Propellerhead Figure on iPad and iPhone: "Gnosjö"

Palm Sounds found a fun little video from Jonas "Gnosjö" Sveningsson. Here he's jamming with Figure on an iPad, and an iPhone.

Buy Figure on iTunes: $0.99

Mobile Music Advent Calendar: Day 19 - 10 copies of Thumbjam

On the 19th day of the Mobile Music Advent Calendar, we have 10 copies of Sonosaurus' popular Thumbjam! If you are one of the few people who don't already have this, you seriously want to sign up in this contest! Fill out the form below to be entered for a chance to win. Submissions end around 11pm (GMT) tonight. Ashley Elsdon, from Palm Sounds, will select the winners at random.

Sonic Touch #19: AudioBus & iMPC

The latest Sonic Touch is up! In this episode Nick Batt and Gaz Williams take a deep look at Audiobus and Akai's iMPC.

Unfortunately they get a few things wrong on the Audiobus front. See Sebastian's comment below for clarifications.

Buy Audiobus on iTunes: $9.99


Buy Akai iMPC on iTunes: $6.99

Rheyne Jam #69

Rheyne's been working on a new, more compact, setup and this is his first jam with it. I wonder if his Feng Shui is fucked up though, because this one is much more sinister sounding than his usual stuff! I am liking this Dark Rheyne a lot, so I guess it works!

Video Description:

Download or stream the audio at SoundCloud:

Live looping with Ableton Live and the following:
  • DSI MoPho Keyboard
  • DJ TechTools MIDI Fighter 3D in "MF3D Launcher" mode
  • KMI QuNeo
  • iPad running PPG Wavegenerator
  • iPad running Lemur, wirelessly controlling Ableton's effects
  • iPad running AniMoog, sending and receiving MIDI via an iConnectMIDI
  • iTouch running NodeBeat
  • iPhone running SoundPrism Pro, wirelessly triggering NI's Massive
  • 3x Chauvet Slim Par 56 (lighting)

All audio is passed through a PreSonus 1818VSL connected to a Macbook Pro running Ableton Live. All loops are recorded live, nothing was pre-recorded.

ReBirth Vs. DSI Tempest

Now that ReBirth has MIDI Sync, YouTuber inforlk hooked it up to his Dave Smith Instruments Tempest and started jamming!

Buy ReBirth for iPad on iTunes: $14.99

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