KORG Gadget 3.0 Update

The long-awaited KORG Gadget 3.0 update has arrived! On iOS this means we get 3 free Gadgets. 2 specific to audio recording, and a new drum machine called Recife! The macOS version of Gadget was also released today and is available on the KORG Shop for $200. Reader El Jeffe reports that there have been problems with purchasing it, but that could just be the webserver overloaded. Here is how Korg describes the new Gadgets:


Universal Audio Recorder

This is a universal audio gadget designed like a vintage tape recorder, but with a stylish modern appearance which everyone will love. You can import audio files and record vocals, acoustic guitar or other acoustic instruments into your audio track for easy replay. It features 26 different effects including compressor, EQ, filters, and reverb. It's the all-around useful solution for your audio recordings.


Guitar Effect Processor

This immensely inspiring guitar amp Gadget gives you the unmistakable depth and atmosphere of a guitar amp. Connect it to your iPhone, iPad, or Mac and you can riff, perform, and record to your heart's content. Offers 30 different presets faithfully modeled using 19 different amps ranging from vintage to modern high-gain, 12 different cabinets, and 24 different effects pedals.


Futuristic Drum Module

This retro-futurist drum gadget provides 16 pads and incredible sounds to satisfy your beat-making needs. Create powerful sounds at will with our meticulously crafted vintage rhythm machine, which features acoustic drums, sound effects, and different beats. Provides 30 different kits that are battle-ready for a broad array of genres.

On iOS we also get support for AudioShare and Ableton Live Export! If you're missing any of KORG's other apps that offer Gadget gadgets, you can pick them up today on sale!

What's new in KORG Gadget v3.0.0:

• Two new gadgets provide long-awaited audio recording.
• “Recife” - A new powerful drum gadget with 16 pads.
• Supports music sharing service "Allihoopa". http://allihoopa.com/
• Supports exporting plug-in data with Ableton Live Export.
• Supports audio document manager “AudioShare”.
• Other improvements have been made to enhance stability.

Deep Synth : FM Synthesizer by Aleksandar Mlazev

Aleksandar Mlazev, developer of Harmoinzer and Sonic Synth, has released Deep Synth : FM Synthesizer. This Universal iOS synth lets you create your own custom waveforms, which is going to be intense when you use them in FM synthesis! I'm going to have to check this one out!

While the app includes support for external MIDI instruments; it does not have AUv3, nor Audiobus/IAA.

Deep Synth : FM Synthesizer iTunes Description:

Deep Synth is innovative FM synthesizer with powerful features.
You can create fully custom wave forms in real time.

The synth also has:
- simple envelope filter
- reverb effect
- tremolo sound effect
- hair - high frequency modulation.
- 5 points wave form modulation
- polyphonic keyboard
- 5 octaves range selector
- point vibe to make your wave dynamic
- supports MIDI keyboards via USB (full velocity and pitch shift support)

The sound generator inside the synthesizer is producing the exact wave form as the one you have created.
You can control the position and width of the picks in real time.

The synth app has fast and capable piano keyboard. It is fully polyphonic and you can play in 5 octaves.

Presently the only video available for Deep Synth is an earlier test video.

App Sales: Holy Shit!

In a rare turn of events both Cubasis 2 and Korg's Gadget are on sale! Included in the Korg sale are all of the apps that can be used inside of Gadget as their own individual gadgets, so if you're missing any now is a good time to stock up. MIDI Designer Pro 2 is also on sale for $10 off, and fluXpad is $1 cheaper!

To help celebrate the sales, here's a fantastic "1 man band Radiohead cover" of Paranoid Android by John Keffer. His Pyramid Song cover is pretty good too!

Dhalang MG Updated with Ableton Link

Dhalang MG, from Joel Kivelä, was updated with "experimental" Ableton Link support! That's a pretty handy feature in any sequenced app, even if it is just experimental.

What's new in Dhalang MG v2.7:

- Ableton Link support (experimental)
- SubTime looping for Control/automation sequencer.
- Vector settings added to State Machine automation.
- Sequencer logic fixes and improvements.
- Compressor parameters change more smoothly.
- UI fixes.

Daft Punk - Something About Us (KORG Gadget & iDS-10)

Reader Carole let me know about this impressive Daft Punk cover by POGPALE, using Gadget and iDS-10!

Video Description:

Daft Punk - Something About Us
Cover by POGPALE

KORG Gadget
E.Piano : Montreal
Brass : Phoenix
Guitar : Darwin
Bass : Madrid
Drums : Gladstone

Vocal : Voice Synthesizer

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