touchscaper Update

touchscaper, from Rob Jackson, was updated with a new probability-based step-sequencer! The update also added new sounds and instruments, as well as an updated user guide.

What's new in touchscaper v1.2.0:

• New 16 step probability-based pattern sequencer (touch, drums & bass)
• Improvements to arrangement view with sequencer integration
• Additional sounds and instruments
• Various other fixes and performance improvements

For an updated user guide, please visit

Hope you like this new version and that you're enjoying touchscaper!
All the best for the festive season, -Rob

There are several demo videos showing off the update on the official YouTube channel. I think this one sounds the best, but I've embedded the most informative video here.

Flux - Liquid Audio Update

Flux - Liquid Audio, the new rhythmic multi-effect from, received a couple of updates this week. In total there were 3 new effects added, along with other improvements.

What's new in Flux - Liquid Audio v1.02:

This version introduces two new effects, a Reverse and a Flanger effect.
Added a 'more' button which reveals a second page of options.
Other minor fixes.

What's new in Flux - Liquid Audio v1.03:

Added a new Grunge effect.
Added an option to remotely change pattern.
Fixed a few small bugs.

SchickaMucke - PsyTrance in Pure Acid

YouTuber SchickaMucke just dropped a bunch of new Pure Acid videos. This one is my favorite of the batch.

Video Description:

Ipad musicproduction

DigiStix - Feature Spotlight - AUv3 Plugin for iPad

4Pockets developer Paul the MusicMan shows off some of the features in his DigiStix Drummer AUv3 Plugin.

Video Description:

This video is a feature on DigiStix and the first of many which focus on application enhancements. As many of you know I often release preview videos of apps that are under development or have not yet been released but that tells us very little about all the new features I've added since launch. This is an attempt to address some of the questions I answer daily on questions such as importing and previewing clips, as well as some user contributions showing how people are using this app in some unconventional ways.

Virtual Studio Tour for iPad Music Production 2019

MobileMusicPro is a new YouTuber that's been releasing a lot of iPad production videos. In this latest one, host Vortex looks at his "Virtual Studio" of apps that he's used throughout the year.

Video Description:

In this video we explore all the apps on our iPad that we use for music production.

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