ID700 by Jonathan Schatz

Jonathan Schatz brings West Coast synthesis to iOS in a big way with today's release of ID700. The app is inspired by Berkley engineer Don Buchla, and the unique approach to synthesis that his last name became synonymous with. ID700 is an version of the Buchla 700, with AUv3 and MIDI Polyphonic Expression (MPE).


ID700 is a software synthesizer based on the voice architecture of the Buchla
700. Like many of Don's other designs, sound generation is achieved primarily
via FM synthesis and waveshaping. Each voice is made up of sixteen individual modules:

* four Oscillators
* six Indexes
* two Waves
* one Morph
* one Filter
* one Amplifier
* one Location

The Oscillators, Indexes, and Waves are configured in one of twelve
preset Algorithms, all of which feed into the fixed signal paths of the Morph, Filter, Amplifier, and Location modules.

Each of the Oscillator, Index, Morph, Filter, Amplifier, and Location modules
have their own dedicated complex Envelope for modulation.

The Wave modules provide wavetable synthesis using Chebyshev polynomials and
include additional waveshaping functionality.

Arbitrary tunings are supported via the Scala Tuning File format.

MIDI and MPE are supported (note: not all hosts support MPE).

Red Sky Lullaby jammed on ID700, and Doug Woods did a live stream exploring the new app.

Fly Tape 2 by MSXII Sound Design

MSXII Sound Design released Fly Tape 2, a follow-up to 2018's popular tape emulation effect. Fly Tape 2 promises improved features and stability.

Fly Tape 2

FlyTape 2 builds on the principles of the original FlyTape. However, FlyTape 2 is a complete rewrite and has been vastly improved in both features and stability. A love of vintage sounds and character is our thing and FlyTape 2 fits this ethos as a unique take on the features of classic tape. 

Named for it's style, performance and user improvisation control, it’s FX can be added to incoming audio signals in many ways "on the fly". Sliders for textured nuances such as noise hiss will allow you to dial in tasteful settings reminiscent of cassette tapes. These also can be automated via midi cc for additional modulation.

FlyTape 2 installs as an iOS AUv3 plugin effect, designed for use within host apps such as Garageband, Beatmaker 3, Cubasis, Audiobus, and more.

Tic Toc did a quick run with an acoustic guitar, which is worth checking out to hear the vast variety of sounds achieved with Fly Tape 2's presets. Embedded here is the official promo from MSXII Sound Design.

Nu-Trix: Shaper - the iOS synth with Hidden Features

Nu-Trix The Synth Guy takes a look at the recently released Shaper and its complex modulations you can create by shaping the LFO.

Video Description:

Shaper - the iOSsynth with hidden features
A cool simple iOS synth that can create complex LFO!

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Nu-Trix Music:
EP : "The mobile sessions of Nu-Trix"

Album : "SuperJednostka"

BeatCutter Update

The first update to Igor Vasiliev's latest app, BeatCutter, includes new usability features.

What's new in BeatCutter v1.1:

This update adds several new features to improve the usability, improves the work of sound engine and fixes found issues.

- The algorithm for applying fade in / out has been changed. The time is fixed at the start of recording, but the fades are applied during playback. This gives a smooth start / stop of playback even when using a bitmask.
- Added a panel for step by step change and quick setting of predefined parameter values.
- Added popup with a short description and value when changing parameters.
- The parameter "Skip cell playback" now applies after the first playback.
- Improved the algorithm for selecting cells for recording on the same trigger bus.
- Parameter values in beats are displayed in whole and fractional parts.
- Added option to app settings: "Display decimal part of beat as non simplify fraction".
- Added option to app settings: "Start audio unit instance in the initial state".
- More accurate display of the signal state with channel marks on the main screen.
- The current state of all parameters is saved separately for standalone and audio unit.
- Reduced the maximum time of fade in / out for more accurate setting of small values.
- Reduced the maximum time of the module "Echo" for more accurate setting of small values.
- Fixed an issue with the parameters "Step" for changing the playback speed and bitmask offset.
- Fixed problem with saving the current state after applying a preset.
- Several user interface improvements.

Leo from SoundForMore has been posted 10 parts to his BeatCutter tutorial playlist!

Ambient iPad Jam with Scape & NUX Duotime

Perry Frank got some great sounds out of Brian Eno's Scape with the dual delay engine of the NUX Duotime.

Video Description:


|| Ambient Music To Concentrate || Music to Study, Relax, Sleep, Meditation and Memory ||
- Meditative - Yoga - Relaxation - Sleep - Insomnia - Stress Relief -

Performed by Perry Frank
Music written with Scape App for IOS
Created by Brian Eno and Peter Chilvers
Pedal: Strymon NightSky

Recorded in stereo with Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 Audio Interface
HomeLand Studio | Iglesias | Sardinia 28.03.2021

Info about my music:

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