StepBud Update

StepBud, the sequencer from Cem Olcay, was updated with the option to enable or disable portamento MIDI.

What's new in StepBud v1.2.3:

This version adds "portamento sending switch" to the MIDI CC screen where you may enable/disable portamento MIDI message sending.
Hides lock and skip buttons initially. You may show/hide them with their toggle in the settings bar.
Makes default gate value 0.5 instead of 1.0.
Improves the working with chords in Step Editor.

Developer Cem Olcay posted this demo of StepBud running in NanoStudio 2, driving Model 15.

JZN - Stranger in a Strange Land

Reader JZN produced a fun, bouncy, Instrumental Hip Hop album with Beat Maker 3 and a bunch of other apps. In the Bandcamp notes he mentions not wanting to call this Trip Hop, because that suggests a lower tempo, but this album is quite trippy. Lots of surreal elements spring out from the grooves throughout.

Pioneer DJ DDJ-200 First Look

Pioneer updated their WeDJ app today with support for their new Pioneer DJ DDJ-200 controller. This $150 controller will be arriving sometime in the next month for $150. The update also brings support for BeatPort's streaming service Beatport LINK, and SoundCloud Go+.

Digital DJ Tips got ahold of the new DDJ-200 for this First Look.

Video Description:

Pioneer DJ’s new DDJ-200 controller, which was announced today and which we’ve got an exclusive first-look video tour of for you, is a bold move into the beginner market from the company.

It has:

Edjing mix streaming
Spotify streaming
SoundCloud streaming
Beatport streaming
rekordbox compatibility

and much more...

Read the article:

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Atari ST - 1980s Reliable and Sophisticated Music Production

YouTuber Dan Baker explores the way you'd make digital music in the 80's on an Atari ST computer. This includes a look at a classic version of Cubase! To record audio he brings in a Fostex D-160 multitrack recorder.

I had to look up Fostex. Something in the 90's called a "magazine" (sounds like it might be French for Blog?) did a review for one in 1998. Back then a D-160 would run $5,000. They still seem pricey at $500 on eBay.

Video Description:

The Atari ST was the first computer to feature MIDI in and out as standard, dating all the way back to 1985. Smart thinking indeed....

Here, I put the Atari through its paces with Cubase version 2 (from 1989) and a Roland SC-880 sound module (a mere child at 1997...). Later on in the session, I include a MIDI timecode driven Fostex D-160 (also a 1997 whippersnapper) to record some audio over the top of the MIDI sequenced work.

The Atari works, works, works and still works. Its job is simple but powerful in the creation of your music. I've had it for 20 odd years, and it was ragged daily before that. Goodness knows how many songs it has made. At a third of a century old, it shows no signs of giving up...

You could think of it as GarageBand version 0.0!

Enjoy, share and subscribe to my channel...

iShala Update

Swar Systems updated iShala with 4 new tanpuras.

There are several other additions to this Indian music app from 2010, including a much needed UI refresh!

What's new in iShala v3.0:

- 4 new, perfectly sampled tanpuras
- choice between low and high octave
- create new custom ragas
- fine tune each note in a raga in cents
- play 2 tanpuras simultaneously (with panning)
- added new rhythms
- improved harmonium and lehras
- added Reset raga button
- added Tanpura defaults for certain ragas
- new polyphony slider in Settings
- do not stop tanpuras when changing sessions
- revamped UI
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