hypnopad - Spectral Anomalies

YouTuber hypnopad is back with another impressive performance on his Wavedrums with Impaktor! If you missed his last video, it is definitely worth checking out.

Video Description:

hypnopad's demo song "spectral anomalies"'. Live improvised electro-ambient drumscapes. No loops or backing tracks are used.


iOS apps:

thumb jam (audio to midi conversion)
impaktor (physical modeling drum synth)
midi designer pro 2 (midi conversion)
music i/o (midi via lightning cable)


Macbook Pro
(2)Korg Wavedrums
Alternate Mode DrumKat midi controller
expressive e touche' controller
Focusrite Scarlett 6i6 audio/midi interface
Roland drum trigger (triggering impaktor)
irig audio interface
mio midi interface
shark pedal

filmed with an iPhone and edited in iMovie

iMPC Pro 2 Update

iMPC Pro 2, from Akai Professional, was updated with a ton of fixes. There's also some new features in here if you use the app with AUv3, or want to export your projects to MPC Desktop.

What's new in iMPC Pro 2 v2.1:

Here are the latest features and fixes of Pro 2! If you have questions, email us at support@retronyms.com. If you’re enjoying the update, we’d love if you rate the app!

- Export your mute groups to MPC Desktop.
- Customize the name of your project with emojis and other special characters.
- AU features include higher octaves and general AUv3 improvements for stability.
- Users can seek in Timeline and Tracks view by tapping the ruler. One tap sets the restart point. Drag for fine adjustment. Tap stop while already stopped to reset it, or simply tap on the left-side of the ruler.

- Spotify playlists may now be accessed again.
- Inter-app works at correct pitch on 48khz-based iPads (newer models).
- Fix bug in which Audio track automation could be lost.
- Sound Editor: Fix bug when trying to select first slice in certain auto-sliced sounds.
- Sound Editor: Fix buzz when holding down audition pad after performing certain edits (amplify, fade in/out, etc).
- Fix bug where new tracks could pick up a previous track's Mute and Solo settings.
- Gain is scaled properly for MPC Desktop exporting.
- Fixed FluxLink buzzing/crashing during overdub.
- Disallow deleting the entire sound in the sound editor (use the Tweak workflow for replacing/removing sounds).
- Fix bug in which all AUv3 parameters would appear in Timeline>Params if one automation lane was added.
- Fix crash when going from page to page during MIDI learn.
- AUv3s which perform disk buffering now render correctly during Mixdown and Stems bouncing.
- AU keyboard can now go to higher octaves.
- Projects now warn the user when a project is loaded with a missing AudioUnit.
- Fix crash on cancelling AudioCopy export.
- Fix crash caused by toggling between AUTO/GRID slicing when in the middle of an edit.
- Fix unicode-related crash when exporting to MPC Desktop.
- MPCPro Pack selector automatically dismissed when switching from drum track to another type.
- Fix unresponsive note grid pulldown in audio tracks.
- Strict enforcement of monophonic pad behavior in 16 levels mode.
- Audio tracks no longer echo the old recording as you record over it
- Last remaining sequence in song is cleared if user attempts to delete it.

Casual Chris - Relax, It's Legal

YouTuber Casual Chris Music needs to relax. He's up at 3 AM in Maui, because he's freaking out about waves. He spent that time making some amazing sounding House in BeatMaker 3!

Video Description:

Relax, It's Legal, made with Beatmaker 3 in Maui

From the Big Dreams, Bigger Kahuna album. This song was made at 3 AM in Maui. I was the only one awake while I was in Hawaii with a bunch of people who went to sleep early each night. It was a crazy night, the waves were crashing against the beach pretty hard. I couldn't sleep because I felt like the big wave was coming. I gained a new found respect for the ocean after this night. We could all get wiped away by this big body of water... but relax.. its legal! The melody was created on my way to get some burritos. I found something catchy and recorded it. Turned out to be my favorite part of the song.

I am a dedicated "on the go" iPad music producer. I share my workflow, tips on how I stay creative, tutorials on plugins I use, and my music. If you like what I do and represent please subscribe to my channel it helps in a major way. We found each other at the right time! Feel free to drop a comment and I'll get back to you ASAP.
Thank you - Casual Chris

click the link below to find my music elsewhere

Free emotion wheel producer kit

The Sound Test Room: BLEASS filter AUv3 Pre-Release Demo

Doug Woods from The Sound Test Room did a live stream to show off the upcoming BLEASS filter AUv3.

Video Description:

Please help support thesoundtestroom by becoming a Patreon for as little as $1 a month.
You will also have access to exclusive Patreon only content and videos.


If you would like to make a donation to help support me and Jo you can use this easy link below.
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Metallica - Nothing Else Matters (Indian Instrumental Cover)

I usually only feature IndianRaga when they have Mahesh doing his thing on GeoShred, but this might just be my favorite version of my favorite Metallica song. Stick with it to the bowed Sarod solo!

Video Description:

To invite this group for a live concert, please visit https://indianraga.com/live or email info@indianraga.com

Nothing Else Matters, a reimagined Indian classical instrumental cover of the 1992 song by the American heavy metal band Metallica. Written by the lead singer and rhythm guitarist James Hetfield, the song has been covered many times including by Shakira. This IndianRaga version has a strong Indian classical rock touch to it that blends Carnatic, Hindustani and Western classical notes. Bringing together a complex mix of instruments and arrangement are Kavitha Jayaraman (Veena, Carnatic), Makheer Singh (Taus, Hindustani), Bharath Namboothiry (Ghatam, Carnatic), Mayukha Kashyap (Violin, Western Classical), Mahesh Raghvan (iPad & Music Production), Nagaari (Guitar & Music Production).

The artists can be reached at
Kavitha Jayaraman


Mayukha Kashyap

Makheer Singh
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/makheer_singh

Bharath Namboothiry

Mahesh Raghvan
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/raghvanmahesh/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/followingma...

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