The Sound Test Room: Velvet Machine by Yuri Turov Demo

Doug from The Sound Test Room demos the new Velvet Machine, which was released over the weekend.

Video Description:

Velvet Machine is also a Universal App, so it also works on your iPhone too.


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Jordan Rudess: iOS Music Inspiration

Jordan Rudess is inspired with GeoShred, Classic FX, and an upcoming app he's working on with BLEASS!

Video Description:

GeoShred, Classic FX app, and some up and coming magic from Bleass/Wizdom. For all my live streams and sonic experiments, behind the scenes and more- Join my Patreon.

moodunits Update

moodunits, from Rob Jackson, was updated with two new Audio Units. Both are unique pianos, and are available as $1 IAPs. The update arrives with a seasonally-appropriate example of their use from Rob!

What's new in moodunits v1.4.1:

Two new piano-based instruments for MU Waverley:

• MELLOPIANO - Mellow, but definitely not your average piano
• PIANOATMOS - Heavily processed atmospheric piano sounds

New instruments are available for purchase and download from the main moodunits app.

Hope you're enjoying moodunits, and if you can spare the time, please do consider leaving a rating and review. Thanks, -Rob

Todd Smith - Paradise Lost

Todd Smith makes some excellent Industrial on his collection of Behringer synths sequenced from Gadget.

Video Description:

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Behringer Model D,TD-3,Crave,Neutron,MicroKorg and Korg Gadget make up this live jam. Hope you enjoy the sounds !

How-to Separate Songs into Multiple Tracks on the iPad

Vortex from MobileMusicPro looks at some of the stem isolators available on iPad!

Video Description:

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In this video we’ll be showing you several different apps that use A.I. to isolate each individual part of a song into completely separate tracks.



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