Superbooth 2019: Building a Patch in zMors Modular for iOS

MusicTech brings us even more iOS goodies from Superbooth! Here's an interview with zMors developer Sven Braun, showing off zMors Modular.

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Modular synth rigs call to mind tangles of cables, dozens of hardware modules and hundreds of arcane knobs. But what if you could build a modular rig on your iPad? Well, there's an app for that: the zMors Modular.

haQ attaQ: What is a Noise Gate and How Do You Use It?

YouTuber Jakob Haq set out to demonstrate how and why you'd want to use a Noise Gate, but the video made me want a Shure MV88. Damn, that mic sounds amazing for such a tiny package! The price tag is less tiny.

Video Description:

What is a Noise Gate, what is it good for and how do you use them? These are questions that I am attempting to answer with the help of Channel Strip, an AUv3 app from Audio Damage. Tired of that annoying background noise? Well check this out!


Superbooth 2019: Paint Your Music with fluXpad

MusicTech got a demo of the fun fluXpad, from developer Jan T.v. Falkenstein, at Superbooth!

Video Description:

Made under the label MoMinstruments (for founders Mouse On Mars), fluXpad is a sampler and sequencer where you create sequences by drawing on the iPad. The app has also gained high-profile devotees such as Justin Vernon (Bon Iver). We see how easy it is to make a sequence in this video.

Let's Play with Strng

I love Karplus-Strong string synthesis. It tickles my eardrums and brain in exactly the right way. My mini-series on Audulus was all about building up my own Karplus-Strong engine. Fortunately you don't have to do any of that, because Strng presents all of the vital elements in one pretty little package.

With the addition of AUv3 and a saturator this app has taken on a new life! So Let's Play with it!

Video Description:

humbleTUNE updated their string synthesis app Strng with AUv3 support and some other goodies! I explore it all in this Let's Play!

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Factory by Sugar Bytes

Sugar Bytes brought their modular synthesizer Factory to iOS! Unlike most traditional hardware modulars, Factory is polyphonic with 8 voices! You can generate those voices with a colossal collection of oscillators, and a deep modulation matrix. Factory arrives with AUv3, Ableton Link, and iCloud preset syncing.

The app is free to try, and is presently $18 to unlock via IAP.

Factory iTunes Description:

Made for complex and organic sounds, Factory sports a big modulation matrix with all kinds of features to create a wildlife of sounds. A vast array of DSP is ready to play: Analog style oscillators and filters, but also different flavors of wavetable synthesis, Wavetable driven Waveguide resonators and a 3-FX-Chain in a dynamic signal flow. With the Morph crossfader, sounds can be changed drastically, but always musically. The Preset Browser with tags and rating makes finding sounds easy and fun.
Don´t miss out on super sonic modular mayhem and check Factory today!

Key Features:
• Poly Synth with Mod-Matrix and Sequencers
• 2x10 Oscillator Engines
• Sub-Oscillator with Ringmodulation
• Noise Generator with 5 colors
• 8-voice VA-Sync, Wavetable, Waveguide & Fractal Synthesis
• 8x10 Mod Matrix with 36 targets
• Morph Fader, 2 States & Copy/Paste
• Envelopes and LFOs
• Sample & Hold Modul
• 4x Sequencers for all kinds of Gates and CV's, incl. 36 motion curves, uni/bipolar.
• Arpeggiator, Intonation engine, Scale Quantizer
• 11 Filter models & 3x Multi-Effect with drag 'n' drop signal flow
• Audio Unit v3 & Standalone
• Virtual, Network, External & Bluetooth MIDI
• Ableton Link
• MIDI Learn & Host Automation
• Preset iCloud Sync
• Preset Share

Doug Woods did a Factory demo, and embedded here is the official tutorial series for the desktop version.

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