StageLight - DMX Controller

Stagelight is dead, long live StageLight - DMX Controller! Marko Seifert snapped up the now disused name for an app that is actually relevant to lighting on stages. If you need a DMX512 controller app then you're in luck. This one is free to try, and has a lot of different tiered pricing options to unlock features.

StageLight - DMX Controller

StageLight is a professional lighting control app for the iPad based on Art-Net (DMX512 over IP). The software combines the classic hardware lighting console feeling with modern and intuitive user interaction design. The user interface is characterized by ​intelligent use of available space in combination with a huge level of flexibility.

- 48 control channel (9,7" and 10,5") / 72 control channel (12,9")
- Individual control elements based on the DMX channel type
- RGB, CMY and fixed color chooser
- Adjust additional color settings (white, amber and color wheel)
- Adjust the position of a Moving Head
- Master fader
- A/B preset mode
- Scenes
- Import and export of fixture libraries, groups and scenes
- Fixture groups
- Flash & Black-out button
- Cues and Sequences
- Predefined sound to light effects
- 512 DMX addresses per universe assignable (full version)
- Supports up to 10 DMX Universes (full version)
- Flexible DMX address offset
- CAEX live view images
- Ableton Link
- W-DMX (CRMX), MoonLite, TimoTwo

The app contains a basic package with 1 universe, 4 lighting fixtures and 32 DMX addresses. With In-App Purchases you can upgrade to 10 universes, 512 addresses per universe and unlimited lighting fixtures.

- An Art-Net Node (Art-Net​-DMX512 adapter/converter)
- Router (IPv4)
- MoonLite, TimoTwo, Bluetooth LE
- DMX512 lighting fixtures or dimmer

Baccharis - Waterwheel - MIDI Mandolin iPad Live Jam

YouTuber Chris Hale did some impressive live looping with his mandolin and iPad. This one starts off quite slow, but it builds into a beautiful piece.

Video Description:

A 6/8-feel live jam with polyrhythmic tuned percussion, generative melodic lines, and evolving ambient drones.

Primary human performance components are playing the drones through the midi mandolin, manipulating them through the synth parameters, looper and gate effects, and the starting and stopping of the sequenced rhythmic and melodic parts.

The basis of the drones is a SynthMaster One patch combining a wavetable on one oscillator with white noise and a delay. This output is sent through the Perforator gate effect by Bram Bos and the Enso looper by Audio Damage. The electric mandolin playing monophonic though the i2M midi converter triggers a latched root-five pattern in StepPolyArp to hold notes indefinitely, which feeds into QuantiChord, building dense chords before entering the gate and looper. The volume of SynthMaster One (controlled with the foot pedal), its oscillator and filter parameters, and the output level of the loop are all controlled live during the performance, using the Eventide TimeFactor as a midi controller.

Tuned marimba-like percussion is an Axon 2 neuron drum sequencer pattern triggering the factory 'Waterwheel' patch of SynthMaster One with internal effects. An instance of Riffer controls the muting of the Axon voice channels while Atom Piano Roll is used to send a 'kill switch' sequence to Axon's voice channels, muting them all in series. The hi-hat is Axon's internal voice.

Several instances of Riffer running semi-random sequences quantized to pentatonic minor send notes to Animoog for the repeating melodic accompaniment part, and to SynthMaster One playing the 'Soar With Me ARK' Arksun preset as a lead voice. Animoog is faded in and out of the mix with a MIDI Mod envelope, and its volume also modulated with a Rozeta LFO. Another instance of Rozeta LFO with random modulation bypasses and engages the Riffer sequence playing the SynthMaster One lead part.

All parts were performed, mixed, and recorded live in AUM on the iPad to a single stereo track with no overdubs.

Mastering in Ableton Live with the 'Wide and Warm' plugin for compression.

recorded 6-29-20

VerySickBeats: Koala Sampler | Bootlegged EQ Tip

JFLIT from VerySickBeats has a tip for quickly EQing and tuning your samples in Koala Sampler!

Video Description:

Here's a way to boost certain frequencies to spice up your sounds within Koala Sampler by Elf Audio which is a dope beatmaking app for only $4 dollars at the time of this vid.

Sounds used are from myself and #verysickwavs sample kit available here-

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iOSTRAKON: auGEN X / Shaper / Digistix / Modley / Saturn 2

Reader _ iOSTRAKON takes us straight down with this unrelenting Industrial Hellscape!

Video Description:

Shaper and augen X brought this session to its knees
Vox: one take by myself rambling

SynthMaster One - NatLife Retrowave Sounds Volume One Demo

Doug Woods from The Sound Test Room shows off some of new NatLife Retrowave Sounds expansion pack, available as a $3 IAP for SynthMaster One.

Video Description:

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