Review: Novation Launchkey and Launchpad Apps

Producertech - Music Academy put together a detailed, and very professional looking, review for Novation's Launch apps.

Buy Novation Launchpad on iTunes: Free


Buy Novation Launchkey on iTunes: Free

Review: Protein Der Klang

Performance sampler Protein Der Klang got the VJ Franz K treatment in this video review. I can't believe the app is just $5!

Buy Protein Der Klang on iTunes: $4.99

BitWiz & StepPolyArp Audiobus Updates!

StepPolyArp joins Audiobus as an Input, and BitWiz now includes full Input/Effect/Output support!

What's new in BitWiz v2.3.5:

  • Full Audiobus support: input/filter/output slots!
  • Add main output level slider (in Library menu screen)
  • Fix code update when deleting characters
  • Various minor improvements and bugfixes

Buy BitWiz on iTunes: $2.99

Buy StepPolyArp on iTunes: $11.99

BitWiz remains a source of great fascination and frustration for me. I suppose I should really learn Bitwise operations, but in the meantime I'm still getting great results with nearly random trial and error!

My latest creation, discchord Workout Mix-tape, even garnered praise from Madgarden's Paul Pridham; developer of popular iOS games Sword of Fargoal for iPhone and Punch Quest! He also makes a similar app to BitWiz called Glitch Machine.

Palm Sounds found this example of BitWiz acting as an effect on a beat in Audiobus. It is intense and loud, watch out!

Tutorial: Audulus as Audiobus Effect

thesoundtestroom released 2 videos this weekend exploring Audulus. The one here starts off with some spectacular sounding jamming in Audulus with iFretless. There is also a tutorial on importing user patches, available for free on the Audulus forums.

Buy Audulus on iTunes: $14.99 (On Sale, from $19.99)


Dyslexia Software MIDI MIND, whose full name literally means "MIDI MIDI Interactive Note Device," has been updated with lots of new features including Virtual MIDI In and Out.

What's new in MIDI MIND v1.10:

  • MIDI IN & OUT are separately selectable
  • Multiple MIDI OUT(s) can be selected
  • Virtual MIDI IN & OUT available
  • Keyboard function extended
  • More Octaves available in Keyboard output
  • Harmonies shown on Keyboard output page

Buy MIDI MIND on iTunes: $12.99

Apps4iDevices just released this video of the app, demonstrating how it can take a single note and turn it into a complex harmony.

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