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I'm now 3 weeks and 5 days without nicotine. I'm doing better, but still fiending. Vaping gave me a false sense of my actual need for nicotine. I had no idea I was this heavily addicted. 4Pockets developer Paul released Lyricist; which is not a great idea for an app in general, but it is an especially poor idea for an app while I'm now 3 weeks and 5 days without nicotine.

Lyricist can add vocals to your tracks with a rudimentary text-to-speech engine. "But... obviously that's going to sound fucking awful.", I hear you cry. 4Pockets has you covered! You can take the awful text-to-speech and run it through a TalkBox effect.

According to Paul this helps to, "simulate a computerized singing voice." According to me this is an abomination before all of the gods and nature. You can decide for yourself in the demo at around 3:30.


Lyricist is an AUv3 plugin designed to add lyrics to your song. Lyrics can be spoken using the iOS built in speech synthesizer or passed through the included TalkBox effect to simulate a computerized singing voice. 

Your song lyrics are broken into several song parts (verse, chorus, bridge etc). These parts can then be pieced together into a song, specifying an order of play and exact position at which each part is to play.

You can choose between many voices that are included with your iOS device, or optionally download more natural speaking voices within your iOS accessibility settings. These downloaded voices become available to Lyricist, allowing you to choose the gender and regional accent of the voice.

Lots classic songs were made famous by their inclusion of the spoken word. Bands such as Kraftwerk and singers such as Laurie Anderson and Imogen Heap had big hits over the years using either pure computerised vocals, or vocoders.

An optional vocal douber effect can also be enabled to create a wider stereo vocal, and all the talkbox options can be adjusted as required for a wide range of sound.

Use the remote control feature to send MIDI data to Lyricist to control the pitch of the voice, or pass in an audio backing which becomes the carrier for the vocoder effect.

You can even embed short codes within your Lyrics to change chord or note during a lyric. This instructs the talkbox to change pitch to simulate a singing vocal.


○ Choose from lots of voices and dialects.
○ Install additional voices.
○ Built in TalkBox/Vocoder and Voice Doudler effects.
○ Remote Control feature.
○ MIDI controllable.
○ AUV3 Instrument and Effect plugin.
○ Use short codes to control speech pitch.

Music Technologist: My Go-To Instrument AUv3s for iPad Music

Jahrell from Music Technologist shares his favorite instrument plugins for iOS music production.

Video Description:

This video was recorded during a livestream on 2/16/21!
Check out the livestream every Tuesday @ 7pm pst!!

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Audio Evolution Mobile Studio Update

eXtream Software Development updated Audio Evolution Mobile on iOS and Android. The Android update focused on fixes, while the iOS version adds a new option to change the way scrolling and editing works.

What's new in Audio Evolution Mobile (iOS) v4.0.0:

* The arranger/timeline screen now features an optional new user interface: editing of clips can now be done faster without a scroll/edit mode and resembles the behavior of other DAWs.
* The split button behavior can now be set: either as a button to split at the position of the time marker or as a mode as before.
* Grid lines were not drawn over MIDI clips. Solved.
* Solved a problem with importing multi-channel audio files using the Files app.

What's new in Audio Evolution Mobile (Android):

* Solved a problem with the Blue Yeti 10th anniversary.
* Solved a problem at start-up for Android 11 devices.

YouTuber iPad Beat Making shows off the iOS update in his latest video!

MobileMusicPro: Top 5 Best AUv3 HalfTime Apps With Demos

Vortex from MobileMusicPro picks his favorite time modulation AUv3 effects.

Video Description:

In this video we’ll be giving you our top 5 picks for the best auv3 apps that can help you achieve that iconic halftime effect that’s so popular in edm and trap songs around the world.

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Intro (0:00)
Agenda (2:06)
Sound Demo (2:40)
Fly Tap‪e‬ (5:02)
Effectri‪x‬ (8:03)
SlowMoF‪X‬ (11:12)
Enso Loope‪r (14:55)
Slow Machin‪e (18:35)
Final Thoughts (22:50)


♫ Essentials Pack 01 - General Purpose -
♫ Essentials Pack 02 - Pop -
♫ Pro Pack - 01 - Genesis -


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Ambient iPad Live Jam 7

YouTuber Jonathan Block makes heavy use of House: Mark I in his latest ambient exploration.

Video Description:

Here's a live jam focused on AudioKit's House: Mark I electric piano in apeMatrix. I use four instances of this Rhodes emulation app, all triggered by the Rozeta sequencer suite by Bram Bos. Effects used were the Eventide Spring and Eventide Rotary Mod.

Here's a mix of the completed track, Particles:

Produced on an iPad Pro
Written, performed, and recorded by Jonathan Block
© 2021 Jonathan Block


You can find my music on most streaming and download services including Apple Music and Spotify. Just search for “Jonathan Block”
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