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Even though they weren't always entirely similar, I think in terms of tone, they were similar enough. There are a few things that were just different because of some glide activations that were differently played.

One area of importance is the way a hardware synth like that can rapidly slam a filter shut or open a filter. That snappy filter "pop" is a useful tone for some things. For some reason, all the digital synths on iOS can't really do that. It just becomes kind of a zippered sound. I've only found a couple on Mac OS that can get pretty close. For example I just tried Dune 2 by Synapse Audio. The modulation refresh rate can be set to audio frequency.

Another feature to consider is how well they implement remote MIDI realtime control. Can they respond to 14-bit control streams? And do they do CC smoothing? (That's when the synth interpolates and makes a smooth transition between CC values).
Sounds just like a microphone in the soundhole. And wow, three preset EQ settings. I'll pass.

Getting a good acoustic guitar sound isn't easy. Seems to me they've taken a turd (cheap condenser mic in the soundhole) and polished it with DSP. Shiny.

I do think it sounds better than an undersaddle piezo, and if they've successfully made it feedback proof, then it might be a good value you for someone who wants something really simple.

I'm about to install a homemade, experimental piezo thing under my bridge plate. Bought a fishman preamp cheap on ebay. Cross fingers. Will test pretty thoroughly before I cut a hole in my guitar.
I wonder if I'll be able to resist this thing. I keep watching vids, listening. Honestly, I'm not that much of a synth-head-- maybe that's why I'm liking it. Looks like it'll scratch whatever itch that is and I'm not that fussy.

Love this quick, clear & helpful vid. I'll remember that it's here if I ever break down and buy.
MIDI Cardboard Guitar with Arduino
Tuesday, January 17, 2017 by person stub
That's very impressive!! I was expecting something more "square wave"! The strumming affect makes for a nice chord effect.

Well done!!
Rhodes Mark I Improvisation
Thursday, January 12, 2017 by person stub
I love the Rhodes sound (even the emulations). That tone is so pleasing to my ears. And the fact that it can have a little growl & and even drive makes it so dynamic and versatile.

The stuff with the effects was also very pleasing. Impressive how you could make those epic,
marvelously wide ambient tones that morphed into Filter-gated/delayed fun.
Yea, I remember always having to make two DAT's because I was afraid one of them would have dropouts.

They sounded AS good as CD's but not better. The machines that played them often had better DACs.

You had a buy a special fake DAT tape that was a "head cleaner" and play it for a few minutes.
Troublemaker by Bram Bos
Monday, January 09, 2017 by person stub
If anyone bites, would you let me know if it has a noise component? Or is it strictly oscillator based?

Sensual Sax by Embertone
Saturday, January 07, 2017 by person stub
The idea of having both reverb and little runs and "saxisms" that increase with a knob is clever and pretty funny. I think the developer must be a sax player.

Taking the kind of flourishes that are most closely associated with cheezy sax and putting them on a sex knob is tongue in cheek. Someone making a movie with 70's & 80's sensibilities may find a use for this. Or just hire some old saxophone player. I bet they can all do that stuff.
Sensual Sax by Embertone
Friday, January 06, 2017 by person stub
That's pretty clever.
Let the slogan battle begin:

"Put on a second pair of briefs. FLSM is coming."

"FLSM. It won't knock you up."

"I worked it for hours. It's raw! FLSM"

"I've fallen and I can't get up!
"... Have you tried getting down? [beat drops] "

I had been carrying a bit of a grudge about this developer when one of their apps broke on my Android device and there was literally no way to get support (except through social media). And I grumbled about this every opportunity that I got.

I've also been on something of an OCD crusade about drum machines providing different beat divisions. And was singing the praises of Molten and DrumPerfect for that functionality.

But I just realized that their drum machine apps (not the Super Metronome) if you tap and hold, it will highlight that beat on that part and you can drag up and down to increase or decrease the beat divisions.

That's awesome.

Best Music Apps for iPod Touch (iPhone)
Wednesday, December 28, 2016 by person stub
After years of using an iPad 4, I've got a pretty nice selection of tools there.

After years with my iPad 4, I just bought my first smaller device, an iPod Touch 6. I got the 64GB version so I have decent room for apps. And I was pleased to see that some of my favorites are already available either as Universal, or as separate versions.

My favorite kinds of apps are effects, synths, drum machines, sequencers, and metronomes. I also enjoy those hard to categorize ones.

So far, I have Different Drummer, which is pretty wild. Metronomics works well. I also got DM1 for iPhone, which works pretty well. Would love to see Patterning in some form for iPhone.

Are there any other great ones for iPhone or universal that work well on that tiny screen? I'd appreciate any suggestions.