Elastic FX Update

Elastic FX developer Oliver Greschke has been playing a lot of guitar lately. He got annoyed with the mess of pedals laying around so he packed all of their features into Elastic FX! Today's update includes a "preamp" section with a tuner, a new compressor, overdrive, and distortion. The update also includes a Big Reverb effect.

What's new in Elastic FX v1.2.0:

- Added Audioshare Export/Import
- "Open In" works from other apps now also
- Possibility to quickly record some audio in Audiofiles overlay
- Added Midi Bluetooth search
- New Big Reverb
- New Overdrive and Distortion effects especially made for guitar
- New preamp section (comes before other effects) consisting of:
- New Noise Gate / Compressor
- New Tuner
- Debugged Background Audio option
- Bugfixes and improvements

haQ attaQ: Top 5 iOS AUv3 FX Plug-ins for 2018

YouTuber Jakob Haq compiled a list of his favorite AUv3 effects that came out in 2018!

Video Description:

Here's my 2018 top 5 FX Plug-in AUv3 App list for iPad and iPhone! I was quite impressed with the shear amount of really good iOS FX plug-in apps that came out during 2018. Now I did test a wide range of everything from reverbs, choruses and multi-effects. I also tried out a huge amount of filters, equalisers and compressors too. Well as you can imagine this was not an easy top list to make since I only get to chose 5 of them. Check it out!

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AudioKit Digital D1 Synth Update

AudioKit Digital D1 Synth got an interesting update adding what they describe as, "kind of like Ableton Link, but, for Tuning." In addition to importing tunings from Scala files, you can now send tunings from Synth One to Digital D1 while they're both playing.

The update also includes more merciless teasing about AUv3 support. Folks who buy D1 before the big AUv3 update will discover they now have a Platinum Edition of the app. This entitles you to free expansion sets. To check if you qualify you can look at the Preset Panel from inside of the app.

What's new in AudioKit Digital D1 Synth v1.0.4:

Thanks for patience! We are always upgrading D1:
+ Digital D1 can now open Scala Files: On your iPad select a link to a Scala file ending in ".scl" and you will see "Copy to Digital D1" as an option.
+ You can now use AudioKit Synth One to send Scales to Digital D1!
This functionality is kind of like Ableton Link, but, for Tuning.
How does this work? Go to the "Tune" panel in Synth One. There's a new button called "TuneUp" (starting w/ version 1.0.3), click on that to open D1. You can also share master tuning setting.
+ New "Back" Button & Scale "Reset" buttons in D1 when using a scale from another app.
+ NEW Master Tuning knob on the bottom of the "FX" panel in D1 It goes from 432 to 440. If you want a wider range, you can set the tuning from Synth One

+ D1 now loads last used preset when restarted
+ Under the hood: Over 3,000+ lines of code have been re-worked as we fine-tune AUv3.
We are working every single day of the week on it. And, won't rest until we get it to you. We're in it for the marathon. We'll always be updating and adding cool stuff to Digital D1.

ONE MORE THING: If you were an early adopter of D1, we have a special gift. Your copy of Digital D1 will be upgraded to the Platinum Edition in this update. Meaning, you'll get all future sound expansions free for life. We've got a few great expansions planned this year. And, you'll get every one of them for free as a thank you for your early support and patience. If your copy of D1 qualifies, you'll see the "Platinum Edition" text on the Preset Panel after this update.

+ AUv3 Plugin functionality
+ Free & IAP Expansion Cards (All Free with Platinum Edition)
+ MPE support
+ Video Tutorial/Instructions on Using D1
+ More bug fixes and upgrades

The app will just get better & better - stay tuned!
Email bugs, music, & friendly notes to: hello@audiokitpro.com
We're working hard to improve the app for you!

Daveypoo: Aparillo & SynthScaper LE Ambient Backdrops

The Mobile Music Minstrel makes use of the new Aparillo with SynthScaper LE for ambient backdrops!

Video Description:

Aparillo and SynthScaper LE create incredibly vast sonic textures - here's how to take something so big and use it to lead you into or out of your tunes!

Support me on Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/daveypoo

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apeMatrix Parte Cinque: Multiple MIDI Controllers: https://youtu.be/4VcBoHjjENc

iPad Pro + 2 BeatStep Pro + Novation Launchpad Pro

Roller Chaoster hooked up a couple of BeatStep Pros and a Launchpad Pro to his iPad for this live jam!

Video Description:

Hi,i will try to upload more videos about ipads possibilities when I have time, and would be happy if the musicians add me, whose channels like mine. Here is a short video, enjoy it :)
Drums – Groovebox – controlled by arturia b.step pro 1
Model 15 - controlled by arturia b.step pro 1
Synthmaster One - controlled by arturia b.step pro 1
Drc - controlled by arturia b.step pro 2
AUM- controlled by arturia b.step pro 2
Launchpad – controlled by novation launchpad pro

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