BitWiz updated with MIDI and more!

Everyone's favorite OOH MY GOD WHAT IS THAT I DON'T EVEN AHHHH FUCKFUCKFUCKFUCK generator has been updated with MIDI and dual-X/Y controls. This update also adds background audio support, as well as SoundCloud uploading. I had to manually update this, it didn't show up in iTunes as an update for me, so you may need to revisit the BitWiz iTunes page to get yours updated as well.

Buy BitWiz on iTunes: $2.99

Here's a look at the new MIDI Control panel.

Embedded below is one of the latest songs from the developer, Kymatica. Nose and ear bleeding means it's working!

Make your own instruments for BeatMaker 2 and Thumbjam

Reader Marlow77 has put together a set of instructions and custom scripts to build your own instruments for both BeatMaker 2 and Thumbjam. This is awesome! If you've ever wanted to take the sounds you're generating with a computer-based VST and bring them over into your iPad, he has the solution!

BeatMaker 2

These instructions will only work in Windows, but some time in the near future he plans to mass produce a bunch of new instruments for both that will be available for download on his site.

All of this is freely available, but Marlow77 has a donation button at the bottom of the page. He notes that the proceeds from donations will go directly to developers... because he's going to buy more apps!

Clap Box Demo

There was a surprising amount of interest in Puremagnetik's Clap Box, but no example of what it can actually do! YouTube channel Music & Gear Tutorials took a deep look at the sound design options in this Clap Trap emulator.

Buy Clap Box on iTunes: $1.99

Samson Carbon 61 USB-MIDI iPad Keyboard at SNAMM 2012

Samson has expanded their Carbon keyboard line with a 61 Key model, for $150. The iPad "dock" on this thing looks like it is nothing more than a flimsy slit, but it is able to power itself from the iPad alone. Here is a little demo from Summer NAMM 2012.

At Winter NAMM we saw the Carbon 49 (chessy video), which is available now for $89.

Sweet Water - iOS Update Vol. 4

Sweetwater iOS Update is back, demoing the FourTrack recording app and Sonoma Wire Works Guitar Jack. Mitch finishes up with a few tips on getting an iPad 3 fitting to the Alesis I/O dock.

Buy FourTrack on iTunes: $4.99 (iPhone)

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