Samplebot Preview by Jimmy Fallon

Jimmy Fallon, from The Tonight Show, has done wonders for promoting Loopy and now he's already promoting the next app from A Tasty Pixel! Samplebot is a new sampler/looper/sequencer coming to iOS on the 28th! Here's a quick Twitter clip from Jimmy to Shawn Mendes. If the embed doesn't work you can watch it here.

iOS 11 Update Round-Up: Round 2 - First Blood Part II

A whole bunch of apps are getting their iOS 11 updates in under the wire! iOS 11 arrives tomorrow, but there are still a lot of apps that haven't added 64-bit support. Fortunately Kymatica updated BitWiz, for the first time in 3 years, with 64-bit support! The update also adds Audiobus 3.

What's new in BitWiz Audio Synth v2.3.9:

• Built for 64-bit devices
• Add Inter-App Audio MIDI reception
• Add toggle to turn off receiving from any CoreMIDI source
• Audiobus3 support
• Removed SoundCloud upload (use AudioShare if you really need this)
• Various fixes

What's new in Producer Tools v1.2:

- update for 64 bit devices
- improved U
- other bug fixes and performance improvments

What's new in SunrizerXS synth v1.51:

- Fixed: crash on iOS 11

What's new in Medly v3.4.6:

Support for iOS 11
Bug Fixes

What's new in Strange Attractor v2.2
and What's new in Voco v2.3:

64-bit build ready for latest iOS
updated to Audiobus 3
Replaced AudioCopy with AudioShare

Farewell to Alchemy

Reader Meerkat Music bids a mournful farewell to the standalone Alchemy app; which is 32-bit and won't be able to run on iOS 11, should you choose to update tomorrow. Alchemy will continue to live on in GarageBand, and in our hearts. But it will definitely not live on in future devices because Apple has repeatedly told us there will not be any support for the classic app.

Meerkat also did a review of an Android app, QiBrd Virtual Analog Synth, which further illustrates that no matter how shitty Apple's long-term support is... it's better than whatever the hell is going on in Androidland.

Video Description:

Dedicated to all iOS 11 updaters who will lose out on this Fabulous music app " Alchemy" if you update tomorrow! Beware! Please subscribe to my U Tube channel. Contact me and view via Twitter. @Jumpercollins31 SoundCloud jumpercollins Bandcamp Thank you.

thesoundtestroom: Refraktions MIDI Out Tutorial

Doug Woods did a tutorial on getting MIDI out of the A.I.-based generative music app Refraktions.

Video Description:

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iZotope Spire Studio Audio Interface Demo

Sweetwater brings us a detailed look at iZotope's upcoming Spire Studio, a $350 hardware interface designed for mobile recording. We first heard about it earlier this month in an update to the Spire app.

Video Description:

Spire Studio is a versatile hardware iOS interface that communicates wirelessly with your iPhone. The key to the Spire Studio is that it's so easy to record with that you won't lose your ideas. Set your levels with the Soundcheck button, use the onboard mic, and lay down your music. Or plug up to two of your favorite microphones into the Spire Studio's Grace Design noiseless preamps. Do you need to layer takes? You get up to eight tracks that you can polish to perfection with the Spire Studio's built-in effects. And when you're done, you can edit, mix, and export with ease.

Get the iZotope Spire Studio here:

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