traktor DJ on iTunes: $19.99

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