Phi Metronome by Damian Speam

Damian Speam released Phi Metronome, an Android metronome that is so weird it deserves a mention here on discchord! The app is so customizable that you can throw in any kind of fraction and it will try to make it a rational time signature. Even when you give it irrational numbers like π and ϕ! You can even hear what π/4 sounds like in the demo below. If 4/4 is Four on the Floor, π/4 is definitely Pi on the Floor.

Anyone who reads the comments here with any regularity will be familiar with reader stub, and his affinity for exploring odd time signatures. I'm pretty sure even he'll be stumped by this one!

Phi Metronome

Phi Metronome is an app that allows you customize many of its aspects. The most prominent is the time signature customization, where you can input any top and bottom number (which can also be a fraction or even an irrational number) of the time signature. This allows you to play in time signatures that have never been heard before, allowing you to create your own 'signature' time signature. Some exemplary time signatures include: π/4, ϕ/3, 11/17, 42/6.9, √2/e and 7ϕe/2.3π.

What's more, the app can be customized visually, by choosing one of preset color schemes or by creating your own color scheme of the app, making the end product truly yours. Moreover, the sound of the beat and click of the metronome can also be changed to one of the presets available in the app, which apart from regular beats and clicks, also includes sounds of guitar and piano. Additionally, tempo can be adjusted using plus and minus buttons, as well as using slider, tap button or a keyboard, whereas the last option can be accessed on a separate page in the app and this is where you can input tempos which are fractional numbers.

Phi Metronome (also spelled as Φ Metronome) app is simple to use, as all the standard features of a metronome can be accessed from the home screen and all the features are intuitive in use. Despite that, the app is equipped with a manual in its info page. The app apart from music practice and entertainment, can be used as a learning tool about time signatures, since by trying out different top and bottom numbers of the time signature, one can observe how they affect the behavior of the metronome. The app is designed to work on a variety of Android devices of different sizes, including phones, tablets, TVs and even automotive displays.

For more info, to provide feedback, report bugs, requests or suggestions, please write an email to

Mynth 2.0 Update

Fingerlab updated Mynth with addition LFO destinations, and some randomization.

What's new in Mynth v2.0:

This update brings some exciting new features:
-LFOs can now trigger FX knobs
-Waveform copy and paste with drag'n'drop
-New Random button to create random presets
-AudioUnit interface scaling to fit window size
-Display of LFO progress above waveform when playing
-Random waveform button added to LFO
-Add arrows to the AudioUnit presets browser allowing to browse preset easily
-Add AudioUnit User Shared Presets support
-AudioUnit have now a Default preset with flat values
-Fix AudioUnit issues with state saving
-Help page added with shortcuts and tips
-UI graphics improvments
-Arpeggio tempo stepper bug fix
-Various bugs fix

For the next update, we'll be working on improving the waveform editor.

Thanks again for all your love and feedback.
Stay tuned!
Fingerlab team

Interpol - Evil (Cover by Joe Edelmann)

I found this cover by Joe Edelmann to be incredibly inspiring. He's playing all of the instruments, and his singing is fantastic, but the most impressive part of this performance is his engineering. Joe's recording and mastering on this are just amazing to me as a fellow amateur.

Video Description:

It's been a while since I've done some Interpol, so I figured I'd take a crack at this awesome song from the equally awesome Antics album!

If you like what I do on this channel, and want access to exclusive tabs and isolated tracks, please support me on Patreon!

My latest original song:
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Helium AUv3 MIDI Sequencer Update

4Pockets released a couple of updates to Helium AUv3 MIDI Sequencer over the weekend.

What's new in Helium AUv3 MIDI Sequencer v1.09:

Fixes an issue introduced in 1.08 which caused looping issues under Cubasis 3.

Fixed another stuck note issue introduced into v34.
Added a 'Replicate Loop' option to the note clipboard menu which duplicates a loop.
Added an experimental probability option.
Improved MIDI timing.
Fixed an issue with the octave buttons not rebuilding the playlist.
Fix for occasional crash when recording large amounts of data.
Added option to Inverted selected note colours for clarity (TAP and HOLD Menu for system options).
Added the ability to change both loop name and clip name in song mode.
Added a duplicate option to song mode.
You can now change the loop assigned to a clip.
Added an experimental 'Control Out' MIDI port for sending the song control data. It needs to be enabled (TAP and HOLD Menu to enable).
Improved clip previewing in Media Bay. Tap twice to preview, tap again to stop.
If loop is enabled clip preview also now loops.
Added Mute and Solo options on each track (TAP and HOLD the 'Track' button).
It is now easier to drag the mixer around.
Fixed an issue which prevented Program Changes from being sent.
Fixed an issue where a song wouldn't play if the remote control channel was anything other than MIDI channel 1.

Note: The 'Control Out' is an experimental addition to test linking Meteor and Helium to play synchronised loops.

Drew Froning - No Motive. No Weapon

YouTuber Drew Froning shares a Cyberpunk short-story and a song to inspire every young Cyber Criminal.

Video Description:

They came and collected the body from the alley. The medical examiner couldn’t tell us much, we needed to call a tech, the inside was more circuit board than organs, leaking mercury and memories. No motive, no weapon. Check the microSD connected to the ocular camera. Now we see it, there was a third entity and she was carrying power tools, this borg was either a bystander or accomplice, maybe even the victim. Check it for missing parts, run the serial numbers on its parts. And who is she? the only thing we have to go on is her lavender boots.

I started this track earlier with 8 synths and a slower tempo. It sounded too happy though, so scrapped everything but the drums, sped it up and focused on some cool bass sounds. I kind of want to dance to it.

Also, this is the continuation of a dream that I had while feverish after the 2nd vaccine, very much cybercrime. The track ended up not matching my intent very well, but that’s pretty typical!

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