MC Oscilloscope

MC Oscilloscope is the latest oscilloscope to be released with Audiobus support!

MC Oscilloscope iTunes Description:

MC Oscilloscope is a powerful digital multichannel oscilloscope for your iPad or iPhone. In combination with an external multichannel USB-audio-interface it is capable to display up to 8 channels (per source) simultaneously. It also includes a multichannel full scale level meter.

MC Oscilloscope also fully supports Audiobus!

App features:

  • real-time waveforms of up to 8 channels (per source)
  • compatible with external USB-audio-interfaces (e.g. Alesis, RME Fireface) and stereo microphones (e.g. TASCAM, Røde)
  • add additional sources via Audiobus
  • select channels of sources
  • automated calibration routine
  • source display modes: separate channels, combined, sum
  • languages: English, Deutsch, Русский

Oscilloscope features:

  • real-time peak display and peak-to-peak measurement
  • automatic trigger mode
  • pinch zoom and cursor magnifier

Buy MC Oscilloscope on iTunes: $4.99

Bias Demo with Korg Volca Bass

Positive Grid will be releasing Bias tomorrow. This customizable amp modeling app has got guitarist rightfully excited. It is a lot of fun to dive into it and tweak up your own amp for use in JamUp or standalone.

Synth nerds should also give this some consideration! I've been playing with it a lot lately and getting some nice warm crunchy sounds out of both analog synths and synth apps. You have so much control over every aspect of the sound that I think synthesists will love it.

Rather than run it through the full JamUp guitar suite of effects, I've been chaining Bias in Audiobus to go through Turnado and Echopad to great effect!

Several folks pointed out in my Volca Bass video that the Volca sounded best when run through the Sunsine Audio Vanishing Point distortion pedal. I agree, and was unsatisfied with the distortion on Korg's own Mini KP2, but had a hard time justifying buying a second Vanishing Point. So I connected the Volca Bass to my iPad with a Rocksmith cable, and set about crafting my own custom tone in Bias!

Here is an example of the amp I created with the Volca Bass! I switch Bias on and off throughout the demo, and have annotated with SoundCloud comments to indicate what I'm doing.

Buy BIAS on iTunes: $19.99

iOS Update Vol. 60: Arturia iSEM Synthesizer

In this week's Sweetwater iOS Update, Mitch Gallagher gets very deep into Arturia's iSEM synthesizer for iPad.

Buy Arturia iSEM on iTunes: $9.99

Synthecaster Now Universal

Just a couple of weeks after Synthecaster was released for iPhone, it has now been updated as a Universal app!

What's new in Synthecaster v1.1:

  • Synthecaster now natively supports iPad, which can play up to seven notes at once.
  • The app will now rotate to match your device orientation (either Landscape Left or Landscape Right)
  • The range of possible row tuning intervals has been expanded from 4-12 to 0-12.
  • Note bending has been slight tweaked.
  • Dismissing menus by dragging from the bottom is easier to activate.
  • Fixed bug where presets menu would disappear after sharing a preset.

Buy Synthecaster on iTunes: $0.99

At the time of this posting it is still priced like an iPhone app! Here's a new demo from Daniel Resnick on iPad.

Get Lucky (Geo Synth Cover)

D Wave put together a great video for this cover of Daft Punk's Get Lucky!

He includes screenshots of his GarageBand setup to show exactly how he has his instruments configured through out the song. The video should also ensure this song is stuck in your head for the rest of the day.

Buy Geo Synth on iTunes: $9.99

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