Conductr Promo Video

Conductr got a new, and excellent sounding, promo video. Even if you don't need an Ableton controller app, this video is an enjoyable ride!

Buy Conductr on iTunes: $21.99

IK Multimedia iRig Pro

Not to be confused with IK Multimedia's iRig Pre, or IK Multimedia's iRig HD, the IK Multimedia iRig Pro offers a MIDI In jack on the latest iRig audio interface. This is compatible with iOS (30-Pin & Lightning) as well as PC/Mac. I find it odd that they only include MIDI In and not full In/Out. This puts it in a unique position among similar "pro" audio interfaces on iOS. Line 6's Sonic Port was quickly a favorite among guitarists because of the included Mobile Pod app and headphone output, but lacks MIDI. While this provides MIDI In, but lacks a headphone out.

The iRig Pro is allegedly available today for $150, but I can't find it anywhere, besides pre-orders.

iRig PRO can handle all of your stuff, from XLR condenser mics to balanced 1/4" TRS instrument cables for your keyboards and MIDI input. Whatever you're connecting to your device, iRig PRO has you covered. And iRig PRO comes with 3 connector cables: Lightning, 30-pin and USB, to ensure that you've got the right connections.


  • Balanced input for a mic-, line-level, or Hi-Z source, via XLR/1/4" combo jack connector
  • Preamp gain control
  • High-quality mic and instrument preamp, low noise, high definition
  • High-quality A/D conversion
  • MIDI IN, compatible with iRig MIDI cables
  • +48V phantom power provided by included 9V battery
  • Powered by mobile device or USB when plugged into Mac
  • 30-pin, Lightning, USB, and MIDI cables included
  • Comes with complete suite of music-making software and apps:
    • For Mac: AmpliTube Metal, T-RackS CS Classic mastering suite, SampleTank XT sound workstation
    • For iOS: AmpliTube FREE for iOS (including Metal W amp, Metal 150 amp, Wharmonator stomp, X-Flanger stomp after registration); SampleTank FREE, a sonic workstation with 48 additional exclusive sounds (after registration); iGrand Piano FREE (includes Grand Piano 1 with Upright Piano 1 and Rock Grand 1 available after registering the app and hardware, respectively). And with the FREE iGrand Piano app, registering your iRig PRO instantly removes the 4-octave range limitation giving you access to all 88-notes of the instrument as in the full version.

AKAI iMPC iPad Music Session

DJ Galactic has an interesting session with iMPC. I'm not sure what genre this is. Maybe Disco? Let's go with Fusion Funk. Whatever you call it, this is one of the better jams I've seen on iMPC.

Buy Akai iMPC on iTunes: $6.99

iPad QuNexus CV Out Demo

While a lot of people are using QuNexus to get MIDI into the iPad, Guinness2u1 is going the other direction and using his QuNexus to take MIDI from the iPad and convert it to CV for controlling his Roland SH-101.

Buy Little MIDI Machine on iTunes: Free

Novation Launch Control

Following swiftly on the heels of the Launchkey Mini, Novation have announced Launch Control. Also priced at $100, this little MIDI device provides 16 assignable knobs, and 8 velocity-sensitive pads to your PC/Mac or iPad.

Thanks to reader @Jumpercollins31 for bringing this to my attention!

Launch Control is a robust, compact controller with 16 assignable knobs and eight pads - ideal for hands-on control of your mixer, instruments and effects. Designed to partner with Novation Launchpad, Launch Control works with all major music software – and with your iPad. Use Launch Control's pads to fire off samples while you use the knobs to tweak filters, levels, and effects controls.

Launch Control and iPad

Use the Launchpad app with Launch Control on your iPad to trigger samples and effects, letting you produce and perform music straight away. Launch Control connects direct to your iPad with the Apple Camera Connection Kit (not included) and it's powered by the iPad.

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