Drake Music Scotland: Lovely Day Performance & iPad Tutorials

Lesley Crawford, Katie Davies, and Ali Gillies from Drake Music Scotland did a fun cover of Lovely Day. This is a great way to test yourself for how well you're holding up in isolation. If you're not smiling by the time the chorus comes in then, you may need a medical intervention. Or a hug.

Video Description:

Drake Music Scotland Associate Musicians, Lesley Crawford, Katie Davies and Ali Gillies have come together to perform "Lovely Day" on iPads with vocals. This video also shows you how to recreate these sounds at home. You can also see shorter individual versions of these tutorials at https://drakemusicscotland.org/resour...

All of the Drake Music Scotland resources are available at https://drakemusicscotland.org/resour... and have been funded during the Covid-19 pandemic through Local Authorities across Scotland, and Creative Scotland's Youth Music Initiative.

Sensel Morph and Animoog

Amanda from CatSynth TV snapped a Buchla overlay on a Sensel Morph and attached it to Moog Animoog! The heresy! The hubris! I'm frankly surprised that she didn't cause total protonic reversal.

While watching this it occurred to me that Animoog, released in 2011, is quickly becoming just as timelessly classic as other Moog instruments. It is just as unique in its sonic character too!

Video Description:

We demo the Sensel Morph (with Buchla Thunder overlay) with the Animoog synthesizer app for iPad.

The Animoog is a software synthesizer from Moog based around the Anisotropic Synthesis Engine - the sound morphs among 8 different timbres along a user-defined path. Animoog also supports Midi Polyphonic Expression (MPE), making it an ideal pairing for the MPE-compabile Sensel Morph + Thunder overlay.

0:14 Introduction to Animoog
1:11 Setting up the Sensel Morph for MPE
1:49 Demo of Animog Presets set up to support MPE
5:11 Custom preset
6:00 How to create your own presets

For more information, please visit:

Electro/Industrial/Dark Trap Korg Gadget Synth Jam

Todd Smith is back with some more amazing IDM in Gadget!

Video Description:

This is a early version of a track which could evolve into something you see on my latest album, Humanity Lost. I really tried to combine almost 40 years of dark/aggressive electronic music into one track

Bandcamp : https://toddsmithmusic.bandcamp.com/

I tried mixing everything from 90's FLA, Velevet acid Christ era industrial with modern dark trap styles like Bones & Suicide Boys. This is the result, hope you enjoy the early peak into the track.

I'll be adding hardware and working on sounds to further evolve the track before final release.

I need to thank EVERYONE for the ENDLESS support that I've received via You Tube views, Bandcamp sales and Patreon support. All these things help support my projects & music. Till next time,stay creative

Patreon : https://www.patreon.com/toddsmith_blo...

Ricardo Santos: Ambient Guitar #1

YouTuber Ricardo Santos did some gorgeous ambient guitar looping with his iPad!

Video Description:

A relaxing Ambient guitar for you guys to enjoy

DJ Puzzle: How to Sample into SpaceCraft with AUM

Dj Puzzle did a short tutorial on sampling into Spacecraft with AUM. There's no talking in this tutorial, so you need to pay close attention to what he's doing. The trick here with Scatterbrain lets him monitor the output from BeatHawk.

Video Description:

In this brief tutorial I show you how to sample sounds from Beathawk into Spacecraft in AUM. I used Scatterbrain as an audio splitter with the “all out” preset to send Beathawk to another channel I AUM for proper monitoring and further manipulation. There is no talking in this video so I included the step by step instructions below. Here are the steps as follows:

1) Create an audio track and open Beathawk as an AU
2) Open Scatterbrain as an AU multi-bus effect
3) Assign the Beathawk output to Mix Bus A
4) Create a second audio channel and select multi-bus AU and select Scatterbrain
5) Create a third audio channel and open Spacecraft as an AU effect and change the channel input to Mix Bus A
6) Select "All Out" preset in the first channel of Scatterbrain
7) Hit "input sound" in Spacecraft and select "record audio in"

Hope this helps! Please support my Patreon here https://www.patreon.com/djpuzzle

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