App Sales: Black Wednesday 2020

A few more apps went on sale today. Some of the highlights include Auria, GlitchCore, and the new apps SquareAcid and Agonizer! For the benefit of the all the random Jims and Jameses out there that only find this site today; this is a music app site. So... I'm only including music apps in this list.

If you missed them there are still a lot of sales from Monday and Tuesday.

Hipster Cred

In an effort to maintain my credibility as a music blogger and journalist, I feel it is important to do a Hipster Flex every year during the Black Week sales. Usually I'd be featuring upcoming new Indie artists... but 2020. This year I'm just featuring music things that I've loved throughout the years that I think need more attention.

South African hip-hop act Die Antwoord (The Answer, in Afrikaans) are so big they've appeared in a movie with Sigourney Weaver, so I'm not going to get a lot of Hipster Cred on this one. Their significance as artists is worth noting, and I'm not sure how I've gone this long without noting them here.

At their best, the band is an experimental performance art piece. Their music combines modern Techno with hip-hop lyrics and attitude. They personify low-income/education/class South African Whites in a style called Zef. Die Antwoord's frontman Ninja describes it as, "Zef is, you're poor but you're fancy. You're poor but you're sexy, you've got style." The whole package appears extremely foreign to me as an American. They immediately peaked my curiosity when I saw a short clip of Yolandi rapping and I thought, "What are you doing, you very silly little white girl?"

The answer, or Die Antwoord, to this question is: Some seriously innovative music from talented musicians, acting like fucking idiots. Their presentation is what I imagine Jony Ive would describe as, "unapologetically scum." This act belies their talent, so that when they get going you're completely amazed by the performance.

My favorite song from the group has a video that includes white face, brown face, red face, and black face. Even allowing for cultural differences, I'm not entirely comfortable with directly posting a video with some of those shades. Embedded here is a video that hits the sweet spot of least-offensive while being maximally-impressive... with a minimal amount of black face. Give it a shot, and stick with at least until you get through Ninja's impressive tempo-scaling rap break in the middle.

SunVox Update

Alexander Zolotov updated SunVox on iOS and Android. Both versions got a new Pitch Detector module to track the pitch of incoming audio signals. The update added a new "harmonics" waveform was added to the Analog Generator module. There's also a new ADSR envelope module, and a module for converting controller signals into MIDI note values.

On iOS we also get a new AUv3 Audio Unit that can be slotted in as an effect inside of your AUv3 host.

What's new in SunVox v1.9.6 (iOS):

* SunVox Audio Unit (AUv3) can now be used as an effect (filter) inside other DAWs;
* new module - Pitch Detector for detecting the pitch of the incoming signal; the frequency and note will be displayed; notes will be sent to the module output; see example "pitch correction (automatic tuning)";
* new module - ADSR envelope generator; see examples adsr, adsr2, adsr3;
* new module - Ctl2Note for converting the controller value into a note (input - automation; output - notes); see example ctl2note;
* Analog Generator: new waveform "harmonics" allows you to draw the harmonic distribution; but remember, if you turn on all 32 harmonics, then the module's performance will slow down 32 times compared to a pure sine generator; reduced polyphony and LQmono mode will slightly reduce the CPU load;
* SpectraVoice: new harmonic types: overtones1+, overtones2+, overtones3+, overtones4+, metal;
* LFO: new controller "Frequency scale" (in percents) - use it to slow or accelerate the oscillations;
* LFO: new controller "Smooth transitions" - disable it to get hard transitions inside the waveform;
* Generator, Kicker, SpectraVoice: increased resolution (accuracy) of Attack and Release controllers; (only if the base version is 1.9.6 or higher in the Project Properties);
* Sound2Ctl: new option "Send only changed values";
* MultiSynth: new option "Round the note (X-axis on curve3) to the nearest integer" (remove microtones);
* MultiSynth: new option "Round the pitch (Y-axis on curve3) to the closest";
* MultiSynth: new option "Record notes to the scale (curve3)"; see example "dynamic scale";
* MultiSynth: new option "Output note = Output note - Input note + C5" (difference between output and input pitch);
* MultiSynth: new option "Output port number = note % number of connected outputs"; (% is the modulo (remainder) operation); see example "drumkit 3 (multisynth)";
* MultiSynth: new option "Output port number = polyphonic channel % number of connected outputs";
* MultiSynth: new curve 3 describing the dependence of the output pitch on the input note;
* MetaModule: new options "Receive notes from the keyboard" and "Don't receive notes from the keyboard";
* MetaModule -> User defined controllers: edit buttons (add,delete,move up/down) have been added;
* Pitch shifter: incoming notes change the value of controller 02.Pitch; the C5 note corresponds to zero;
* Pitch shifter: new controller "Bypass if pitch=0" - play the original signal when the module does not change the pitch;
* MetaModule, MultiSynth, Sound2Ctl, Sampler, Analog Generator: options can be accessed in the same way as controllers (see the exact numbers in the options list);
* new MIDI IN mode for modules - "never" (never receive MIDI data);
* improved popup menus: additional navigation keys (up,down,left,right,space,enter,escape); horizontal scroll if the menu does not fit on the screen; highlight of the current effect;
* new pattern effects (column EE): 05 and 06 - pitch bend up/down (one semitone = 100 (256dec));
* new keyboard shortcuts for the timeline: slice, mute, solo, unmute, set restart position, snap to grid (unassigned by default);
* new folder "curves" (with curves for MultiSynth, MultiCtl and WaveShaper);
* new modules in the instruments/ and effects/ folders;
* new examples (SunVox Compo 2020.02 winners): Trackerbound - Alpha Ursae Minoris, Trackerbound - Silentium, manganoid - Lazy Thunder, SawZer - Phantom;
* bug fixes.

What's new in SunVox v1.9.6b (Android):

* new module - Pitch Detector for detecting the pitch of the incoming signal; the frequency and note will be displayed; notes will be sent to the module output; see example "pitch correction (automatic tuning)";
* new module - ADSR envelope generator; see examples adsr, adsr2, adsr3;
* new module - Ctl2Note for converting the controller value into a note (input - automation; output - notes); see example ctl2note;
* bug fixes;
* see the full list of changes on the site.

Over on Alexander Zolotov's YouTube channel there's an excellent demo of the new modules working together. He's using the Pitch Detector to change the pitch of an incoming signal through the MultiSynth module.

Blue Mangoo Multiband Compressor Tutorial

Jamie Mallender did a detailed tutorial for Multiband Compressor, including an explanation of side-chaining.

Video Description:

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AddStation Update

AddStation, from VirSyn, was updated with a new randomizing patch generator. The update also allows for parameter automation in AUv3, and adds reverb modulation parameters as well.

What's new in AddStation v1.2.0:

- Random sound patchgenerator
- Templates for synthesis blocks and parameters
- AudioUnit Automation parameter
- Hold key function for keyboard
- Reverb modulation parameter
- Compatibility to Macs with Apple Silicon
- Bugfixes

Les Productions Zvon: Just Before Christmas in a SpaceCraft

Les Productions Zvon took samples from his Memory Collection 04 and 09 packs, which he then loaded into SpaceCraft for this pre-Christmas song. For those of you keeping track, actual Christmas Songs are not permissible in any context prior to American Thanksgiving. Even in Canada, where Thanksgiving is observed earlier. Pre-Christmas songs are acceptable after Halloween.

Video Description:

SpaceCraft is a fun granular synth from Delta-V Audio. It can create, soundscapes and rhythms from any sampled sound.

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Here I have used samples from Memory Collection 04 and 09 that both have a Christmas / Winter Holidays theme. Some are processed in SpaceCraft and some are not. The video is a sequential edit of a real-time performance.

The Memory Collection packs are audio samples from Public Domain novies, TV shows and ads. The complete Collection has over 20,000 sample in 10 volumes. Visit this page for more info and free demos:

SpaceCraft website:

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