Finder Drum Pads / Finger Drum Pads

I'm pretty sure one of these is a typo, but Amen Break and Bleep developer Alkex has released a series of new $1 apps that are varyingly titled Finder Drum Pads and Finger Drum Pads. Each app features a specific sample set, with both MIDI In and Out.

Finder/Finger Drum Pads iTunes Description:

Transform your phone into a ________ drum machine!

Play the kit's pads and enjoy the sound of the legendary analog drum machine, or modify it to the max in real time with the multiple effects!


  • 8 Pads, and an assignable ribbon controller.
  • 3 Audio effects:
    • Pitch Bend, Low Pass Filter, Bit Crusher.
    • Effects can be assigned to Ribbon Controller and both axis of the device's Accelerometer.
  • Midi IN: trigger the sounds externally
  • Midi OUT: control other synths with FDP's pads!

Buy Finder Drum Pads LM1 on iTunes: $0.99 (iPhone)

Buy Finder Drum Pads MPC on iTunes: $0.99 (iPhone)

Buy Finder Drum Pads Polaris on iTunes: $0.99 (iPhone)

Buy Finder Drum Pads RX5 on iTunes: $0.99 (iPhone)

Buy Finder Drum Pads TOY on iTunes: $0.99 (iPhone)

Buy Finger Drum Pads 505 on iTunes: $0.99 (iPhone)

Buy Finger Drum Pads 808 on iTunes: $0.99 (iPhone)

Buy Finger Drum Pads 909 on iTunes: $0.99 (iPhone)

Buy Finger Drum Pads SID on iTunes: $0.99 (iPhone)

Buy Finger Drum Pads Solton Disco 64 on iTunes: $0.99 (iPhone)

Buy Finder Drum Pads STYLO BEATBOX on iTunes: $0.99 (iPhone)

VJ Franz K - iMini Review

VJ Franz K takes a deep look and listen to Arturia's iMini, the Minimoog synth for iPad, in this video review.

Buy iMini on iTunes: $9.99 (On Sale, from $19.99)

First of Nine - Patience

As a cancer survivor, Licensed Massage Therapist (LMT) Hamid Shibata Bennett knows how to fight adversity. Patience. With limited resources, an incessantly chirping bird, and his CAMT Massage Therapist certification; Hamid put together a song on the subject. While most people would end up throttling the bird, Hamid "Oregon Board of Massage Therapists License #301" Bennett turns the chirps into hi-hats! Watch this vlog of the song's production, and then hear how the final track came together below.

Video description:

Musician and rare cancer survivor, Hamid Shibata Bennett, LMT, CAMT (OBMT #301) records music on the iPad 2.

Download the completed track here:

SoundCloud description:

Music by Hamid Shibata Bennett, LMT, CAMT (OBMT #301).

Made on the iPad 2 with Multitrack DAW.

Buy MultiTrack DAW on iTunes: $9.99

MIDI Studio Pro Sale

When MIDI Studio Pro was initially released I took exception to some of their behavior. They have since patched it so that the IAPs are less egregious and it is now on sale. Despite my own feelings on them, I won't hold a grudge that keeps a sale from you!

What's new in MIDI Studio Pro v1.3:

  • Fixed crashes when opening or closing layouts
  • Presets for Surface and Transport layouts (iPad only):
    • Pro Tools
    • Reaper
    • Reason
  • All layouts now are free
  • Purchases have been removed from the main screen page
  • New Layout (Program Selector)
  • Better knob reaction for Surface control (ability to move by horizontal and vertical)
  • Bug Fixes

Buy MIDI Studio Pro on iTunes: $11.99 (On Sale, from $22.99)

Livepad Demo

POJ Studios released this demo of Livepad, an upcoming Novation Launchpad emulator for iPad. Unlike Novation's own Launchpad app, this can be used like a real Launchpad via MIDI! This comes just a few days after the recent Touch Music Podcast in which we lamented the lack of these features in Novation's app. Livepad is expected to be released around mid-June for $3.

Here is a performance of KillTheRobot, the same song used in Novation's Launchpad S promo.

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