WWDC2013: iOS 7 Reveal

Apple is going to let people watch the WWDC keynote live for the first time this year, rather than rely on people pirate-streaming from their laptops in the audience! Or a puppet show.

You can watch it live on Apple's site here, starting at 10 AM in San Francisco.
(12PM Central, 1 PM Eastern, 6 PM UK, 7 PM DE)

Apple has strongly hinted that iOS 7 will be revealed today, and we had a lot of fun over the weekend coming up with rumors for it. Rumor submissions are now closed, but after the keynote I will probably need your help picking whose crazy rumor is closest to something we actually hear about today. The winner will receive a promo code for Nave!

In the meantime you can follow some of the developer attendees on Twitter:

Galileo Organ from Yonac

Magellan developer Yonac Software has released Galileo, an exceptional new organ app for iPad!

Buy Galileo Organ on iTunes: $4.99 (On sale)

Buy Magellan on iTunes: $6.99 (On Sale, from $14.99)

Buy miniSynth 2 on iTunes: Free (On Sale, from $0.99)

Galileo Organ iTunes Description (heavily abridged!):

Galileo's 11 unique organ types recreate anything from a leaky old 300-pounder to the transistor-most of the red boxes. The organ comes complete with three manuals, Scanner vibrato/chorus emulation, percussion module & settable organ parameters such as leakage, keyclick, attack & release and more. The signal is rounded out by a virtual-tube, Class-A inspired preamp, as well as a powerful rotary cabinet simulator with 3 cabinet types and multiple parameters.

Organ Features:

  • Virtual-Analog tonewheel & transistor organ w/ real time signal generation
  • Ultra low-latency audio generation
  • Virtual-Tube Preamp & Rotary Cabinet emulator
  • 3 individually configurable manuals
  • 11 organ types for each manual
  • Realistic percussion section w/ 2 attack algorithms
  • Adjustable drawbar & tonewheel leakage
  • Per-manual adjustable attack & release
  • Togglable Bass Foldback
  • Adjustable Brilliance for rolling off high end
  • 48 voice total polyphony

Additional Features:

  • Virtual-Tube Preamp
  • Wah/Autowah
  • Other FX
    • Ring Modulator/Tremolo w/ rate, mix & slow/fast op modes
    • Delay w/ time, feedback & mix
    • Reverb w/ size, spread, mix & pre-delay
    • Configurable signal path
  • MIDI & Connectivity
    • CoreMIDI & Virtual MIDI
    • Audiobus Input & Effect slots
    • Dedicated MIDI IO ports for each manual
    • MIDI Learn w/ over 130 control destinations
    • Use MIDI CCs to control Organ, Drawbars, Effects, Arp
    • External clock syncing
    • WIST
  • Arp
  • 240 Factory Presets, including a bank produced by Sunsine Audio
  • Recording


  • iPad 2 or newer recommended for best performance
  • iPad Mini compatible
  • iOS 5.1 or newer

Yonac sent me a copy to play with this morning, and I'm really glad they did! You will immediately find the intricacies that made their Magellan such a popular synth. You can shape 3 independent and distinct sounds to be played by the 2 keyboards and the foot pedals, and then immediately flip things around with easy to use controls. There is also a sophisticated effects engine, which allows you to remap the signal flow by dragging and dropping the effects in whatever order you want.

If, like me, you have no idea what you're doing with an organ; they have laid it all out like additive synthesis with training wheels. Unlike most additive synths you can only use logical harmonic partials, or Stops as they are refereed to in the app. If you have no idea what you're doing with an organ or additive synthesis there are a ton of presets, including 20 from Sunsine Audio.

Rheyne + DJTT: Jamming With iOS Apps

Rheyne teamed up with DJ Tech Tools to do an article on using iOS Apps for both production and performance.

Accompanying the article is this video from Rheyne, with lots of new video monitors to really show off the app action!

Video Description:

Rheyne and DJTT teamed up to make a great article about the best iOS performance/production apps out there - read and enter to win these apps: http://www.djtechtools.com/2013/06/09/great-apps-for-live-producing-performance-on-ios/

Gear list:

  • MIDI Fighter 3D
  • KMI 12-step (not shown)
  • iPad running Physynth, displayed on left monitor
  • iPad running Animoog, receiving MIDI wirelessly from the MF3D(displayed on center monitor)
  • iPad running Lemur, wirelessly controlling Ableton Live (displayed on right monitor)
  • iPod Touch running Sunrizer
  • Native Instruments Kontakt and Massive
  • PreSonus 1818VSL connected to a Macbook Pro running Ableton Live

Buy Physynth on iTunes: $0.99


Buy Animoog on iTunes: $29.99

Buy Lemur on iTunes: $49.99


Buy Sunrizer XS on iTunes: $4.99 (iPhone)

iMIDIPatchbay Updated and On Sale!

iMIDIPatchbay got a minor update, but a major sale with the price dropping from $50 to $30!

iMIDIPatchbay iTunes Description:

iMIDIPatchbay lets you organize your whole MIDI setup from one central point. Do you often divide your keyboard into zones to assign different sounds which might come from external sound expanders? You want to integrate your music making apps into your live gear? Well, then iMIDIPatchbay is definitely the right tool for you!


  • Create split and layer configurations very easily
  • Send volume and other control changes (reverb, chorus, pan) to your sound devices
  • Send program changes to your sound devices
  • Transpose sounds in octave steps
  • Filter controller data (sustain, pitch-bend, modulation, expression, aftertouch)
  • Store configurations as programs for later recall
  • Switch programs of iMIDIPatchbay from another app or MIDI device via program changes
  • Switch programs while holding down keys or holding e.g. the sustain pedal without getting stuck notes
  • UI which is optimized for live usage

What's new in v1.1:

  • Support for up to 4 master keyboards
  • Global transpose
  • Minor Bugfixes

Buy iMIDIPatchbay on iTunes: $29.99 (On Sale, from $49.99)

Ashley Elsdon, from Palm Sounds, loves this app. Here he demonstrates a clever use for iMIDIPatchbay, which is splitting his keyboard so the upper-range of keys are going to NLog, and the bottom half are going to Magellan.

Review: Loopy HD

Music App Blog just released a review for Loopy. Meanwhile developer Michael Tyson is at this minute in the WWDC nerd corral.

Buy Loopy HD on iTunes: $7.99

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