Let's Play with Electric Vintage

I love apeSoft but the last two apps did not excite me. I reported Accordion Vintage as a crime against humanity, and frankly ignored Electric Vintage. I just don't like Accordions or Fender Rhodes. I was planning on doing something with an effects app this week and needed a sound source. I saw Electric Vintage in my unused app list and decided to give it a shot. I was completely blown away.

Electric Vintage is capable of so much more than just a boring emulation of the classic Rhodes!

Video Description:

This is an unexpected Let's Play for me, because I hate the Fender Rhodes Piano sound. Fortunately, and surprisingly, apeSoft's Electric Vintage lets us go far beyond the classic into insane new territory!

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Roland Zenbeats 2.0 Update

Roland Zenbeats has seen a lot of updates since its release, and they celebrate the 1 year anniversary of the app with the biggest! The update brings the ZEN-Core Synthesis System to iOS! This is the engine behind their recently released Jupiter-X; combining all Roland synthesis techniques into one package.

What's new in Roland Zenbeats v2.0.1:

Zenbeats 2.0 is here!

What's New:
ZC1 Synthesizer brings the power and compatibility of ZEN-Core Synthesis System to Zenbeats (64-bit OS required)
-Includes over 800 tones and 90 MFX (in-app purchase required)

Zenbeats Chorus (in-app purchase required)

Additional Enhancements
New MIDI and Drum Editor improvements
-Simplified MIDI editing with quick functions for adjusting pattern size, time signature and more
-Drum and Instrument patterns can now be up to 64+ bars
-Dedicated menu for quantize, note value features and more
-Quick access to instrument presets, parameters, and channel strip

Updated Track Panels
-Rec Arm behavior: Manually arming a track will now disable arming via track selection.
-Can now record into LoopBuilder cells on multiple tracks simultaneously.
-Added Track Freeze icon to Track Control panel for quick access

Option added for floating plugin windows on iPadOS

Browser Search: Can now search presets, track templates and more.

Store Enhancements: New search and filter options for instrument packs

Roland MC-101 & MC-707 v1.60 Update: USB Class Compliance!

Roland released firmware updates for the MC-101 and MC-707. The most impressive feature in here is USB Class Compliant drivers! Roland are notorious for their shitty driver support, with many of their legacy devices becoming unusable due to a lack of necessary driver support.

This update just greatly extended the lifespan of these grooveboxes!

Video Description:

With the new Version 1.60 update, the MC-101 and MC-707 GROOVEBOXES continue to evolve with inspiring features for music creation and live performance:
• Powerful new arpeggiator livens up your productions with tasty melodic lines and real-time control over motif, rhythmic variation, octave, and hold on/off
• Random Tone Generator sparks fresh ideas with multiple algorithmic options that create interesting new tones on the fly
• USB generic driver mode lets you connect your MC GROOVEBOX directly to a smartphone or tablet, great for producing with Zenbeats or your favorite DAW
• Expanded ZEN-Core compatibility lets you import Sound Pack drum kits in addition to instrument tones

In this video, Peter Brown walks you through the new MC GROOVEBOX features of Version 1.60 below:
00:00 Overview
00:28 Arpeggiator
01:58 Random Tone Generator
03:50 USB Class Compliant/Generic Driver
04:50 Sound Pack Kit Import

Other updates:
• Direct USB Mixout
• Scatter functions - MIDI Note message enabled
• Compressor – gain meter and updated parameters added
• Sub-step on Tone track
• Note Tie on Drum Track
• Sound Knob (MC-707 only)

Visit roland.com for more details on the Roland MC-101 / MC-707 v1.60 Update:
➤ ROLAND MC-101: https://www.roland.com/global/products/mc-101/
➤ ROLAND MC-707: https://www.roland.com/global/products/mc-707/
➤ DOWNLOAD MC-101 UPDATE : https://www.roland.com/global/products/mc-101/downloads/
➤ DOWNLOAD MC-707 UPDATE : https://www.roland.com/global/products/mc-707/downloads/

Watch nearly 3 hours of MC-707 Video Manuals here:
Watch the complete MC-707 Video Manual here:
➤ PART ONE—THE BASICS: https://youtu.be/TAKtYLv1RkE
➤ PART TWO—PRODUCTION TIPS: https://youtu.be/VIpZS61u1e0

haQ attaQ: Sensel Morph Impressions

Continuing today's impressive demonstration of Japanese pronunciations, Jakob Haq starts off this video for the Sensel Morph in Japanese! I'm not sure why he did that though, because the Sensel is from fucking Gilroy.

Video Description:

This is my first impression of the Sensel Morph, a very interesting MIDI controller to say the least. The strongest selling point for the morph, is the fact that it allows the user to switch out the control surface and even completely customise their own. I went into this thing knowing next to nothing about it and I only gave myself 2 hours to figure out how to work it.

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DISCORD ► https://discord.gg/JTmQHAG

SKIIID Universal Update

SKIIID was updated with iPhone support, making the app Universal!

What's new in SKIIID v1.16:

added iphone-support
added step-length-selection
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