App Sales: Black Tuesday

Even more apps are on sale today as we work our way towards Black Friday!

Indie Spotlight

For the week of Black Friday I like to highlight some of my favorite musical discoveries from the past year. This is mostly just to flex my hipster cred, I do run a music blog after-all, but it's also nice to showcase music that isn't getting the attention it deserves.

Ben Howard may be big in the UK, but I'd never heard him before this year. His Folksy tone gives way to some soulful Blues on the chorus in Conrad. I find I enjoy the stoic acceptance that this song inspires. This is a quality which can only come from age, and it is presented in a soberly mature way.

KB-1 MIDI Keyboard by Kai Aras

Developer Kai Aras has released KB-1 MIDI Keyboard, a versatile virtual keyboard! There are 5 different layouts available to find the one that is right for your performance or style. KB-1 offers MIDI Polyphonic Expression (MPE) and can be used with pretty much anything that understands MIDI; including AUv3 and Audiobus 3!

KB-1 MIDI Keyboard iTunes Description:

KB-1 MIDI Keyboard

KB-1 is a an expressive virtual keyboard designed for a multitude of scenarios.

Play multiple instruments simultaneously, complete with MIDI Polyphonic Expression, scales, chords and more.

- 5 Unique Keyboard layouts
-- Classic (Piano Keys + Wheels)
-- Uniform (Seaboard style Keys and layout)
-- String (String style layout)
-- Scale (Uniform layout with scales)
-- Chord (One key per chord for all scale degrees)
- MIDI Polyphonic Expression (MPE)
- Standalone operation with multiple keyboards
- AUv3 Plugin

- Standalone (up to 5 keyboards)
- AUv3 (unlimited instances)
- Inter-App MIDI
- Bluetooth MIDI
- Network MIDI

Doug from The Sound Test Room has already got a demo posted for this one!

echo opera - constellations unfolded

Reader echo opera did a beautiful ambient track with a groove in Electribe Wave.

Video Description:

experimenting with adding stock footage to my tracks.

MidiFire: Blue Velvet for IK Blueboard

Developer Audeonic shows off Blue Velvet, a new MidiFire module for greatly extending the possibilities of the IK Blueboard. This free StreamByter script can be downloaded from the Scenes Club inside of MidiFire. This adds a lot of new gestures to the Blueboard; like double-tap, or tap-and-hold. With the added 6 gestures for each of the 4 pedals, you can control 24 actions from the pedalboard now!

Video Description:

Enhance your BlueBoard with multi-tap and hold foot gestures. Note that this requires the later BTLE firmware in the BlueBoard to be installed and the unit needs to be in MIDI note mode (hold down button 'B' and power on to engage this mode)

Hip Hop Loops and Rap Rhymes with Playground & Roland VT-3

YouTuber studentsmusic shows us that even with gray hairs you can still lay down some rap. He does this with the aid of a Roland VT-3 and Playground! This so fun! I love his approach.

Video Description:

Got stuck with Ideas for crazy loops as a basis for your rhymes? Here´s a nice little idea. BUT RESPECT FOR THE MASTERS - who can ever compete with tem!!

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