Primer Synth by Audible Genius

Last month an update to Syntorial removed Audiobus and IAA, but promised a new app with AUv3 would be coming soon. This weekend Audible Genius delivered with the release of Primer Synth. This app is intended to be the essence of subtractive synthesis in a simple interface. And it is totally free!

Primer synth iTunes Description:

Primer is a synth equipped with the most essential controls and nothing more. Created by Audible Genius, it is an exact replica of the synth used in their award-winning synthesizer training app, Syntorial. As such, Primer contains the most common controls found on most subtractive/analogue synths, allowing for a wide variety of patches and sounds, while presenting a simple and easy-to-understand interface and layout.

Included with the Primer app is the AUV3 App Extension, allowing you to open multiple instances of Primer inside popular DAW apps like Garageband, Cubasis, and AudioBus.


- Subtractive synthesis.
- Three Oscillators (Two with Waveform, Pitch, Pulse Width, and Mix controls, and a Sub oscillator with Waveform and Volume controls).
- Saw, Pulse, Triangle and Sine waveforms.
- FM knob.
- Noise Oscillator.
- Oscillator Sync.
- Filter (Low, Band and High Pass) with Resonance and Key Tracking.
- ADSR Filter Envelope.
- ADSR Amp Envelope.
- AD Modulation Envelope.
- LFO with four waveforms, seven destinations, rate, amount, trigger, and mono/poly modes.
- Mono, Legato and Poly Voice Modes.
- Portamento.
- Unison with Voice, Detune and Spread controls.
- Ring Modulation.
- Distortion, Chorus, Phaser, Delay, and Reverb effects.
- Mod Wheel, Pitch Wheel and Velocity controls.

Doug Woods from thesoundtestroom has already recorded a demo for the new app!

Electronisounds - There Are No Rules!

Dean from Electronisounds has got an impressive hybrid live jam setup with 2 iPads and an Akai MPC Live. For this performance he's using BeatMaker 3, and RE-1 is adding some dub delay as a send effect from his mixer. The "vocals" on this are samples from Christian Vance in a Sonic Academy tutorial, with the role of female counterpart played by Dean's wife!

Video Description:

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Turnado Update

Sugar Bytes updated their multi-effect Turnado with AUv3 in June. This weekend they built upon that with the ability to use the X/Y pads when Turnado is hosted as an AUv3 effect.

What's new in Turnado v1.5.4:

• XY Pads are now available in the Audio Unit version
• iOS Share menu added (Export your presets and audiofiles to share them to other devices.)
• Load presets and audio samples from the Files app
• Fixed an issue with the preset menu

thesoundtestroom: Shaper - Smart Audio Destroyer AUv3 Effect

Doug Woods from thesoundtestroom takes a look at Shaper, the AUv3 multi-effect released last year.

Video Description:

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SpaceCraft Granular Synth Update

SpaceCraft Granular Synth, from Mark Watt, can now be loaded as an AUv3 instrument. Today's update also adds Dropbox and Google Drive support, as well as address an iOS 12 bug with the Files app.

What's new in SpaceCraft Granular Synth v1.0.7:

- File saving/loading stability updates:
- iOS12 files app freezing fixed
- Dropbox and Google Drive supported
- Can now be loaded as AUv3 Instrument* (not supported in GarageBand)
- IAA now available again in GarageBand

* Audio input cannot be recorded when loaded as an AUv3 instrument, if you want to record audio input please load as an effect (this is a fundamental limitation of AUv3 instruments in general)
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