Let's Play with Volt

YouTuber Me was feeling pretty bad for Numerical Audio. They've brought us some fantastic effects in the past, but on the week they decided to release their first iOS synth... Moog released Minimoog. I felt Volt deserved some more attention, because Numerical Audio included some of their excellent effects built-in.

Video Description:

Volt is a new iPad synth app with AUv3, Audiobus, and MIDI Polyphonic Expression (MPE) ... but you might have missed it because it came out the same week as Minimoog! I thought it deserved some attention, because Numerical Audio's built-in effects make for instantly satisfying patches.

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LayR-Multi Timbral Synthesizer Update

Living Memory Software released a major update to LayR today! This excellent synth app now features AUv3 support! There have also been a lot of improvements to the UI.

I received an email from reader Perry, who points out that UI refresh does not improve readability or contrast. I'm inclined to agree. I'm starting to worry about my own vision going. I can sympathize with people who don't want to have to reach for reading glasses to use a music app.

Contest: I have 2 copies of LayR to give away. Register and comment here for a chance to win!

What's new in LayR-Multi Timbral Synthesizer v1.2:

- Audio Unit v3.
- New App Icon.
- New look for User Interface.
- PDF Manual ( please read it! ).
- An optional "Light" colour scheme.
- More new presets!

- Zoomable, scrollable editor.
- Shortcut buttons to quickly zoom to locations in the Layer Editor.
- Presets shared between instances and with stand-alone app.

- A slider strip for each chanel groups Instrument levels while maintaining relative volumes.
- A slider for every MIDI controller assigned in the current Performance.
- Slider strips can renamed or hidden from the mixer panel.
- Query which instrument/layer/dial any MIDI controllers have been assigned to in the current Performance.
- Optionally transmit CCs to the MIDI output port.

- Clearly labelled controls.
- Double tap or pinch on the background to zoom the UI.
- New Mod Matrix for routing modulation sources to any destination.
- New Oscillator mode providing coarse/fine tuning and improved FM with a much greater range.
- New "Fixed" oscillator mode to decouple the oscillator from MIDI notes.
- New "Sync" mode for LFOs keeps LFOs in all playing voices synced to the same phase.
- Dials: Increased accuracy and threshold between vertical and horizontal tracking (coarse/fine).

- Every track can now have it's own mode, length and speed.
- New Playback Types.
- New Event Types.
- Copy/Paste/Clear tracks (long press on track).
- New "Hold" button, the sustain pedal is no longer used to hold arpeggiator notes.

- Drag and drop Instrument Strips to rearrange order.
- Drag and drop Instrument Strips to copy into or merge with another Instrument.
- Drag and drop Layer Strips to rearrange order within an instrument
- Drag and drop Layer Strips to the mixer background to create a new instrument with that Layer
- Drag and drop Layer Strips to other Instruments to make a copy in the destination Instrument.

- Easier Import/Export for presets.
- Bank Files: A new file type for importing and exporting entire banks of presets to Files etc.
- Banks and programs can now be deleted/cleared.

MIDI: ( See manual )
- A new MIDI input port for live "Performance" bank/program select using any channel. (optional)
- Option to use either MSB or MSB for bank select.

- Optional "expert level" swipe shortcuts to open or close various panels.
- Performance "Append…" has been fixed, you can now append multiple performance programs to the currently loaded performance.
- Reverb is now silenced when changing presets.
- “Fold” amount in Filter 2 is now adjusted downwards as key notes go up, reducing aliasing artefacts as notes get higher.
- An Optional "Legacy Mode" to maintain compatibility with older devices

+ various minor bug fixes and more!

Doug Woods from thesoundtestroom just posted a video checking out the new update.

How to Tune 808's in Intua Beatmaker 3

YouTuber Plan B '85 brings us a short and sweet tip for tuning 808 kicks in BeatMaker 3.

Video Description:

How to Tune 808s in Intua Beatmaker 3 on iPad Pro using fine tune.
Shot on Samsung Galaxy S8 in 4K
Edited in LumaFusion

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Victor Borges - Roli Lightpad Block M Live Jam. Tons of fun!

YouTuber Victor Borges put together a nice groove with his new Lightpad Block M.

Video Description:

Playing my new lightpad that arrived yesterday. Really intuitive and fun. All recorded live, with slight editing to remove some messing around to choose sounds/patches on the go. I’ve also used Strymon Big Sky for effects, captured with Roland Go straight to my iPad camera. Sounds from Roli’s Noise app for iOS. Video effects from iPad’s Videoleap.

iElectribe Control Template for Elektron Digitakt

YouTuber Particles Into Waves shows off and shares a template for Elektron Digitakt to control the original iElectribe on iPad. For people interested in going the other way, controlling a Digitakt from an iPad, he just posted a tutorial on using touchOSC to do that.

Video Description:

I just created a controller template for Korg’s iElectribe on iPad, an 8-part digital drum synth with FX. This allows the 8 MIDI tracks to individually control and sequence all 8 sounds in the app. Every channel is mapped to edit Pitch, Mod Depth, Mod Speed, Decay, Level, and Pan of each sound, plus there are global controls for the FX, Tube Gain, Accent Volume, and Master Volume embedded in tracks A-C. There are quite a few other CCs available but I felt they were most efficiently accessed from the iPad because a lot of them only respond to 2-8 different values, which would be cumbersome on the Digitakt.

You’ll need some kind of SysEx transfer utility such as C6 for desktop, or SysEx Base for iPad (highly recommended).

Inside the zip you’ll find four files:

iElectribe Init - blank pattern with values centered or zeroed
iElectribe Demo - quick demo pattern using the CCs to create a “virtual patch” and sequence
iElectribe Map - image of the control map for each MIDI channel
Readme - just a note with my PayPal address in case you feel like sending me a donation 😀

Link to download: https://www.dropbox.com/s/7qm2nty5jeb...

Enjoy everyone!

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