Radio Head - Creep (Cover by Maria Calfa-DePaul)

Reader Maria Calfa-DePaul did an emotive cover of Creep with a surprising signal chain. This is just recorded into her iPhone XR! She used LumaFusion to isolate the audio, which she could then master in Auria Pro. With the power of Auria, Maria tweaked the EQ and added PSP's Vintage Warmer and some Convolutional Reverb.

Video Description:

I hope you like my slowed down ukulele interpretation of the hit song.
I'm playing a Lohanu Baritone ukulele that came strung with strings for a "regularly" tuned uke (GCEA even with the hig G) but since I have some hand problems it made it easier to play then the smaller size ukuleles so I kept the strings on that came with it.

I'm not making any money from this song. It's only for education purposes.
Thank you for listening. I do have original music that is available for purchase on Bandcamp.
Thanks so much

midiLFOs Update

midiLFOs, from Arthur Kerns, was updated with AUv3 support! You can now use it as an AUv3 MIDI effect!

What's new in midiLFOs v3.0.0:

Added AUv3 MIDI Effect support
Updated to latest Audiobus
Other misc fixes and updates

Haik - Ambient #32

YouTuber Haik makes some beautiful sounds with Bloom, and his MicroFreak running into a SLÖ Multi Texture Reverb pedal. He's even got a Critter & Guitari Organelle in the mix.

Video Description:

Arturia MicroFreak
Critter & Guitari Organelle
Walrus Audio SLÖ Multi Texture Reverb
Bloom (iOS)





BeatMakerIsTheSquad: Creating Risers in Korg Gadget

Beat Maker Is The Squad did a tutorial on creating a Riser patch in Gadget's Dublin synth.

Video Description:

In the previous video we went over ways to turn an 8 bar loop into a full song. I received a comment asking how I made a rider whic I used as a transition effect. In this video we will go over how to use the Dublin synth to create a riser. We’ll also go over a few ways to make the riser a bit more interesting via modulation.

To purchase Sound Packs for Korg Gadget and BeatMaker 3 as well as Stickers and Tee Shirts, go to:

Keep up with the squad

Stacy Puckett - Remembrance of Milleniums

Reader Stacy Puckett participated in the iPad Musician Facebook Group's free app challenge. The purpose of the challenge was to use as many free apps as they can in a composition. This is one big AUM session!

Video Description:

Live mixing of track for iPad Musician Facebook group “free app” challenge.

This was created on a 2018 128 GB standard iPad entirely within the AUM app utilizing many, many apps. A large portion of them were free.

The bass is Viking Synth (big bottom preset) run through GyroVibe and into Zero Reverb.

The arpeggiated part is AudioKit’s “synth one” (BB Arcade Angel ARP preset) run through DLYM (springy flange preset).

There is also a layer of Primer synth (pad adrift preset by spidericemidas)

The Piano is Korgs Ivory dynamic grand run though Eventides “black hole reverb” (dreamscape preset) NOT FREE.

It was mixed to a .wav file prior to this mixing to save iPad processing resources.
It is run through “Stereo Lag Time” which is free to expand the sound a bit.

Additional apps used are Toneboosters EQ, Korvpressor, BLEASS Sidekick, 4pockets Shimmer, Rozeta suites XOX drum sequencer and Scaler, and Fugue Machine.

All accompaniment other than the piano and simple drum rhythm are generated from a single measure instance of one Fugue Machine single note part. It is actually only one measure slowed WAY down.

It is sequencing Viking, Synth One and Primer Synth.

The Viking bass rhythm is generated by using the Perforator gating effect app by Bram Bos.

I hope you enjoy it.

It was very much inspired by my newest Spotify and YouTube fascination, Nils Frahm, although it really does not sound like him at all (I wish) If you’re into amazing piano music mixed with electronica in forward thinking ways check him out.

Yes, it WAY over compressed. Maybe less Korvpressor next time 🙂

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