FAC Bandit by Frederic Corvest

FAC Bandit, from Frederic Corvest, has now been released! This is the AUv3 multi-band multi-effect we learned about just last week. With the sleek interface you're able to select different frequencies and apply effects. Presently the effects list includes a Saturator, Lofi, and Ring Modular. More are promised in the description.

FAC Bandit iTunes Description:

• Multiband effect processor
• DJ style bands isolator with crossover control
• Each single band provides its own effect with mix blending control
• Comes with built-in effects: Saturator, Lofi and Ring Modulator
• Extendable, more effect coming
• Include various presets for inspiration
• Suitable for any situation, going from subtle to drastic change
• iOS Audio Unit V3

FAC Bandit is a multiband audio effect that splits the audio signal into three bands of frequencies defined by adjustable crossover points. Each band is processed independently by its own effect processor and the outputs are then recombined to produce the final effect.

Each frequency range is altered with different effects and settings that won't sound the same if applied on the full frequency range. As you have probably realized, FAC Bandit is a wonderful and powerful sound design tool for designers who want to sculpt new personal, exciting and outstanding sounds. Either in a subtle way, without compromising the original tone, or in a more drastic way.

haQ attaQ: Loopy and VOLT Synth - Live Looping Improv

Jakob Haq is exploring a new live looping workflow with his Korg nanoKONTROL Studio and 3 iPads! I really like the way this setup is laid out, with the iPad minis set to the sides of the massive 12.9" iPad Pro.

Video Description:

I’ve been using a wide range of Synthesizers and synthesis methods, both analogue and digital, for the past 25 years to make a huge amount of sounds. I’ve made sounds for my own productions, sounds that I’ve given away and I’ve also been hired by synth developers to make preset packs. But I’ve realised that I rarely use the sounds I make and I always end up making new sounds when I produce music.

So for once I wanted to see what would happen if I only used my own “finished” sounds, recording stuff on the fly. To do this I needed my recording setup to feel “organic” and instant, something that wouldn’t require me to do anything else but to press record and just play. It turns out that Loopy by A tasty pixel together with a thoroughly mapped out KORG NANOKONTROL Studio MIDI controller was the answer. I’m only using VOLT Synth by Kai Aras aka Numerical Audio and the haQ paQ sound pack (that I was hired to make) as my sound source. I made the drums with DM2 by Audionomy.

PATREON ► https://www.patreon.com/jakobhaq
INSTAGRAM ► https://www.instagram.com/jakob_haq/
DISCORD ► https://discord.gg/JTmQHAG
TWITTER ► https://twitter.com/jakob_haq
FACEBOOK ► https://www.facebook.com/haQattaQ/
PAYPAL DONATE ► https://www.paypal.me/jakobhaq
DEVIANTART ► https://jakobhaq.deviantart.com/

Stereo Lag by Blue Mangoo

Blue Mangoo released Stereo Lag for free! This is an AUv3 and Audiobus effect that widens the stereo image of a sound by adding just a tiny millisecond delay to one channel.

Stereo Lag iTunes Description:

This is an audio unit plugin that puts a small delay between the left and right channels.

Why would you want to do that? Here's why:

We recently saw a video interview of a very famous guitarist in which his guitar was delayed a few milliseconds in the right channel. It may have been caused by unusual microphone placement, or perhaps it was just an error on the part of the person who recorded the video. Whatever the reason for it, it sounded great. He was playing into a vintage amp with no other reverb or delay, but the sound had a wide stereo image that didn't sound electronic or artificial and didn't distort the natural sound of the amp.

With most delay effects it's not so easy to get a precise, very small delay on just one channel, but this app does it with just one simple control.

In case you need to modulate the effect, this plugin smoothly transitions between different delay time settings, causing a pitch shift while the delay time is on the move toward its new setting.

This plugin is simple, so we are giving it away for free. Enjoy!

iPulsaret Update

iPulsaret, from apeSoft, was updated with AUv3 support! The classic granular app is now able to play in modern contexts! The update also includes other functional improvements like a new Trim option, and Sampler Wave loop points. There's even a new preset bank by Matthias Kroh.

What's new in iPulsaret v3:

+ AudioUnit Full Version (AUv3)
+ Presets Manager show Factory/Library/User icons
+ Control Manager Search show correctly names
+ New Trim Parameter
+ New Max Polyphony Parameter
+ New Built-In bank by Matthias Kroh
+ New Sampler Wave loop points
+ Live Dry/Wet is now exponential
+ Improved UI navigation
+ AUv3: Offline Rendering in High Quality
+ AUv3: Where possible, the host will Display Logarithmic values

Doug Woods from The Sound Test Room took the update out for a spin!

Fexomat - Industrial Ambient

Fexomat takes us down the scenic path on the road to Ambient Hell!

Video Description:



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