NLogSynth PRO Update

NLogSynth PRO, from tempo rubato, was updated for the first time since 2014! It isn't a big update, but it is nice to see one of the original iOS synths is getting some attention.

What's new in NLogSynth PRO v5.5:

- AudioBus 3 Support
- Bug Fixes

In The Mix: Demoing Acoustic Pianos in Korg Module

YouTuber In The Mix has got some very nimble fingers in this demo for his favorite pianos in Module!

Video Description:

Demoing my favorite Piano presets of Korg Mobile Sound Module for iPad. I'm using the M-audio keystation 88 which is connected to the iPad through IK Multimedia iRig midi 2.

Studio Kids Today: GarageBand for Kids - Episode #2

Pete Johns found a small child to teach GarageBand to. He documented the experience, which may be helpful to other people with access to children and a desire to teach them how to make music.

Video Description:

GarageBand for Kids - Create a Beat with Loops in GarageBand on iPad or iPhone - Studio Kids Today Episode #2

Learn to use GarageBand in this tutorial made especially for kids (but grown ups are allowed to watch too).

In this second episode of Studio Kids Today, we show you how to create you own song using Apple Loops in GarageBand on iPad/iPhone:
• Creating a new track
• Accessing the Apple Loops
• Previewing a loop
• Adding a loop to your song
• Searching in Apple Loops
• Filtering loops by instrument
• Adjusting the volume and mixing tracks

On the next episode, Jasmine will be showing some of the touch instruments here in GarageBand iOS (iPad/iPhone).

For more tips, tricks and tutorials head over to

The Adventures of Darbari Kanada (feat. MT Aditya Srinivasan)

Mahesh Raghvan is back with another epic Carnatic jam on GeoShred, with MT Aditya Srinivasan on Tablas.

Video Description:

Presenting an original electronic classical track in Raag Darbari Kanada featuring MT Aditya Srinivasan on Tabla.

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TTNM: Linnstrument C Minor Blues Improv Jam

The Tuesday Night Machines hooked up a shiny new Linnstrument to 3 of the iFretless apps and ThumbJam!

Video Description:

Here's an improv practice jam on the Linnstrument, an amazingly expressive isomorphic MIDI controller keyboard, which I'm just starting to learn. My timing and notes are definitely off a bit, but I still wanted to record this for my musical diary :) More info below.



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