ChordFlow by Dmitry Klochkov

ChordUp and Clawtar developer Dmitry Klochkov released ChordFlow, a seriously impressive looking 4-track polyphonic chord sequencer. Using a library of chords, you can quickly draw in new chord progressions, and it features a sophisticated sequencer with loop and solo functions.

ChordFlow arrives with MIDI out and Ableton Link support!

ChordFlow iTunes Description:

ChordFlow is a chord sequencer with a unique 4-track polyphonic arpeggiator, extensive chord library, MIDI out and Ableton Link support.

Use it as a songwriting tool:
Discover inspiring chord progressions and arpeggiator patterns for your new songs. Try re-harmonizing your existing songs using advanced chords from the library containing 50+ chord types.

Use it as a backing track tool:
Create a chord progression, select a looping mode and practice your solo on your favorite instrument or sing along with ChordFlow.

Use it for live performance:
Prepare multiple sections with different chord progressions and different arpeggiator patterns. Loop a section or a specific chord, jump between sections or chords on the go. Edit arpeggiator patterns while playing to add variation to your performance. Play in sync with other apps using Ableton Link.


- More than 50 chord types available.
- Intuitive tools for drawing arpeggiator sequences.
- 1 to 32 steps arpeggiator
- 4 tracks in a arpeggiator sequence.
- 3 sequencer looping modes: one pass, loop selected, loop all.
- Quantised jumps between sections.
- A song can be split by any number of sections each containing different chords and arpeggiator sequences.
- Songs can be saved on disk.
- MIDI Out to any CoreMIDI compatible app, USB or WI-FI
- Ableton Link support

Here is a fairly impressive demo of the app in action with Ableton Link. There are a few more demos on Dmitry's YouTube Channel.

midiFILTr-PG Probability Gate MIDI Effect by Arthur Kerns

Arthur Kerns released midiFILTr-PG Probability Gate MIDI Effect. Unlike his previous midiFILTr apps, which were designed specifically for Volca interactions, midiFILTr-PG is a general purpose MIDI Effect for Audiobus 3 and CoreMIDI. The app will mute incoming MIDI signals based on probabilities.

midiFILTr-PG Probability Gate MIDI Effect iTunes Description:

midiFILTr-PG is a Probability Gate MIDI effect designed for Audiobus 3 but also usable with CoreMIDI. midiFILTr-PG listens to MIDI input and based on random chance mutes some of the incoming notes to make a busy, repetitive stream of notes a little more interesting and sparser. It has four modes:
Gate Mode - One set percentage to be muted for all notes. Also includes Gate On Repeats (when a note passes through unmuted, also pass through X more notes after) and Gate Off Repeats (when a note does not pass through the gate, also mute the next X notes) to make things a little more interesting.
Note Mode - Each note in the scale (C, C#, D etc) has its own percentage chance to mute incoming notes.
Sequencer Mode - Every eight notes has a different percentage chance to be muted. Can also change the sequence length to be less than eight.
Thru Mode - Nothing is muted, normally not used but there if you need it.
If midiFILTr-PG is inserted as an Audiobus 3 MIDI effect it should be setup and work automatically. If you wish to use it without Audiobus you can toggle the CoreMIDI input and output and use it that way.

FM Essential Update

FM Essential, from Yamaha, was updated with, "Support for MX88 BK activation." The app is crippled unless you connect a pricey Yamaha MX keyboard. Today's update means the priciest of the bunch, released yesterday for $1,300, will also unlock the app.

What's new in FM Essential [US] v1.1.2:

- Minor Bug Fix
- Support for MX88 BK activation

The update arrives with a new demo of the unlocking process.

haQ attaQ - Midiflow Adapter for Audiobus 3 │Tutorial

Jakob Haq has posted a timely tutorial for the new Midiflow Adapter app that lets you connect legacy apps, or really... abandoned apps, to Audiobus 3's MIDI routing system.

Video Description:

The new Audiobus 3 MIDI routing system is pretty awesome. But right now most synth apps hasn't had time to catch up. So far we haven't had any way of really addressing this issue until now. Midiflow Adapter allows us to route MIDI to and from our older synthesizer apps inside Audiobus 3, by taking advantage of their core MIDI compatibility. In this video I am showing you a cool use case and also how to set stuff up!▼CONNECT WITH ME▼

ReSlice Update

ReSlice, from VirSyn, was updated with new choke groups to let your sounds cutoff others as they play. This update arrives with sales on both ReSlice and Poseidon.

What's new in ReSlice v1.3.0:

- Cut samples off using up to three choke groups
- Importing .aif wave files
- iPhone GUI: show sample position in slice window
- Bugfixes
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