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I have mixed feelings about the little step pop-up. Now to enter a step always takes two presses. But I guess it kind of did before, so it's probably just as well, now with more options.

As someone who has thrown very tricky things at these LumBeat apps, I can say the the Jamming feature sounds reasonably good not only in normal grooves, but also in triplet grooves, odd-meters, half-time, double-time, and quintuplet grooves. The fills are also decent, and rarely clunky.

I'm also impressed with the range of styles they include in their presets. They clearly know their shit.

In the sounds picker, you can choose up to five sounds. In the pattern editor there are six tracks, so I don't know where you pick that 6th sound. Also, I don't see where you can have any choice about what crash cymbal is used.
Future Drummer by Luis Martinez
Thursday, April 27, 2017 by person stub
I went for it. And I can confirm that a long press on any beat will give you 3-8 steps (3-9 would be ideal, but at this point, I'm just happy to see 5 & 7 joining the party!!).

20-250 is the tempo range. As with all LumBeat sequencers, there's only one tempo per song (no per section tempo). DrumPerfect and DrumPerfect Pro offer more flexibility with tempo change per Song Step, and adjusting song tempo globally while keeping the individual changes intact.
This band I'm in has a piece called "Hamster Dance" which came out LONG before a viral YouTube vid of the same name. Our version has enjoyed a "disproportional" number of downloads to our other music. It's a good song, but (luckily) someone stole our song title. I wonder how many people actually heard our version and said, "well, it wasn't what I was looking for but I love it!" However, I don't want to know how many people said, "Ah fuck, this isn't what I wanted, this sucks!"
Future Drummer by Luis Martinez
Thursday, April 27, 2017 by person stub
This looks great! Nice to see some new features-- the little step pop-ups is a nice addition.

Would someone check to see if you press and hold a step, if it gives you the same ability to choose a different beat division for that one beat?

The LumBeat apps have impressive rhythmic flexibility, a powerful song editor, great sounds, and one of the best "jam" implementations I've heard (GarageBand can go screw.)

I wish LumBeat would have integrated ALL their drummer apps into one excellent player/editor, and offered all the sounds in IAP packs. This would allow users to mix & match sounds from these different genres. However, it may be that the Jam Mode actually plays different kinds of "improvised" phrases based on the meta-genre of the app. If that was the case, then perhaps a little pop could select the "Jam Style".

My biggest gripe with LumBeat is their lack of support for anyone who isn't on social media. Boo.
Thanks for the heads-up, Tim. A well-deserved "go screw" to those faux-folks.
Tuesday, April 25, 2017 by person stub
I like the concept very much. Would love to see more scale options, even user scales. In a more advanced version it would be fun to have a bass voice, a main melody voice, and a harmony voice.

Those results were pretty decent. I think some of those melodies needed more context.

I'd much rather have a program that let me set up probabilities within the scales-- but I guess with the rhythms, it gets more complicated.

I think this kind of app is more tricky to make than it seems.
ChordFlow by Dmitry Klochkov
Friday, April 21, 2017 by person stub
I'm curious about this and like the idea, generally. I'd like to see if it includes custom scales & custom chords.
App Sales: Happy Puthandu 2017
Friday, April 14, 2017 by person stub
I think it is so cute when twins dress alike. I kid.

The music is beautiful. I love it.
True story. Well, that first bit is true.
I'm still on OS 9, and have hesitated to update to iOS 10. I've become OS-update-averse since I've lost functionality of apps and Apple has in asshole fashion prevented reverting to a previous OS version.

Tim: not being able to use a question mark in the subject line really imposes a limit on the meanings.
Please feel free to list all the apps you've wanted but that don't yet exist (or exist only in a half-assed way). Since I'm starting this thread, I'll list the ones that are obvious to me. But please add your wish list here. If you don't mind, let's preserve the numbering (advance the numbers from post to post)-- so others can comment on particular numbers from previous posts.

Here we go!

#1 A goddamn sampler. We need a standalone/AU sampler that let's you map user & 3rd party samples to key-ranges AND velocity ranges-- have some redundant parameter adjustments per sample, per zone, per instrument (channel), and per multi-timbral (all-chans, i.e., global).

BeatMaker requires you to use the whole DAW to get a sampler and doesn't have velocity. Thumbjam is too tedious to edit, and is feature-limited, soundfonts don't have zero attack-times, so don't work for percussion samples.

#2 A goddamn vocoder with modulator AND carrier inputs, and 20+ bands.

#3 A multiband dynamics processor (standalone & AU). Though I list it separately, if this was done with enough bands, and a "side-chain" input, it would work for a vocoder (#2)

I'll stop there.
I had been carrying a bit of a grudge about this developer when one of their apps broke on my Android device and there was literally no way to get support (except through social media). And I grumbled about this every opportunity that I got.

I've also been on something of an OCD crusade about drum machines providing different beat divisions. And was singing the praises of Molten and DrumPerfect for that functionality.

But I just realized that their drum machine apps (not the Super Metronome) if you tap and hold, it will highlight that beat on that part and you can drag up and down to increase or decrease the beat divisions.

That's awesome.

Best Music Apps for iPod Touch (iPhone)
Wednesday, December 28, 2016 by person stub
After years of using an iPad 4, I've got a pretty nice selection of tools there.

After years with my iPad 4, I just bought my first smaller device, an iPod Touch 6. I got the 64GB version so I have decent room for apps. And I was pleased to see that some of my favorites are already available either as Universal, or as separate versions.

My favorite kinds of apps are effects, synths, drum machines, sequencers, and metronomes. I also enjoy those hard to categorize ones.

So far, I have Different Drummer, which is pretty wild. Metronomics works well. I also got DM1 for iPhone, which works pretty well. Would love to see Patterning in some form for iPhone.

Are there any other great ones for iPhone or universal that work well on that tiny screen? I'd appreciate any suggestions.