Algoriddim Djay 2 - With Audiobus!

Algoriddim has just released Djay 2 for iPad and iPhone (as separate apps), with lots of improvements to the popular DJ app. However, the most important new feature isn't even listed on their iTunes page: it has Audiobus support, opening up a huge array of possible effects and destinations for your mix!

To celebrate Djay 2's release Algoriddim are also giving away Vjay today!

Djay 2 iTunes Description:

Ready to rock your next party? Introducing djay 2 - the next generation of the word's best-selling iOS DJ software and winner of the Apple Design Award has been redesigned from the ground up.

What's new in Djay 2:

New User Interface
• Multiple Performance Layers: easily switch between turntables, waveforms, and the sampler to take your DJ performance to the next level
• Single Deck Mode: rotate your device to focus on an individual deck with larger controls

HD Waveforms™
• Parallel Scrolling Wave View: touch and interact with two songs side-by-side
• Colored Waveforms: visually find sounds, such as drums, vocals or base lines, using a frequency based color mapping
• Spectral Timeline: visually identify song structure, intro, chorus and verse for quick song navigation
• Slice Mode: turn the beats in the waveform into temporary hot cues and remix on the fly
• Slip Mode: scratch your music without interrupting the flow as it snaps back in time on release
• Beat-Grids: use auto-detected visual beat markers for precise cueing and beat matching

Sampler & Drum Pads
• Sample Player: tap any of the 8 sample pads to trigger sounds from the pre-bundled content
• Sample Recorder: record live from playing decks to create your own one-shot samples
• Custom Presets: assign samples, color-code individual pads and save it as a custom preset

New Music Library
• Song Queue: quickly build a playlist for requests and upcoming songs
• History Playlists: see what has already been played during your session and easily recreate a great mix later
• Instant Preview: tap and hold a song in the library to preview it before loading it to the deck
• Advanced Sorting: rearrange playlists by BPM, title, artist, or time
• Analyze Library: pre-analyze your library so BPM, waveforms etc. are instantly available when loading a song
• Light & Dark Theme: adjust your library theme for maximum readability depending on lighting

Advanced Performance Tools
• Perfect Sync™: seamlessly blend songs together for a perfect transition or mashup
• Loop-FX: remix live by swiping across the XY-pad for beat-matched loops with simultaneous filtering

Buy djay 2 on iTunes: $4.99 (On Sale, from $9.99)

Buy djay 2 for iPhone on iTunes: $0.99 (On Sale, from $1.99)

Buy Vjay on iTunes: Free (On Sale, from $19.99)

You may have noticed a huge gap in the stories posted today, and that is because a copy of Djay 2 landed in my inbox!

I immediately hooked it up in Audiobus with Echo Pad and lost track of time. The original Djay was so popular because of how easy it made the process of DJing, albiet in a simplified and dumbed-down sort of way. Everyone could have fun playing around with it. Djay 2's Perfect Sync™ continues this tradition by being far more than a goofy, and ponderously trademarked, buzz word. It really is effortless to sync up tracks so you feel like a badass when you're riding the crossfader.

Today I had such a solid bit going in Djay 2, while flailing my arms around in Echo Pad, that I cracked my elbow and funny bone! No shit, that was really weird! I plan on blowing huge chunks of the day exploring all the possible Audiobus connections available here. You could pair it with KoalaSan and start streaming out your DJ sets on Shoutcast!

Virtual Guitar 3

Nettuno has released a new version of Virtual Guitar as a standalone app. Virtual Guitar 3 is free, but there are unspecificed IAPs.

Virtual Guitar 3 iTunes Description:

The most complete and easy guitar in AppStore! Play just shaking your iPhone, do it in real time with other people, record what you are playing, customize and choose between a lot of effects and sounds!

The evolution of Virtual Guitar, application that has been downloaded over 2 MILLIONS times, has been thought to be played by everyone, amateurs and experts guitarist, at every age.


  • Strum just shaking your iPhone - iPad or touch every chord to make arpeggios
  • Create customized chords or choose between the over 100 already preloaded
  • Play in REAL TIME with other guitarists, thanks to a special chat!
  • Record what you play, listen and share it as tutorial. Listen to the other users recordings!
  • Share, vote and edit the songs
  • A lot of guitar effects and sounds interchangeable in real time
  • Hyper-realistic High Res skins
  • Lefty mode for left-handed guitarists

Buy Virtual Guitar 3 on iTunes: Free

Téhu Loop Session #19

Téhu shared this exceptionally dark jam using 2 Native Instrument Maschines (Mk I & Mk II) along with TB MIDI Stuff.

Video Description:

Téhu - Loop Session #19
Maschine MKI+Maschine MKII+Ipad

Ipad Custom Template (TB Midi Stuff)
Ribbon controller to Polyvok Station VSTi
X/Y to controller Master FX (Delay+Filter)

One-shot samples, no pre-recorded loops

Buy TB MIDI Stuff on iTunes: $4.99

Free Tuner Apps for iPad & iPhone

Panoramic Software has released a free tuner, with both iPad and iPhone versions available.

Tuner ∞ and Tuner HD iTunes Description:

High precision Digital Tuner!

Whether or not you're an aspiring recording artist, music teacher or student this highly accurate and customizable Tuner HD for the iPad is the must-have for you! LED indicators show the pitch deviation while a graph displays the sound frequency making it a highly visual tool.


  • Automatic or manual note selection modes
  • Wide Detection Range from A0-C8
  • Highly visual and intuitive interface
  • Selectable visualization modes
  • Proprietary tuning logic designed for mobile devices

In App Purchases include a Metronome with Perfect Timing!

Buy Tuner ∞ on iTunes: Free (iPhone)

Buy Tuner HD on iTunes: Free

Anckorage Spring

A bizarre looking, but feature packed and free, physical modelling synth just arrived on the App Store! Anckorage Spring is Universal and comes with Audiobus and MIDI, but without any audio or video demos. There is a PDF manual on the official site though.

Anckorage Spring

Anckorage Spring is a physical modelling audio synthesiser based on the simulation of a set of connected mass- spring, integrating non-linearities, fluid and static friction, mechanical limits, gravity and bouncing.

It is designed to be controlled by a continuous controller (like the Haken Continuum) but can be used with a regular keyboard or directly from the device screen or from other core midi apps. Of course a continuous controller will provide a much more accurate control of the model.

The mains ideas behind Anckorage Spring are:
• Being able to tweak real world parameter like Mass, Force, Gravity, etc. instead of tweaking usual electronic parameters,
• Not only try to mimic real world, but also allow very "unusual" things like modulating a Mass and changing the Gravity,
• Emphasis control and expression using the physical parameters,
• Open a new world of sound to experiment with....
• Have fun and enjoy playing music !


  • Real physical modelling sound engine
  • Fully editable physical model
  • 88 200 Hz internal sampling rate
  • Special Haken Continuum compliance
  • Playable by any midi device
  • Core midi base (therefore including virtual midi and network midi compliance)
  • On device touch control
  • Rich preset management
  • Preset exchange mechanism (through iTunes Share)
  • All parameters controllable by MIDI CC
  • Audiobus compliant

Buy Anckorage Spring on iTunes: Free

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