Clap while you Clap, with Clap Box!

In a bizarre bit of irony, Puremagnetik has released Clap Box, a Clap Activated Clap Synthesizer!

Clap Box is a perfect emulation of the classic 1982 Clap Trap. It is inspired by all of the cool sounds of the original, the same programming logic, plus more modern enhancements like MIDI trigger and BPM matching. So put a legendary handclap synthesizer right in your pocket or backpack and check out Clap Box today!

• Audio Trigger via your device's built in mic - just clap your hands in realtime!

Finally a way to clap on the go! Better get the Clap in a hurry, it is free this week!

Buy Clap Box on iTunes: Free (On Sale)

Gotye - Somebody That I Used To Know (iPad/guitar cover)

Everyone is feeling very musical this Monday! iFretless developer, Vito Astone, did a cover of Gotye's "Somebody That I Used to Know" with an iPad and a guitar. It sounds just as beautiful as the original! Thanks to Chip Boaz for pointing this one out.

Buy iFretless Bass on iTunes: $2.99

Rheyne Live Looping with MIDI Fighter 3D

Rheyne has a new jam video out, featuring DJ TechTools' MIDI Fighter 3D and Lemur for iPad controlling Ableton.

A live looping improv jam performed on a DJ TechTools "MIDI Fighter 3D." No phrases or pre-reocrded loops were used. Only single notes are being triggered from an instance of NI's Kontakt for drums, and three separate instances of NI's Massive for the bass, lead, and polyphonic synth. The bank-select buttons at the top of the unit selects the proper instrument in Ableton Live.

Tilting the unit to the right controls a low-pass filter on the synths. A backward tilt controls the resonance on those filters, and tilting the unit forward controls modulation/vibrato. The side buttons are controlling Ableton's loopers, and are also used to engage the master filter at the end of the song.

Lemur on the iPad is being used to clear loops and control reverb and delay on all four instruments.

Buy Lemur on iTunes: $49.99

VAEIN - Broken Glass

VAEIN has just posted Broken Glass, a new Live Remix of Philip Glass' The Four American Seasons Concerto. You can watch him doing his thing in this video. He's rocking on Ableton Live with an APC40 and the rarely-seen Konkreet Performer for iPad.

VAEIN even has his own Universal app, if you want to check out more of his remixes and DJ sets.

Buy VAEIN on iTunes: Free

Buy Konkreet Performer on iTunes: $24.99

SynthStation is completely redesigned in Version 3!

Akai has updated SynthStation to version 3, completely addressing all of my criticisms! Chief among those was the fact that you had to navigate through menu after menu to try and change any of your patches. Now all synth parameters are on a single page!

Glorious knobs! This is so much easier to work with now, and the on-screen keyboard is accessible for testing your changes! I did encounter one bug in testing though; it won't let me rename presets. You are limited to 64 presets, so if you want to save your work you'll have to save over a factory preset.

Buy SynthStation on iTunes: $1.99

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