forScore Cue

forScore have released an iPhone app for controlling the iPad-based sheet music manager.

forScore Cue iTunes Description:

Remotely control forScore from your iPhone or iPod Touch with Cue! Connect to one or more nearby iPads running forScore 6.1 or later and you’ll be able to turn pages, go to a specific page, scroll up and down or toggle half-page turns (depending on each device’s orientation), and navigate to any score that’s present on all connected devices. You can even view a device’s screen* to follow along as they play!

*Performance can vary greatly based on environmental factors and network availability. A wi-fi connection is strongly recommended.

Buy forScore Cue on iTunes: $0.99

Buy forScore on iTunes: $6.99

PPG WaveMapper Update

Wolfgang Palm's WaveMapper was updated today with the ability to exchange wavetables with his other app, WaveGenerator!

What's new in WaveMapper v2.0.1:

All MIDI CC paras with GUI action
Added some important paras

  • 29,39,49 = Semitones
  • 85,86,87 = OSC-octave
  • 54 = Ringmod
  • 59 = Filter Drive

Wavetable exchange via pasteboard with WaveGenerator

Audiobus record punch-in/out corrected

Buy WaveMapper on iTunes: $19.99

More TV Coverage for Music Apps!

Following several radio interviews, Audiobus and Loopy developer Michael Tyson will be appearing on Australian TV!

This is some great publicity for music apps in general! Our little community may be getting a lot bigger as more and more people realize the hidden potential in the iPads they already own. This is also great fodder if your spouse is hassling you about how much you're spending on music apps: "Look Honey, music apps are serious business!"

Mike's set to appear tomorrow morning Syndney time, which works out to today for the rest of the English speaking world. If you're in Syndney then tune in to Channel 9 at 7:30 AM. If you're outside of Australia you can watch it live on MSN, at 21:30 in Germany (CET), 8:30 PM in London (GMT), 4:30 PM in New York (EDT).

Show is over, and although I couldn't embed the live stream I can embed this segment!

VirSyn microTERA 50% Off Sale

VirSyn has announced a 50% off sale for microTERA today... but it hasn't actually started yet.
Update: The sale is now live!

Buy microTERA on iTunes: $4.99 (On Sale, from $9.99)

The EBow with an iPad Demo

Doug from thesoundtestroom got an EBow, a gadget for guitars that allows for infinite sustains. Naturally in the course of showing it off, Doug has it plugged into his iPad to demonstrate it with apps. I really love some of the haunting tones coming out of this!

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