Cryptozoologic by Fluxama

Fluxama, the developer of DR-OM and Noisemusick released Cryptozoologic. If synths weren't complicated enough for you, Cryptozoologic has turned them into straight-up puzzles! This seems like a lot of fun for $3, and even includes support for Audiobus.

Unfortunately the official website isn't working, their Facebook has been deactivated, and their Twitter account has been inactive since 2013. I even checked their Vimeo page, but there's no demo for this one.

Cryptozoologic App Store Description:

Cryptozoologic is a collection of puzzling synths. A new instrument can seem like a puzzle, especially in the realm of modular electronic instruments. Cryptozoologic embraces this nature of synths and provides big and bizarre sounds once you figure out how to tease them out.

With the initial release you get three synths: Shempscape (bytebeat shufflebox), Nessie (rungle synth) and the Irish Yeti (Euclidean polyrhythms). Playing hints are provided in-app. You can also go deeper at, which guides you through the backend of each synth.

Cryptozoologic is based on Fluxly technology, a musical physics looper where you create new instrument scenes by moving and spinning colorful Fluxum sound sample players. Cryptozoologic expands on Fluxly (, where the Fluxum controls can also be constrained as sliders, or act as inputs based on their on-screen coordinates.

More synths will be added to the app in the near future and the price will change to reflect that. We won't be doing in-app purchases so get in on the ground floor and get the value of being an early adopter.

Cryptozoologic can act as an Audiobus input.

Update: Reader Pete found these new videos posted today by YouTuber Yvonne Dickerson... who freely admits he has no idea what he's doing.

The Sound Test Room: Lagrange Synthesizer Demo

Doug from The Sound Test Room shows off iceGear's new Lagrange in this not-a-live-stream demo!

Video Description:

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Spectral Sevenths Setups: Fun with Playbeat and FAC Envolver

Reader Stacy Puckett talks us through his generative setup using Playbeat to change chords in FAC Envolver.

Video Description:

Just a brief explanation of how I generated a cool little generative setup using Playbeat to trigger FAC Envolver.

Other apps used include Poison 202, Zeeon, BS-16i, Bleass sidekick, Eventide blackhole reverb, Audio Damage Rough Rider, and Toneboosters EQ and Barricade.

All within AUM.

I hope you enjoy, this may or may not end up being a “real” song, I can’t stop experimenting long enough to complete something.

Electronisounds: Making Ambient Music with FOUR iPads!

Dean from Electronisounds spent his birthday setting up an generative ambient arrangement across 4 iPads!

Video Description:

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"Making Ambient music with *FOUR* iPads!"

To celebrate my birthday, I created an Ambient piece of music using 4 iPads,
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haQ attaQ: UNO Drum Top 5 Features

Jakob Haq is enamored with the UNO Drum synth. Here he shows off his five favorite features.

Video Description:

The IK Multimedia UNO Drum is a very power little drum machine. It mixes Analog drum synthesis together with PCM sounds and It is packed to the brim with loads of useful features. In this video I am highlighting my top five features in the UNO Drum.


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