Multiband Haas Effect Double-Feature

YouTubers Gavinski’s Tutorials and The Sound Test Room both did videos for the new Multiband Haas Effect.

Video Description:

This effect can widen the stereo field. Even of mono sources! (Listen to this with headphones or on a decent soundsystem, though on an iPad Pro, which has multiple speakers, the effect should also be clearly audible.)

From the App Store: Haas effect is a micro-delay applied to either the left or right channel of audio (but not both). This simple effect creates a realistic and natural-sounding increase in the width of the stereo field that still sounds good when mixed back to mono. It is the most simple and effective way to take a mono input and make it sound like stereo. But Haas effect has some problems. First, it can create phase cancellation problems in the bass frequencies, causing them to loose volume. Second, it can sound a bit artificial at high frequencies. This multi-band Haas effect plugin is a simple way to get the stereo width you need in the midrange frequencies without loosing the impact of the bass or making the treble sound phasey. You select any number from one to four bands, each with its own separate Haas delay setting and adjustable crossover frequencies. This makes mono audio sound wide and spacious while preserving the original tone and spectrum transparently.

Video Description:

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Ken Karsh - Eventide Nembrini Lumbeat Ambient Improv

YouTuber Ken Karsh did some nicely chilled jamming on guitar into his iPad! This is really excellent!

Video Description:

It IS possible to get a beautiful Jazz tone with Nembrini’s CaliReverb. Combine CaliReverb in AUM with Eventide’s new ShimmerVerb, add Lumbeat’s excellent Mid East Drummer, record into Quantiloop Pro and, to no surprise, inspiration occurs! This was meant to be a demo of CaliReverb and ShimmerVerb and it turned into an ambient improv. Oh, and I may have had too much fun with the visuals in LumaFusion! Hope you enjoy this as much as I enjoyed making it.

AUM Basics: How to Layer Keyboards

YouTuber Logan J. Smith shows us how to use MIDI Tools to create splits and zone layering in AUM. This allows you to control multiple apps in different ways from the same MIDI channel. This is great for thickening up one section of your keyboard with layered apps, or restrict a specific app to only listen to notes in a limited region. Logan is also celebrating his 500th subscriber!

Video Description:

This video shows how to use AUM to layer synths to be played with one keyboard like you might do with Logic Pro and Mainstage. Enjoy!

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Preview: miRack Standalone Beta Multi-out Sync to AUM

YouTuber bobbfett.musiclab is doing some wild experiments with a beta build for miRack. Here he is trying to sync the app running standalone with AUv3 instruments in AUM, using the new Multi-out coming in the next version of miRack.

Video Description:

Testing if it’s possible to sync standalone beta multi channel out miRack with AUM and still get output in AUM for effects. Input works great, here I’m sending in the envelope to the oscilloscope. In AUM im sending Augen x noice out to a sample & hold. I got correct sync if I set clocked to p4, and I’m sending midi clock to miRack. Using es-9, and es-5

Memory Backwards: Fragment Looper for Drambo

YouTuber Ben Richards shares another free Drambo invention, Memory Backwards! You can hear him play a guitar through this fragment looper, and in this embedded video he goes deep explaining it.

Video Description:

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