Humbletune Voice Bot

The developer of Sinusoid, Brother, and Nils, Humbletune has released Voice Bot and are giving away kinetic.

Voice Bot iTunes Description:

Voice bot is a real time channel vocoder. Using the microphone, your voice modulates the synth resulting in a robot like singing voice. The synth engine, also known as the carrier, comes with the oscillator shapes saw, square, pulse and noise and a pitch lfo. For the modulation part of the engine there is amplification settings for 8 frequency bands, frame smudge and sample rate, delay and flanger. There is also a minimalistic sampler and support for midi keys and Audiobus.

  • microphone input.
  • oscillator (saw, square, pulse and noise).
  • 8 band amplification.
  • frame smudge.
  • sample rate.
  • pitch lfo.
  • delay.
  • flanger.
  • self adapting input gain.
  • output gain.
  • core midi (usb/wifi).
  • Audiobus (output, effect and input).

Buy voice bot on iTunes: $0.99

Buy kinetic on iTunes: Free (On Sale, from $0.99)

Here is a preview of Voice Bot, with some developer insights in the video description.

Video Description:

This is my little test song for voice bot, sorry Imogen Heap for borrowing a few chords from you. This is a channel vocoder I have been working on, and I have been going back and forth, if I should release it or not. The reason mostly being that it takes a bit of effort from the user. Clearest I think the sound gets if you speak slow and articulate, in this sample though I kind of more sang, dragging some of the letters. Also, a mix of your voice and the vocoder could work too.

Update: Well, I have decided to submit it anyway, I think it makes some cool sounds. It should be available soon and it won't be too expensive.

Traktor DJ is Free!

Native Instruments' Traktor DJ is free! Both the iPad and iPhone version are just totally up for grabs!

Thanks to readers Bruno, Christan, GetOfaMahLawn, and Fran for this news! Fran also sent over this article from The Verge, which suggestions that this is part of a larger App Store 5 Year Anniversary; which also includes the hugely popular games Infinity Blade II, and Superbrothers: Sword and Sworcery EP.

Buy Traktor DJ on iTunes: Free (On Sale, from $19.99)

Buy Traktor DJ for iPhone on iTunes: Free (On Sale, from $4.99)

For all of the new DJs that start today you'll want to watch this walkthrough by Ian Golden and bookmark his DJ Tech Tools site.

Tutorial: Nave as Super Sampler

Ryan from iOS MARS did an introductory tutorial on using sounds from other apps as the basis for Nave patches. He used a similar process of recording his guitar to make a free pack of Nave presets.

Do not adjust your set! The audio cuts out at around 20 seconds, but comes back 5 seconds later and stays throughout.

Buy Waldorf Nave on iTunes: $19.99

Symphony Pro Update & Sale

Symphony Pro got its first update in over a year, but makes up for lost time with a big one and a big sale. Sale ends today!

Symphony Pro iTunes Description:

  • Completely redesigned and re-engineered, with an easier to use interface and a new app icon
  • Full retina display support
  • Create and edit guitar tabs
  • Up to 45 staffs per project
  • Multi-touch guitar and bass instruments
  • Many more dynamics, articulations, and expressions
  • Additional glyphs for entering chord symbols
  • Continuous horizontal scrolling mode and adjustable page scale
  • Improved project management. Lock a project to prevent changes or mark it as a favorite to keep it at the top of the bookshelf
  • Control the volume level of each track in the Mixer menu
  • Customizable track groupings
  • New backward and forward buttons next to the play button to jump to the beginning or the end of the current project easily
  • Toggle concert pitch on or off if there are transposing instruments
  • Recording mode count-in options. Looped playback now also affects recording mode
  • Built-in and customizable track templates
  • Bass guitars are now in the ‘Guitars’ category
  • Double accidentals and double and triple dots are accessible with an expandable pop-out menu on the main sidebar
  • Important stability and performance fixes
  • Buy Symphony Pro on iTunes: $4.99 (On Sale, from $14.99)

    Here is a review by Tech in Music Education.

    Alba Ecstasy INKONTACT - 85 Sunrizer Presets

    Alba Ecstasy has released his 4th Sunrizer preset pack. This one is exploring some very dark and gritty textures, for €2.99.

    Buy INKONTACT – 85 Presets for Sunrizer at Alba Ecstasy: €2.99

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