Let's Play with EG WaveShaper

Interface design is a discipline that requires a lot of expertise. You can cram a lot into an app, but can you make it look inviting and intuitive to use? At first glance EG WaveShaper seems like a stripped down wavetable synth, but it is quite capable! There are a ton of fun sound design options provided in a this little package!

Video Description:

Elliott Garage's EG WaveShaper is a powerful wavetable synth with a simple interface that I really enjoy playing around in. Let's Play with it!

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Les Productions Zvon: Silly Kit for EGPulse

Sound designer Les Productions Zvon has released a free Silly Kit of samples designed for EG Pulse!

Video Description:

Free kit for EG Pulse, designed to be played chromatically.
Samples are from the also free Mixed and Silly sample set (Wav files, Kontakt 4, soundfont). So they can be used in many other apps and software!

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Electronisounds: Making a Dub Techno Groove on an iPad!

Dean from Electronisounds talks us through his composition of a Dub Techno beat inside of AUM.

Video Description:

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"How To make A Dub Techno Groove On iPad!"

I show how I put together a quick Dub Techno style groove in AUM.

Whatever kind of music you are making - KEEP IT UP, Friends!
Don't stop making *YOUR MUSIC*!!

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Nu-Trix The Synth Guy: Eventide Rotary Plugin for iOS

Nu-Trix The Synth Guy takes a look at the latest iOS app from Eventide!

Video Description:

Eventide Rotary plugin on iOS
Eventide Rotary is now out! Yes Eventide on iOS.
Rotary is a simple efficient Rotary speaker effect plugin that runs in any AU3 compatibles iOS DAW.
Let me show you around this plugin!

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echo opera - when the seas change

Reader echo opera got some gorgeous epic grooves out of NanoStudio 2!

Video Description:

a quick little NanoStudio groove inspired by iPadBeatMaking on the Audiobus forum.

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