miRack Update

miRack, the Eurorack modular emulator from mifki Limited, was updated with a ton of new modules!

What's new in miRack v1.60:

This is the biggest miRack update yet!

* NYSTHI - a collection of 100+ modules. Advanced samplers and recorders, oscillators, effects, utilities and a scope - modules for every need, many of which have visual design you won't find anywhere else.
* Geodesics - unique modules loosely inspired by astronomic events and physical theories. "The goal is just to see how science can inspire us to create new music."
* Turning Machine by Stellare Modular - a random looping sequencer, based on the amazing Music Thing's Turing Machine Eurorack module by Tom Whitwell.
* 13 new MSM modules - many of them add interesting new outputs, parameters and modes to standard modules.
* Notes (found in the end of Basics list) - add short notes to a patch. It's resizable so can also be used as a spacer between other modules.
* cf PLAY and PLAYER samplers - these are simple modules when you don't need advanced functionality.

* Added virtual MIDI port option to MIDI modules to simplify MIDI routing into miRack.
* Added indication when a module is being or ready to be moved, e.g. after touching and holding for long enough.
* More predictable module moving, smoother zooming, and other improvements to touch handling.
* Improved rendering of module lights (borders, antialiasing).
* Reorganised items in module menus to reduce vertical space they take and to prevent destructive items to be touched accidentally.
* Module menus (and context menus for module components that provide them) can be shown with double tap in addition to two-finger touch.

* Fixed parameter value smoothing (when adjusting knobs), removes audio artefacts in some cases when adjusting knobs.
* Fixed Delete menu item missing for "placeholder" modules (when VCV Rack patches are opened and some modules are not available in miRack).
* Fixed wrong module sometimes being added to the rack after double tapping empty space in module browser.

Electronisounds: Live Jam with 3 iPads & Elektron Digitone

Dean from Electronisounds is having a lot of fun on this jam with 3 iPads and a Elektron Digitone.

Video Description:

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"LIVE JAM with 3 iPads and Elektron Digitone"

Another fun Dub Techno live jam!
This time I used 3iPads, anElektron Digitone and a Virus Darkstar Synthesizer.
I love the dub techno grooves!

Whatever kind of music you are making - KEEP IT UP, Friends!
Don't stop making *YOUR MUSIC*!!

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Beat Making with BeatMaker 3 & AudioKit Digital D1 Synth

Bolo Da Producer did a beat making tutorial with D1 inside of BeatMaker 3. The tutorial begins at 2:30.

Video Description:

💎 Tutorial starts at: 2:30 💎

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Email: BoloDaProducer@gmail.com
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WoodStepper & Woodpressor Updates

Woodman's Immaculate Maple Syrup Studio updated WoodStepper and Woodpressor! WoodStepper can now be used as a MIDI source. This includes using the MIDI out from the new Chordulator added earlier this month. Woodpressor now lets use use MIDI note input to side-chain the compressor.

What's new in WoodStepper v2.1:

- Midi Out can now also be sent to the DAW (previously only to External midi), which makes WoodStepper now appear as a midi source in e.g. AUM.
- Chordulator now has a Direct Midi Out function (independent from the step timing).
- Cpu load reduction of up to 50% when using Delays and the delay time is the same for all steps (new Advanced setting)
- WoodStepper stand-alone is now a visible (external or virtual) midi dest endpoint.

- fixed crash bug when using the Chordulator and Midi Out.
- fixed display of received midi note.
- fixed display of Midi out settings when running

What's new in Woodpressor v1.9:

Added a Midi side chain : received note-on velocities are used to determine the compressor gain reduction. 
This allows for example to have a midi track behave like a drum side chain track to create pumping effects.

Mark Ronson - Uptown Funk (WAY TOO SAD COVER)

In addition to doing WAY TOO HAPPY covers, the Melodicka Bros also do WAY TOO SAD covers. This sad take on Uptown Funk sounds like an entirely different song.

Video Description:

Are you bros ready to cry? This is our sad version of Uptown Funk by Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars, hope you enjoy it. If you like our content subscribe to our channel and leave a comment! We really appreciate it.

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